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I have to ask...The Milton Inn?

My wife and I had Thanksgiving dinner at Milton Inn because we saw a review that stated they have been having Thanksgiving dinners for 10 years. We also had dinner there bout 5 years ago and it was very good. Well.......
We had reservations for 5:00 and they told us they were running 30 minutes behind. So we crammed in into the small bar/lounge with about 30 was hard to move to get to the bathroom. I checked back at 5:30 and they told us just a few minutes. At 6:05 we were finally seated (why have reservatons if you have to wait?). The food was hot and ok, but not worth the $40 price. Then a man in a suite asks a table next to us to move even before they were done eating. He asked them to move because they had a party of 9 coming in and they need the table. He was less than accommodating and all but ignored their questions. When they asked the server who the man was, she said it was the owner!!!. Then when the party of 9 came in the room, they were complaining about the service and the very tight seating. What a night. I won't go back.