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Gilmore's Closed?

Yes, unfortunately true. I reveived an e-mail from them a few days ago. What a loss. Life goes on.

Jul 21, 2012
Dave H in Philadelphia

Georges Redux

I agree. We stopped for lunch after visiting my tailor in Paoli, and everything was great. We had crab cakes, house salad, gazpacho and key lime pie; not to mention a 60 minute IPA, and everything was excellent. Service and staff were pleasant and quite professional, but with a good sense of humor, and the decor was well executed. The gazpacho was outstanding, by the way. We will not hesitate to return.

Jun 15, 2012
Dave H in Philadelphia

Big Fish Grill (Glen Mills, PA)

Great review, and well deserved. An associate and I had lunch there last week as we were both craving good fish and chips. As genevapics said, the BEST EVER. I won't describe it any further as their description would totally mimic mine. Great to have this restaurant, as I had never been to any of their other locations This is of great advantage to me since my office is about fifteen minutes, and twenty five to my house. I'll be back would be an understatement! WELL DONE BFG!!!!

Jan 29, 2012
Dave H in Philadelphia

Any Kennet Square or Elkton-area recs for a Monday night?

My suggestion would be Krazy Kats in Montchanin, DE. A short drive from Kennett, down Route 100, off Route 1; a beautiful drive. The restaurant has very innovative food, a unique atmosphere, and the service is usually good, in addition to aa nice wine list. Open Mondays as well, due to the Inn on the grounds, also a nice place to stay. Have fun!

Krazy Kats Restaurant
Kirk Rd, Montchanin, DE 19710

May 16, 2011
Dave H in Mid-Atlantic

ICE CREAM in SE, PA - where's the best?

The Creamery at Woodside Farms, Hockessin, DE. Worth the drive; Gourmet Magazine (before their printed demise) called it "The best ice cream in the United States". Nice people as well, and a farm-like atmosphere, complete with the Guernsey cows; take the kids!

May 10, 2011
Dave H in Pennsylvania

pork bellies in the Chadds Ford/Kennett/WC region?

Kolb's Meats; what a great place! When we lived in Nantmeal, it was a frequent stop for all types of meats, but especially smoked hams, smoked pork chops, and of course, bacon. Are they still operating at the farm as they were when we shopped? A real "country" meat market!

Dec 07, 2010
Dave H in Philadelphia

Seeking a decent weekend breakfast within 10 minutes of Hockessin, DE

Fran Keller's Eatery in Kennett is a great breakfast stop. Excellent omlettes, country fried steak with sausage gravy, Eggs Benedict on Sunday (which are excellent), and other choices. Also, the owner, Fran, is very much in presence, and I agree with you on that call.

Oct 26, 2010
Dave H in Mid-Atlantic

Snapper soup

Bookbinder's is not a bad representation, but awhile back, I had some great snapper soup at Pace One in Thornton, PA (Delaware County). Great flavor, thickness, and good snapper meat. Years ago, I attempted "frontier snapper soup chef" by butchering my own snapper and preparing my own, and I assure you, it is far better to find it in a good restaurant! Great when at its' best!

Oct 11, 2010
Dave H in Philadelphia

Tomato "Seconds"...?

Try Barnard Orchards on Rte. 842 just west of Northbrook. Speak to Lewis; they frequently have seconds.

Sep 07, 2010
Dave H in Philadelphia

The Olive Tree in Downingtown--Anyone Been?

My wife and I have been there for lunch several times lately. The service and food are excellent,; the best Greek around. Great place; hope you enjoy! I know we'll be back soon!

Sep 04, 2010
Dave H in Philadelphia

Baily’s Dairy of Pocopson Meadow Farm

I also read this article, and am delighted to see the tradition continue, and I might add, a gutsy move on the part of this young lady. I wish her the greatest success! I live in West Marlborough, but pass her farm everyday. In the article she mentions, soon to be producing ice cream. I hope she models her ice cream after the Creamery at Woodside Farms; what a great product they produce, and she needs to have a unique niche; not become another "me too"!

Woodside Farm
1310 Little Baltimore Rd, Hockessin, DE 19707

Mar 21, 2010
Dave H in Philadelphia

Harrisburg? Is it possible to eat there?

Another vote for the Tavern On The Hill, which I believe is in Enola, a suburb. I took a client from California there, and he is still raving about it. I must admit, I thought it was a gem, and the wine list was great!

Jul 21, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

(Philadelphia) Snapper Soup

If you feel like a ride to the western suburbs, Pace One in Thornton (near Route 1 and 322) has excellent snapper soup. Worth the trip!

Jul 21, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

Apple Cider and Apple Cider Doughnuts

If you are looking for apple cider donuts, go to Northbrook Orchards, just down the road from Barnards Orchards; very good! BUT, if you are looking for a real country orchard experience, venture west from Northbrook, almost walking distance, to Barnards. EUREKA; what a place! Dynamite cider, great fruit and vegetables, including corn and heirloom tomatoes, Mrs. Wickersham's eggs (from RI Reds), and genuinely nice country people. Nice to leave the yuppies behind every now and then! ENJOY!!!

Jul 11, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

recs for weekend in West Chester /Kennet Square

I agree about BP; not on my hot list for any time soon!

Jul 10, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

recs for weekend in West Chester /Kennet Square

Yes, and a very nice drive if you take Route 1 north from Longwood to Route 100 south. Route 100 south is a pretty drive, and willl take you to Krazy Kats; very scenic.

Jul 09, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

recs for weekend in West Chester /Kennet Square

I would suggest you try Krazy Kats, just south of Route 1 on Route 100 in Montchanin, DE. EXCELLENT and creative food, great atmosphere and a very capable staff. Reasonable wine prices, and a great place to stay. Probably one of the BEST in the area, bar none!

Jul 08, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

Saturday Breakfast Wayne & West Chester?

Go for the Classic Diner; the rest are all the same, not much to write home about. Much like any other city/area--go for something different; Classic Diner!

Jun 30, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

That Perfect Hot Dog

I find that Boar's Head or Hartmann's (available at Wegmans) both make a great hot dog. Boar's Head are a thin dog, tied together with string, and are quite snappy. All dogs are great with Yocco's sauce as well!

Jun 18, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

Big Apple Deli-Route 82 N of Ercildoun

Sorry for the confusion! The Whip is on Route 841, just south of 82. The Big Apple is on Route 82 at Strasburg Road, and is owned by the same people who had Zorba's in Coatesville for many years. Their Greek food is great, and VERY reasonable!

Jun 01, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

Big Apple Deli-Route 82 N of Ercildoun

Anyone remember Zorba's in Coatesville??? They're back, and worth the trip, in a beautiful spot in the "country" just north of The Whip--Great Greek food, and VERY reasonable--GO!!!

May 29, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

Accomac Inn - Lancaster/York

I have been there several times, and have only great things to say about it. We are from Chester County, and can make it there in about an hour, and the setting, food, service etc. is above reproach. It is also quite apparent that they truly care about their service and clientele. I think you and your guests will love a Mother's Day celebrated with them! Please report back with your experience.

Apr 06, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

Any GOOD wine shops in Philly/PA?

This is a very tricky area. Several years ago, the PA State Police tried this in Maryland, where they had no jurisdiction, and were not invited to be there, and were arrested by the MD State Police. As someone already pointed out, they have, or should have, a lot more important things on their agenda than chasing small-time "rum runners"!

Mar 27, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

Where can I find HopSlam?

Waywood Beverage in Kennett Square--BEST selection of Bell's, but sorry, in the burbs.

Feb 04, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania


We have been there several times, and would recommend it highly. Food, setting, ambience; all first class! We live in the Unionville area, and it is only a bit over an hour away, and worth the trip for those a bit tired of our local offerings.

Jan 16, 2009
Dave H in Pennsylvania

Classic Diner really isn't that good.

We have eaten there countless times and never been disappointed; but then again, it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Their "homefries" were always an oven roasted type, golden brown, with fresh dill etc.; never undercooked. Their benedict comes in various recipes, of which we have tried several, and never thought them to be overseasoned. If the CD isn't all that good, what restaurants do you consider great?

Dec 31, 2008
Dave H in Pennsylvania

What case of beer to buy from the Penna Beverage store?

If you have access to them, any of the Bell's Brewing products are excellent. Their Two Hearted Ale is an outstanding IPA, and their Stouts are great as well. Only drawback--NOT cheap; but well worth it!

Dec 24, 2008
Dave H in Pennsylvania

Bad experience at Simon Pearce in West Chester

I have eaten at Simon Pearce many, many times; both lunch and dinner. I can honestly say I have NEVER been disappointed, nor had an experience remotely close to what you describe. I would suggest you try again, and I know that is difficult because I have had similar experiences at a few establishments.

Dec 21, 2008
Dave H in Pennsylvania

Anyone try Vicker's Restaurant in Exton since reopening

I also heard that the previous owner, Arturo Burigatto, bought the restaurant again. He always did a great job, and in its' day, it was one of the finest restaurants in Chester County. I hope it regains a prominent position once again, and I look forward to trying it in the near future.

Nov 19, 2008
Dave H in Pennsylvania

Lancaster area, beer brand search...

I would suggest you call Mike at Waywood Beverage in Kennett Square, PA 610-444-2337. He stocks a HUGE amount of unusual brews, and is VERY knowledgeable about the industry--a good guy!

Nov 10, 2008
Dave H in Pennsylvania