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5 Days in Palm Springs: Qs and comments

coconutz, not so sure I agree with your advice to lower expectations! maybe you should just stay away from chains and the tourist traps! imho palm springs has some great places- several mentioned above - and is getting better every time i visit. i have had plenty of mediocre food in both SF and LA

Mar 16, 2007
food4fun in California

Cash Only?

Not only do you have to pay for the CC Machine, you have to pay a percentage to the CC company AND to the Processing company AND you don't get your $$ for 1-5 days! Reward CCards can charge the business up to 5% of the total check PLUS 35 - 50 cents per transaction to the processing company. Hopefully you understand how a buisness with a very small profit margin may choose to not accept cards.

Jun 29, 2006
food4fun in Not About Food

Palm Springs rec's

Natural Bakery Express is a small health food/snack shop - not a restaurant and no bar.
Johannes does have great food and wine but can be too quiet for my group of friends! $$$ but worth it. It will be over 100 in the desert so unless your wife is dining very late I wouldn't do it outside. Zin is less expensive and imho although the tables are close it has a great atmosphere for a group. I also like Matchbox for casual food & drinks with a bar and a nice view of the street. Stay away from Kaiser Grille and Pomme Frite - tourist traps!

Jun 28, 2006
food4fun in California