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(Green) Coconut water

I understand that the coconut water from the brown hairy coconut you can buy at any store is not nearly as full of electrolytes, etc., that the water from a young green coconut is. Where can I buy young green coconut or purchase preservative free bottled 100% pure coconut water? I am in Mississauga, but will go anywhere in the GTA. Thanks in advance!

Green Ripe Olives

Hmmm...I still haven't seen these anywhere. Anyone have any info?

Breakfast downtown

I also would recommend Cora's...I have yet to have ordered something there I didn't like. MMMMmmm...I recommend the eggs benedict with mushrooms and brie.

Green Ripe Olives

I am looking for a green ripe olive. Basically, they are green with black spots, presumably harvested at the time the olive is beginning to ripen. These olives are incredible, having almost a buttery taste. The brand I have had in the past is made by Lindsay Olive, a California company. I do not want to pay shipping from the states on olives....any place I can get something like this? I have been all over St. Lawrence Market and haven't found anything that looks similar. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Fat Free Cheese?

Ok, so I can find fat free cottage cheese and fat free "plastic" fat free singles, but is fat free shredded or block cheese not sold in Canada? I cannot find it anywhere. In the U.S. it is so common you can basically pick it up at convenience stores and gas stations (no, I am not kidding).

Does anyone know if/where it can be found? I am willing to pretty much travel anywhere within the GTA.


Liquid smoke?

I have seen it TONS of places, but BOUGHT it just last week at Sobey's near the Ontario Food Terminal and intersection of Queensway/Parklawn. They must have had 30 bottles on the top shelf where they keep steak sauces and marinades.