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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding caterers in North GA, South NC

Hi Jenn,
The Barn Inn on Lake Rabun (706-212-995) has been providing excellent services for weddings. The two delightful ladies who run the country inn (Jan & Nancy) will accommodate rehearsal dinners, bridesmaid luncheons, receptions, and parties on the deck. In addition, they have eight rooms for family and guests who wish to stay overnight. On line views available at And they provide tasty southern cooking as well as upscale meals.
Charlie B

Gainesville, GA

I had my best hamburger of the year at Brad's Grill just north of downtown out Thompson Bridge Road (Hwy 60N). Some folk go for the "messy burger" -- huge with all the trimmings. I settle for the regular. Brad's wife is the baker and provides excellent cakes and pies -- try the Italian cream cake!

I think I just ruined my allclad saucier pot, help!

After a similar experience, I used all the usual -- BarKeeper's Friend, soda, salt, etc. -- and had just about decided my efforts were all useless. One "lazy" evening I left several items in sink hal-covered with dishwater. The next morning to my surprise the submerged half was shiny as new; the other half was still blue and bruised. The secret: a strong solution of Dawn dishwasher detergent. I hope it works for you.

Nov 25, 2007
BigShoalsChef in Cookware