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Looking for Authentic (German) Stollen

I second Sterntaler Bakery Christmas Stollen ( It was recommended to me recently on Chowhound so I ordered one online. Well, I am absolutely addicted now. The Stollen is sooo good: It is loaded with raisins and almonds, super moist and has this nice underlying twist of Rum flavor.
I served it to two German friends of mine who both agreed that this Stollen was as good or even better than the good Stollen they know from Germany so how good can it get.
I will just be sad when Christmas is over, because I won't be able to get myself any more Stollen.

Dec 08, 2007
JoanneHockett in Chicago Area

Chilean Recipe sought

I had this wonderful Chilean dish once. Unfortunately I do not know what the dish is called nor the recipe.
It was a mix of sweet corn, black olives, kumquats and hard-boiled eggs wrapped in tortilla bread. Any clues?

Nov 27, 2007
JoanneHockett in Home Cooking

Gourmet Foods For Christmas Gift Baskets?

I've decided to make treat boxes for all of my boss, colleagues and friends this Christmas.
I'm not going to do any cooking or baking this year because my kitchen is in the process of being remodeled.
I need your help some help with great ideas: Does anyone have any suggestions for yummy and unique treats to put in the boxes (beyond sugar cookies) that can be ordered online or bought in stores (I commute between Chicago and Seattle)? I'm planning on spending around $50 - $60 on each basket.
Any ideas for delicious treats are appreciated!

Nov 25, 2007
JoanneHockett in General Topics