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"Say Cheese" London, Ont (moved from Ontario board)

This post was a very fortuitous find! I am writing a fictionalized story and the opening scene takes place at Say Cheese. My first readers are clamouring for more details about the "place." Does anyone know what year it opened? Also, was it close to the Latin Quarter in London? Any details you can remember about what it looked like inside, please share them. It was over forty years ago that I was there. I seem to remember yellow painted walls, a large open space, huge windows trimmed in a light coloured wood, a high ceiling. Last thing, was the ?French onion soup on the menu in the summer time? If not, what were the summer highlights? The main thing I remember is the French onion soup with long stretchy mozzarella cheese. Thanks. Love all these details. I wish there was a cookbook for Say Cheese, kind of like the Horn of the Moon Cookbook. Lorraine.