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Vegetarian-friendly recommendations in Seoul

Yes, I did end up finding one absolutely amazing place: Sanchon.


I think the food here was comparable to a Michelin one-star meal, although *way* cheaper. The sheer number of different courses is a little overwhelming, so make sure you're hungry when you go.

There are a couple of other places in Insadong that were less memorable.

Vegetarian-friendly recommendations in Seoul

I'm visiting Seoul from the San Francisco area for a week in April. Any recommendation vegetarian-friendly places with interesting food? I'm open to all suggestions ranging from from hole-in-the-wall places to Michelin-starred restaurants. (The only constraint being vegetarian-friendly menus.) This is my first trip to Seoul and Korea.

Vegetarian friendly birthday dinner - Atelier, Coi, Benu? [San Francisco]

Thanks for all the responses. Crenn going on break through early January, so I ended up making a reservation at Quince. Very excited. I'll report back with my experience.

Vegetarian friendly birthday dinner - Atelier, Coi, Benu? [San Francisco]

I'm looking to take my partner to a birthday dinner in San Francisco. Im vegetarian, he's not. I was wondering how to choose between these restaurants - Coi, Benu, Atelier Crenn. We plan on doing a full tasting menu. Any suggestions, advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

We've eaten at Manresa, and loved it.