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How to improve burrito bowl recipe?

Currently it's....

2 Cups dry white long grain rice in rice cooker with lime juice, salt, cilantro (moderate amounts of each)
1 Can cumin and chili spiced kuner's black beans, 1-2 cups frozen corn, heated on stove

^All the above combined

+ Cheese, shredded lettuce, salsa, and wholly guacomole single.

Why doesn't it taste just like chipotle??? :( I'm a college student and want cheap ways to improve this stand-by recipe of mine. PS I don't mix meat and milk, eat shellfish, or eat pork products

Edit: Thank you for the response! I'll try that. yes i'm referring to the restaurant Chipotle, and also just looking to make this dish more flavorful without spending big bucks on big bundles of fresh herbs etc.

Nov 21, 2013
canicook93 in Home Cooking