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culver city-best for casual dinner?

Ho hum! I can't find anything returnable in CC.
I did like the Firepit Pizza (Westwood) on Overland. The
pasta primavera was quite good. I hear good things
about the Diner at the Travelodge in the reviews.
Kids wanted dessert so I took them Bob's Big
Boy in Hancock Park (Shmid Wilshire). Comfort
foods seem to be in the Midwest. We eat a lot at
CJ's on Pico with the whole family cause comfort
food is cheap and free refills and you can get diner
or Mex food. Believe it or not but Ulysses at The
Grove (Actually Farmer's Market) has an inexpensive
lunch menu but a pricey dinner menu. The kids and I
ate there before the movie and the damage (6 kids)
was under $50.00 w/o tip.

Feb 09, 2008
ekeout in Los Angeles Area

Stovetop Macaroni and Cheese

Leave out the tabasco and indulge in Garlic (TexMac).

Feb 09, 2008
ekeout in Recipes