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Moving sideways from privatization of the LCBO

Recycling/Returns under a privatized system wouldn't be that much of an issue.

For every one Beer Store or LCBO you take out - which serves hundred if not thousands of people on it's own, you have a number of mom and pop shops serving those same people. You dilute both the volume that each small retailer sells as well as the subsequent amount of returns. And most likely this cuts your wait time down substantially.

In the city, many people put their bottles/cans out with the recycling and they're snatched up by collectors within minutes. Taking them back to a convenience store (like I said earlier) is probably going to be more convenient than it was taking them to the beer store (closest one to me is a 10 minute drive if there's no traffic) anyway.

In the sticks, you could also have the option of taking them to the dump and having the total removed from your bill.

There are no problems with regards to recycling at all, it works all over the world quite well. The real problem in Ontario is that we're being robbed through liquor taxes and duped into thinking that the current system is the best one for us.

Nov 12, 2013
DGuan in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Truly best espresso in 2013


Just one man's opinion.

Nov 11, 2013
DGuan in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Smoke signals BBQ

From what I had at the Junction Flea and the popup in Parkdale I really couldn't recommend going out of your way for it. It's good by Toronto standards if that says anything, but the words "great" and "barbecue" just don't seem to go hand in hand here in Toronto at all. Maybe it was just two mediocre experiences but from all the "Central Tex" claiming they do on their website and Facebook I wasn't expecting "dry and uneven" - I guess it's unfair to compare them to Barque or Electric Mud since they're not really a restaurant, but they are better than those two if you're ever in Parkdale when they're serving and looking for an option.

Nov 11, 2013
DGuan in Ontario (inc. Toronto)