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Istanbul Grill- Dallas

Funny you should ask. We went to Istanbul Grill then to Istanbul Cafe and then back to Istanbul Grill in the space of two weeks. The food is good at both places but I am partial to Istanbul Grill which is more of a small family run place were the food seemed more hand crafted with fresh ingredients and new flavors. I can still tell you what I ordered each time. I may be partial to Istanbul Grill because Cafe Istanbul was packed and loud and we were harassed by their bellydancer lurking for tips.

I will say that we went back to Istanbul Grill the other night and they had hired a new waitress and the service was pretty bad...

Jul 19, 2008
stooma in Dallas - Fort Worth

Istanbul Grill- Dallas

FYI- My fiance and I just got back from our second trip to Istanbul Grill down in Deep Ellum (Not to be confused with Cafe Istanbul off of Lovers Ln.) and we had a second fantastic meal there. The two Lamb dishes that we had were downright succulent with the perfect hint of mint (Shepherds Saute and Lamb Kabob). All the appetizers and sides were well prepared and presented. So far we have tried the Ezme (olive oil, herbs, garlic, and redpepper dipping paste?) and Cacik (Cucumber yogurt dip), of which I liked the Ezme better. The Turkish wine we tried with the first meal was not outstanding but they had several other offerings that would fit the meal better. A highlight from tonight's meal was one of their desert dishes that I could not pronounce that consisted of a mozzarella cheese base layered with shredded baclava pastry dough (without the filling) and then topped with a rich sugar syrup. Not exactly heart healthy but mmm-mmm good. Entree's were between $11 and $17, and it looked like they had a reasonable ($6-7) lunch menu. The decor is eastern but well done and like everywhere in Deep Ellum you can dress as nice or as casual as you like.
We had the same server on both occasions and he had a Turkish accent. I asked him if he and the cook were the only two guys that worked the restaurant. He said that it is himself, his sister, and a longtime family friend (all from Turkey) who are the owner/operators. I told him how much we liked the food. At any rate, I though the Chowhound community might want to check the place out. Also, their website shows a bunch of belly dancer pictures but I have yet to see one there... I like to eat in peace!

Jul 02, 2008
stooma in Dallas - Fort Worth

Is Herrera's still around (and other Mex questions)?

I took my girlfriend to La Hechizeria last night as she wanted to work on her spanish. I will definitely check out Mariscos and Esquivels... that Mexican on Maple series is a great source.

Jan 27, 2008
stooma in Dallas - Fort Worth

DFW - Charlie Palmer

Just got back from dinner. I read the review and agree with most of it. The service kinks were more than ironed out. The staff was attentive but not intrusive. A+ for decor. The Sommelier was very helpful as the computerized wine list was a bit overwhelming.

Here are the highlights:
RUBY BEET DUO- It is tough to make beets taste good but when you throw in goat cheese, chives, taragon and thyme it really does the trick.
AUTUMN PEAR SALAD- Well executed with great textures and flavors. Interestingly, pear was a minor note but when you find it, it is very refreshing.
LOBSTER CORNDOG- a sample from the chef. These were delightful and were served with a spicy mustard.
LENTIL-CRUSTED MONKFISH- really good. I was overwhelmed at this point.
TRUFFLED PHEASANT TAGINE- My girlfriend ordered this and I was a bit jealous. It is served in a traditional handmade tagine which looked straight out of Marrakech (sans the lead paint... I hope). I had a few bites and it was perfectly done.
QUINOA- (Keen-Wa) This was my first time with this and it reminded me of couscous. A great compliment to the tagine but not so much for the monkfish.
TRUMPET ROYALE - A firmer mushroom cooked in olive oil. My girlfriend insisted that she tasted sunflower oil. She is crazy and prone gustatory hallucinations.
HOMEMADE SORBETS/ICECREAM- A generous serving, enough for two. You can mix and match several flavors.

I will be heading back to sample the rest of the menu before the rest of the city discovers it.

Menu is here:

Jan 13, 2008
stooma in Texas

DFW - Charlie Palmer

How was your meal? I am going tonight...

Jan 13, 2008
stooma in Texas

Is Herrera's still around (and other Mex questions)?

Have you tried La Hechizera on maple near inwood behind the tire shop? It is one of my favorites.

Dec 20, 2007
stooma in Dallas - Fort Worth

In search of great buffalo chicken sand. in Dallas area

IMHO the best buffalo chicken sandwich can be found at The Angry Dog in deep ellum.
2726 Commerce. It's not in north dallas but it is the best around. You must order "The Angry Chicken sandwich buffalo style" I think it is what you are looking for. The only improvement would be if they lightly toasted the bun or otherwise upgraded it.
Also try the Angry Tuna which is the same set up but with a slab of tuna.

Dec 09, 2007
stooma in Texas

Best DFW Tex Mex in uptown area

Avila's is one of my all-time favorites for a low key dinner although Mia's is pretty good as well. Avila's has a good mole chicken and brisket tacos, plus their hot sauce is nice and spicy. Mia's might very well have the best margarita around.

Hererra's and Ojeda's are solid choices for what I think of as classic tex-mex (also on maple, although Hererra's has two locations one of which is on Denton Dr). If you want to get out of the downtown area you might want to check out Cafe Veracruz in the Bishop Arts district in Oak Cliff. It is great for a quaint dinner and worth the drive, but it is more true Mexican rather than Tex-mex.
My secret favorite for a quick lunch is La Hechizera on maple just south of Inwood (not in uptown any more than Avilia's is). Their tortas are great and best enjoyed with an ice cold orange fanta:-) Do not be afraid if you don't speak spanish. Here is a review from, look halfway down the page for pictures:

Dec 08, 2007
stooma in Texas

Seriously Folks, Any Good Pizza?

I agree with Marco's and Louie's as the best thin crust pizza in town. I grew up on Marco's... it has been family owned for decades. Louie's is really good as well plus the rest of their menu is top notch and worth a try... just make sure you bring cash or american express as they do not take other credit cards (last I checked).

Nov 24, 2007
stooma in Texas