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Mugaritz - What's the reservation policy?

Yeah, however it looks like Saturday is not available so maybe they've changed the policy so that from next year you can only book Fri / Sat night tables up to two months in advance? (Either that or they're already fully booked!!!)

Nov 13, 2013
fitruss in Spain/Portugal

Mugaritz - What's the reservation policy?

The response I get seems to change every time I call them. I'm trying to get a Saturday night booking in May 2014 and have now had three different responses...

1) Reservations open on 1st November
2) Reservations open on 15th November
3) Reservations open two calendar months in advance

I'm eager to secure a reservation as we're travelling to Spain specifically for Mugaritz and already have flights, hotel and car hire booked in advance.

Also, how hard is it to secure a Saturday night booking in general?

Thanks for your help in advance! :-)

Nov 05, 2013
fitruss in Spain/Portugal