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Looking for the best smoked meat in Toronto


New Restaurant - On Roncessvalles at Queen - Asian?

Suggestions for dinner in downtown Toronto for guests from Japan?

Carbon Bar.

Best Banana Bread

There are many other "best things" at Harbord Bakery.

Dangerous Dan's Diner at Queen and Broadview for sale

Just you? I'm pretty sure nobody would make the decision without first getting the facts and the answers to all of these questions, and more.

Restaurant with Live Bands

This thread is almost 10 years old.

Keg Mansion vs. Bardi's

In consideration of selection and food quality and/or d├ęcor, there is a demand for different levels of steakhouse, much like Italian restaurants, which cater to different levels of snobbery.

Sotto Sotto gutted by fire tonight!

I do not know. Did you stutter?

I thought maybe there could be more to your generic statement. I guess you just wanted to share that gracious thought and nothing more?

Here's mine.

Firemen are great at putting out fires.

Sotto Sotto gutted by fire tonight!

"Insurance is a great thing to have.. :)"

What does that even mean?

Is Carman's steakhouse really back?

2014 Restaurants and Food Store OPENINGS - Part II

Hot Chocolate, 2014

SOMA is incredible but sometimes a less rich version is preferred. Has anybody had the hot chocolate at The White Squirrel? I love their ice cream cookies but haven't tried the hot chocolate. thanks!

2014 Restaurants and Food Store OPENINGS - Part II

Really? I find Bent to be of good value.

Casual brewpub or gastropub for party of 14 just before Christmas

Many, many, months ago we twice visited Bellwoods and found the food to be at best mediocre. Did we order the wrong items, or have they stepped it up?

Advice please: which McEwan establishment?

My response was, What the fuck are you talking about?

Schmaltz Appetizing


Schmaltz Appetizing

With accoutrement I imagine.

Schmaltz Appetizing

No coincidence at all. It is the way it works on purpose. Snoop, hound and report. Do some restaurants call themselves in? Of course. I am just responding to what you wrote so emphatically.

"If you think that it's the "media", out of the blue, that's calling up restaurant groups the day of opening to do a non-review preview, I have a number of highly favourable real estate investments for you..."

Schmaltz Appetizing

I KNOW for a fact that the media watches like hounds and often approaches first to get the scoop. It sounds like you do not have a grounded understanding of the relationship between "rag" and restaurant. Yes they do call out of the blue.

Lots of high profile new restaurant closings, anyone know why?

To read is one thing. To heed the advice/input of others; totally different ability.

Stoney's opening on Queensway!!

I've learned to lie at such places.

Holy Chuck... Priest has nothing on this place.

Just another obnoxious post here on Chowhound. Yes, I can un-read the post after I read it, sure, but what these types of posts do well, is deter good people from posting.

Best Single Slice of Cheesecake in Toronto

Sorry to jump in on the OP, but I would love to find out from happycamper which sliced cheesecake is the best, regardless of style?

Where to find Split Top Hot Dog Buns in GTA?

I saw them last week at Portland/Queen location. They may have been PC brand but don't quote me on that.

Queen Margherita Pizza

Oh I'm light. And I too thought of the golden arches when I wrote that...weird.

Queen Margherita Pizza

Do you eat at the restaurants which have never served pre-meal bread and oil/butter, of which there are many?

2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Wow. So little is the same ethnically. I hope there will one day soon be a meaningful documentary about the market. One that accurately depicts the decades of change and perhaps the link to the growth and evolution of Toronto itself.

Ripley's Acquarium

Always best to have a second email account for such matters. ; ) Although in this case I doubt they will be all that aggressive.

Additionally, any Canadian company worth a damn won't mess with CASL.

Ripley's Acquarium

I believe OP means this - https://www.ripleyaquariums.com/canad...

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

Sorry but bad VPN is BAAAAAAD!