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2015 Ontario Sweet Corn ?

sad to see irrational gm fear on chowhound

CNE / The Ex 2015 - Any recs for Food Truck or Craft Beer Faves?

I had Hogtown Smoke's pulled pork. They had a huge line. Their sandwiches were very skimpy - there was barely any meat and it was room temperature. It was a huge rip off at $12.

I also tried some ribs from Crazy Canucks at the rib fest side of things. They were also awful, tough and difficult.

The best food item that I tried today was a simple grilled pork bahn mi from pho 88 in the food pavilion.

The food options at the CNE are kind of crappy.

The popularity of Swiss Chalet seems to be waning in the GTA. Thoughts?

do yourselves a favour a drive 5 hours to

Flourless Cupcakes Toronto

Try Almond Butterfly on Harbord

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

I went again last night and it was great. this restaurant is a god send

2014 Restaurant and Food Store OPENINGS!!

I tried Ossington Stop yesterday. I couldn't believe how huge the Pulled Pork sandwich was for only $6! It had like 2 lbs of meat. The bread was fantastic. I think it may have been potato flour based. The pork and cabbage buns for $3.50 also had a really refreshing dill taste that I thoroughly enjoyed. The food is prepared by a chef, using chef skills - not some clueless line cook. This place is a gem and I hope that they don't raise their prices or close because of them! Great drink prices, and late night hours. This place is A+ GOLD. GOLD!

Etobicoke sushi - takeout

I love Momiji!

The $250 Watermelon at the Loblaws (at the Maple Leave Gardens store)

Toronto Star had an article about the watermelons. They purchased one, did a taste test, and weren't impressed.

CNE - 2014 - Food at the Ex

lots of places around town do that and it's never as a good as a fresh piece of ontario corn on its own.

Where to source Banh Mi Buns in Toronto?

so you're saying that a ciabatta is an acceptable substitute for a vietnamese baguette?

Where to source Banh Mi Buns in Toronto?

baguettes are not an acceptable sub!

ISO: Grocery shopping bags with short handles (in Toronto)

lol i don't see what the problem is since most of these bags have 2 sets of handles 1 short and 1 long. go to loblaws. yeesh.

Ribs that don't fall off the bone

I was recently at Electric Mud where the back ribs did not fall off the bone and were delicious!

Ribs that don't fall off the bone

I was recently at Electric Mud where the back ribs did not fall off the bone.

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

i have also had terrible service at libretto which would be forgivable if the food was anything to write home about. there is a lot of fanfare for this restaurant but it is only ok imo.

49th parallel or phil and sebastian

sweet that's actually a decent deal. was it for epic espresso or what?

Ontario sour cherries 2013

the fruit store beside metro on college and crawford has for 2.99 / lbs

Food delivery downtown..JustEat

i recommend tasteaway even though their restaurant selections isn't great. but if you get on their mailing list, you will regularly receive discounts of up to 40% off your order. that's a mega deal especially if you use it at restaurants with a 10% disocunt for pickup.

Little Saigon - Richmond Hill

sweet will do! maybe today

Little Saigon - Richmond Hill

Pho Tien Thanh is one of the worst vietnamese restaurants i have ever been to. I've visited many times since moving onto the Ossington strip and overtime their food has become laughably bad. Their vermicelli bowls look like a bowl of left over scraps for the dog. The pho is salty with very few aromatics. They are so stingy with the herbs you'd think there was a world wide shortage and when I've complained they play stupid like they've never heard the word herb before. Pho Tien Thanh is horrible.

I have not been able to find exceptional vietnamese in Toronto yet. I am willing to travel into the outer regions of the city. So is Pho Dau Bo REALLY worth the trip?

wild blueberries

Where can I find wild blueberries from Quebec in Toronto and also for a reasonable price. I was at a farmer's market today where a pint of wild blueberries was $11. unheard of!

Expanding Montreal’s Third Wave Coffee Scene

I moved to Toronto 8 months ago. I have been to almost all of the most notable 3rd wave cafes in town and none of them are even remotely as good as the likes of Cafe Myriad, Dispatch, Neve, Sardine, Boris, Pikolo etc

In Toronto there is locavore obsession and unfortunately the notable cafes purchase from sub-par, inconsistent local roasters. There is also not the obsession with process that many of the montreal shops practice.

This is all very surprising since in my brain, Montreal is usually behind Toronto in trends and 3rd wave coffee is still relatively new in Montreal. I think that Myriad is the gold standard and I have been too spoiled to enjoy coffee in Toronto.

Jimmy Guaco's

m4 is more like a mall burrito

QDC Burger

that price sounds reasonable to me

The Price of Beer

correct, it can be 16 oz but at casa it's 14 oz and that's bullshit

I love Tim Hortons because...

there's a starbucks right off the highway in brockville

personally, i do not care for starbucks - i'd rather (and i shudder to say this) get a coffee at mcdonalds which is surprisingly good.

I love Tim Hortons because...

that's not the only starbucks on the 401

Anywhere in TO that has Singaporean Chilli Crab or Black Pepper Crab?

hawker bar from time to time

best call them

Casual Eats in Montreal

you should try out satay bros at the atwater market on a nice day.

I love Tim Hortons because...

nowadays the mccafe brand is light years ahead of timmy's