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classic red sauce joint

Wow thanks for all the great suggestions! I have written these down so I can check out these places. I live in DC proper without a car so its a little tricky to get to some of the places further out...but when I try your recommendations I'll let you know how it goes.

classic red sauce joint

hey all! i am a recent DC implant from Queens, NY and I'm looking for a down-home red sauce Italian joint. lots of the italian restaurants mentioned here are a little more upscale/chic than what I crave. I want to find a place with some reliable pastas (vodka sauce, brown sauce with broccoli, red sauce, baked pastas, etc) salads, and classic entrees on the menu.
I tried Sorisso the other day, and that was kind of (but not exactly) what I have in mind. any other recommendations?
thanks for the help!