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Beef Tenderloin in Oakland?

You might consider the dry-aged beef from Ver Brugge on College Ave.

Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog

Got 1.75 L bottle at San Leandro Costco warehouse for $12.99 Wed. 11/12/14

Quick question: A place for a drink and a snack in Oakland this afternoon

alaMar's happy hour had $1 oysters and $5 starters. Last night we enjoyed 1/2 dozen oysters with a "hot" mignonette, goat cheese poppers. Then split braised oxtails and the ice cream "sandwich".

Lungomare review (Oakland)

GotDailyDeals: $49 for Dinner for 2 (Reg. $90) at Lungomare -- read all the fine print

Longbranch Saloon - Berkeley

White Punks on Dope! Doctor John

Dinner near Lake Merritt [Oakland]

Michel Bistro on Lakeshore Ave

The Best Pancakes and Waffles in the Monterey Area

I love Wagon Wheel -- cash only for an old-fashioned American style breakfast until 2 pm. No recollection of waffles and haven't tried the pancakes. . . stick to basics here.

I usually share some humongous breakfast platter of eggs, breakfast meats, toast, with a girlfriend . We avoid weekends and usually go after the 12 noon rush so we can linger while we catch up on each other's doings.

Aug 04, 2014
Stephanie Wong in California

Your go-to delivery for dinner in Oakland/Berkeley?

Earlier this year while moving residences in Oakland, I ordered from Spoonrocket 2 to 3 time a week and recommended them highly. I have since retracted that recommendation as the food quality deteriorated, price increased, delivery time lengthened as the company expanded into San Francisco. At the same time the company shortened weekend availability and laid off many of their staff (kitchen, drivers, customer service). Too bad as the original concept, product, delivery, and customer service were excellent! I miss them.

Firebaugh (I-5): The Apricot Tree - The apricot shake still remains the only great thing here ... but it is FABULOUS

How long was your wait for food to appear after ordering? Yep, great lunch boxes.

Jul 20, 2014
Stephanie Wong in California

Panorama Bakery's Sourdough English Muffins

Mama's Royal Cafe (Oakland) also offers Panorama's English muffins with their eggs benedict

Roadfood along the 5 btwn SF and LA?

Lunched in the bar area at Harris Ranch while using the Tesla Supercharger.

I had a steak salad (forget which one, but it was okay. I'm from the Salinas Valley and didn't think the greens were exceptional). DH had liver & onions (he thought it was very good) -- everything else seemed overpriced. We got lucky on a non-holiday weekday and were in & out in an hour b/c we told the servers we were on a deadline (but had to keep reminding them).

Now that I've been there, done that, only reason to go again would be to use the Supercharger -- we were the only one there! I would have preferred food that was more interesting and reasonably priced whatever it was.

Jul 05, 2014
Stephanie Wong in California

Paris Bakery [Seaside and Monterey]

Oops, duplicate reply

Jun 11, 2014
Stephanie Wong in California

Paris Bakery [Seaside and Monterey]

Last month I was in & was told no more food service. BUT I may have misunderstood as I was distraught about it being the wrong day for chocolate frosted devils food doughnuts. LOL

Jun 11, 2014
Stephanie Wong in California

Where to live in Oakland for food?

Right now, there's a dearth of property for sale in Oakland's "desirable" areas leading to high prices for fixer-ups -- believe me, DH & I just sold one.

Where to live in Oakland for food?

Back in 1969 when I was introduced to the term, the speaker told me her group used "jingletown" all the time until it occurred to someone that it wasn't ethnically correct any longer. Apparently, her friend considered it a derogatory term referring to hispanic/latino origin?

Where to live in Oakland for food?

Don't forget Mi Pueblo Foods on High and Bancroft, just east of International Avenue

Where to live in Oakland for food?

How old is your child? If you add public schools into the mix, Grand Lake is a good walking neighborhood (lived there for 25+ years) with one of the better Oakland public elementary schools -- be careful of the zone boundaries though (I know someone who moved 2 homes on the "wrong" side of her preferred school. Good rentals in the Adams Point area. Great bus, casual carpool pickup stops, and easy freeway access too.
I prefer the Richmond Costco as Berkeley Bowl West, Tokyo Fish and Ranch 99 can be included in the same car trip.

Firebaugh (I-5): The Apricot Tree - The apricot shake still remains the only great thing here ... but it is FABULOUS

Have stopped at Apricot Tree a couple more times since 2010, usually during summer months, going to Fresno. On those repeat visits, the apricot halves were frozen -- a plus since I drive the shakes to Fresno to share with my apricot-loving friend.

Jun 03, 2014
Stephanie Wong in California

Tamales Unicos on vacation or ????? [Oakland]

That location was closed quite a while ago as it was too hard for them to maintain the 2 locations.

Carnitas - East Bay

When Jalisco Cafe is not open, I go to Mi Pueblo supermarket -- especially if it's towards the end of the day. I asked for "mixta" & not the big hunks of meat to get more of the tasty bits. Of course, there's a bunch of fatty pieces that I render out by toasting the carnitas in the oven while the rest of our meal is being prepped. Still worthwhile

Fish Tacos - SF Dish of the Month March 2014

Thanks for the validation on Mi Rancho & the tip on Sinoaloa. Has anyone ever tried their tripitas?

Fish Tacos - SF Dish of the Month March 2014

I've only tried that Mi Rancho Taco Truck once -- convenient as one can call in an order. I don't recall what tacos I ordered, but it wasn't a fish taco, and certainly wasn't very memorable. Just haven't had much motivation to return -- seemed pricey for what I got. Will give Mi Rancho another try sometime, but I'm much more motivated to walk a bit further to Sinaloa's orange truck!

Guerra Quality Meats in San Francisco

Last week we were out by the Cow Palace and took a swing by Guerra's to tour the meat counter (we were happy to note that the L Muni stop is on their corner (15th & Taraval) with parking lot access across the street from Guerra's. It was such a gorgeous clear day, DH & I picked up a Sciliano on ciabatta ($8) and a deviled egg to share down at Ocean Beach (Tasty sandwich just right for lunch; bland deviled egg).

It was definitely a fun. Honor system for waiting for deli service (no numbering system), but very polite, old-time courtesy between all customers of this neighborhood shop ("where everybody know your name") -- tight space so we all got friendly very fast.

I'll stop by again if remotely nearby as I loved the meat displays (lots of veal, but no kidney chops). Fish wasn't that exciting and deli selections were modest compared to Genova (Oakland), but this is a neighborhood store! So
go for the meat!

Fish Tacos - SF Dish of the Month March 2014

Yesterday went to a Taco Truck Sinaloa parked in a lot on the south side of International Blvd (229 or 299, sorry I'm unsure) between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Same $1.50 pricing. Woman said they close at 2 or 3 a.m. Couple of picnic tables to sit and enjoy tacos in the shade.

Within a short walk of my new residence -- yay!

Threads Already "Collapsed"

This happened to me yesterday.

Mar 10, 2014
Stephanie Wong in Site Talk

Grocery Outlet -- March 2014

No Haagen Daz bars at Oakland on Sunday -- that's what I actually was hoping to find.

Grocery Outlet -- March 2014

Yesterday afternoon at Oakland, lots of Starbuck ice cream @ $1.99/pint -- Java Chip Frappucino & Caramel Macchiato

Ruth's annual birthday dinner dilemma -- 2014 edition

Years ago, DH & I did a birthday dinner at Rivoli (they knew). Service was nice and food offerings were comfortingly familiar to older folks, who thought the celebratory sparklely bling was fun). Enjoyed watching the garden animals (kittens? I've forgotten).

Cheese Domes - do you collect them, use them, find them a bore?

Dad used to use a cheese dome to store his soft rind cheese as he loved them really soft and runny. Wish I knew what happened to it.

Jan 23, 2014
Stephanie Wong in Cheese

Spoonrocket: Designer meals $6 delivered

Just tried Spoonrocket for the first time after having agreat conversation with Adarius, Customer Service Manager, because my address was not accepted as within their delivery region. He set up a bogus primary address for me with the actual delivery address as the second address line.

We started our conversation at 4:58 pm and got the driver's call from our front door at 5:15 pm. This definitely met the advertised "within 15 minutes" AND included time for the Spoonrocket work around to be set up and my completing the order of 3 entrees for 2 people: 2 stuffed Sonoma chicken breasts with drummettes (described as stuffed with sourdough, brie cheese, dried cherries, pecans and custard in a herb gravy, smashed potatoes, green beans -- I missed the pecans and cherries in the stuffing) and 1 farfalle pasta "in white wine herb sauce, butternut squash, kale, pine nuts, capers, Parmesan cheese". Brownies "white and dark chocolate marbled with toffee bits" at $3 were sold out.

Chicken breast is not my fav, but the herbed stuffing was flavorful. Green beans and pasta were al dente. We added extra grated cheese to our taste to the pasta.

FAST -- barely had time to set table and warm our dinner plates.
EXTREMELY REASONABLE @ $6 per entree. Our dinner pretax & tip (all charged to credit card) was only $18 -- less than what the taco truck parked 1/2 block away charged (and this was a nutritionally more balanced meal).
FOOD: Fair but we're continue to audition their menu. As DH says, "Beats the sh-- out of Domino's guarantee to deliver a piece of cardboard within 30 minutes for the same price or more!)