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Veggie Steam Buns?

I primarily lean vegetarian, albeit with a few exceptions. However, one of the things I love to eat are vegetarian steam buns but I have only been able to find them at Gourmet Dumpling House. Are there any other places in Chinatown or in the Greater Boston Area that have good renditions?

Chinatown suggestions for dinner tonight

I've been to Chinatown a few times, primarily for dim sum and once to Peach Farm. I'm looking to try something new and, of course, delicious. Only dietary restriction is that I don't eat pork. Any particular dishes in chinatown that I must try immediately?

New Japanese Fish Market: Sakanaya

I used to be a huge fan of Sakanaya and thought that all of the fish and sushi was really good, if not terribly impressive, which is fine for this type of operation. It did everything it promised, provide high quality fish and well executed sushi. I went again about a month ago and the quality of the sushi rice was pretty bad. The texture of the rice was way off. It was gluey and was not nearly as good as it used to be. Thinking it was just a bad batch, I came back the following week and the quality of the rice was still pretty poor. I haven't been back since. Did anyone else notice this? Another thing that I noticed is the fish in the freezers have the "packaged date" blacked out with a sharpie on each one, so you can't see when the fish were frozen. The same is not true for the fresh fish near the sushi prep area which was all prepared that same day. Its probably not a big deal since fish can stay frozen for a while, but it seems odd to black out the date.

Going to Russo's, what is best right now?

I go to Russo's market in Watertown pretty regularly, but I never know which produce is at its peak or whats good when I'm there. Last week I bought a case of champagne mango's which were absolutely amazing, but the persimmons are definitely not at their peak any longer. Has anybody been wowed with anything there recently that considers it to be a "must buy"? I'm willing to buy anything out of the ordinary, which is half the fun of shopping there.

Looking for vegetarian friendly restaurant in UWS

I will be in town next weekend staying in the upper west side (89th & Columbus) with a few friends, several of whom are vegetarian. I'm looking for a few recs for places where we can all go get a good dinner. The restaurant itself doesnt need to be vegetarian as long as there are a few good options we can get. Preferably a place where we dont need a reservation for dinner on a Friday night, though we are OK with waiting 30-45 minutes for a table if necessary.

Feb 20, 2012
seidleroni in Manhattan

Macaron class?

I've actually had very good success with David Lebovitz 's recipe for French Maracon. which can be found here ( The only way in which I deviated from the recipe is that I mixed it much more than the recipe calls for. If you dont mix it enough, you will get large air bubbles which you dont want. I deflate the batter until it looks very thick, like cake or brownie batter. After that you can pipe it out and cook it. For the filling I just pureed some jams or made some standard chocolate ganache and it worked out well. Once you have the macaron (with the perfect feet, of course!) the filling is easy.

The Hawthorne in Kenmore Sq, Anyone Been?

So I decided to go there last night and check it out for myself. The place was remarkably busy for having just opened and it being a holiday weekend to boot. After 11:30pm the place was pretty much packed. Both cocktails that I had were excellent: the Paper Plane which is listed on their cocktail menu, and a Mezcal Old Fashioned. The only thing I ate was the cashews which were slightly sweet and had a little kick; a good bar snack. Others at the bar spoke highly of the soft pretzels. I agree with MC Slim, that this place will become very popular over the coming weeks. Overall, for having just opened and being quite busy, everything was running smoothly.

The Hawthorne in Kenmore Sq, Anyone Been?

I know its only been open for a few days, but has can anybody provide some information on how it is?

ISO inexpensive bars in Upper West Side

I will be in town this weekend in the Upper West Side and i'm looking for some fun bars in the upper west side area. Any recs?

Apr 25, 2011
seidleroni in Manhattan

Where to buy nonstandard Flour? (i.e. Rye flour)

Where in the Boston area (I live in Brookline, for reference) can I purchase rye flour and some other bread-baking flours and seeds?

Where to buy sticky rice?

Where can I buy the really really sticky rice used a lot in japanese restaurants? I love in the Brookline area and I'm not really sure where would be a good place to buy it. Also, what brands are good as well? Can I just use regular short grain rice or should I buy the sweet rice or glutinous rice?

Suvganiyot (Hannukah jelly Donuts) Where to find?

Hey everyone,

Where can I get suvganiyot, the little jelly donuts that are traditionally served during Hannukah around here? The Butcherie has them, but they're not too good. Any place that has them warm would be super preferable!