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CHOW Bagel

I've made these about five times now with this recipe. The first time, when I saw how much salt it called for, I had to come back and check the comments to see if anyone else thought that was WAY too much! Sure enough others did, so when I tripled the batch I just put 3 teaspoons instead. They've turned out absolutely delicious every time! The only problem now is they eat way too fast. : )

A couple of other tips are:

If you're going to make a triple batch, I let mine rise for an hour, by then it is either doubled or even a little bigger in size.

Also for the "malt syrup", I first tried "Rice Malt" which worked well, but was more expensive than "Agave Nectar" which I tried next, the "Agave Nectar" works just as well and I have the delicious "bagel taste". Adding a little of the malt syrup to your water for boiling also gives them the right color. (Just add a couple tsp. or so and stir it until it's dissolved). I found the malt syrup at a grocery store in the health food isle, along with the gluten-free bread, etc.

Hope these tips are of help to someone. Enjoy!

Oct 20, 2013
GracieWasie in Recipes