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Birthday Dinner

doh! Wish I'd read this sooner as the 22nd was MY birthday

Jul 25, 2013
selinesq in Phoenix

Tableside Guacamole

Barrio Queen in Scottsdale

Jul 25, 2013
selinesq in Phoenix

Offal on a Monday in Paris?

Thank you for the tip on Auberge Bressane. One thing that my husband is enthused about for about our upcoming trip to Paris is the opportunity of eating well-prepared offal

Sep 27, 2012
selinesq in France

Offal on a Monday in Paris?

Can anyone tell me how the tripe at Chez Denise is prepared? à l'ancienne or à la mode de Caen? Or something I haven't tried yet?

Sep 23, 2012
selinesq in France

10 days in October

I will also be staying in the Marais (Rue du Temple/ Rue du Rivoli) in October, and am just starting the research. Thanks for the tips.

Sep 02, 2012
selinesq in France

New Mexico sans chiles - is it possible?

Thank you all for your recommendations, especially the emphasis to the servers. An additional constraint was that my husband has a narrow window in which he can eat dinner so distance to recommended locations was a factor also.

In Albuquerque, it was our host's choice so we went to La Hacienda and Garcia's Cafe at which both places my husband resorted to eating a salad. On my own, I was able to check out Little Anita's, Barela's Cafe, and the Golden Crown Bakery. Golden Crown was great and lived up to their ideal of nutritious, delicious, and beautiful; they now also serve pizza with a blue cornmeal crust.

In Abiquiu, we ate at the Abiquiu Inn where we had grilled cornmeal dusted trout, mine on a salad and my husband's in tacos with all the good stuff on the side.

That evening in Taos, we had to go to someplace within walking distance of where we were staying so had dinner at Caffe Renato - nothing special but generous servings of wine. The next day we ate at the Tiwa Kitchen in Taos Pueblo: grilled buffalo meat and blue cornmeal fry bread.

In Santa Fe, we lunched at the Anasazi Inn across from the history library where we were doing research. He had a salad (again) and I had seared ahi tacos with jalapeño-cilantro cream drizzled with unnecessary chili oil.

La Paragua in Española wasn't a feasible option so we ended up at Chili's, and in Bernalillo we headed for the Range Cafe but came across the Flying Star first. The best thing of what we ate there was the raspberry peach pie.

Lastly, in Acoma Pueblo we lunched at the Yaak'a Cafe in the cultural center. He had a very simple ham sandwich and I had a potato and lamb stew. Simple, satisfying, a bit underseasoned.

Jun 29, 2008
selinesq in Southwest

New Mexico sans chiles - is it possible?

My husband and I will be in Northern New Mexico next week on a research trip. However, my husband has acid reflux and can't eat chiles, tomatoes, cheese, or garlic. I've looked through the many wonderful recommendations on the board but most are for regional specialties.

Can you please suggest some moderate-priced options for us? We''ll be going to:
Bernalillo, Española, Santa Fe, Abiquiu & Taos.


Jun 22, 2008
selinesq in Southwest

good food, cute ambiance for date nite w hubby in Santa Monica

I went to One Pico last Friday for dinner and it was very good. Cocktail on the partio with heat lamp and then a yummy dinner in the dining room with ocean view and a fireplace.

Nov 27, 2007
selinesq in Los Angeles Area