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Ziploc bags for sous vide, are they safe?

The main issue is weakening of the plastic above its softening point (which is lower than the melting point). Polyethylene and polypropylene will both soften below 212°F. For sous vide, I use food saver sealed bags but don't go much above 180°F.

Jan 16, 2015
EastPA in Cookware

Lehigh valley deli?

Try the Allentown Farmers market at the fairgrounds. There's a small stand that sells kielbasa and Pierogies. There's two stands close to each other, the better one is one with people coming out of northeast PA- may be Gdynias.

Qmart farmers market in Quakertown also has many butchers/ meat purveyors.

Feb 11, 2012
EastPA in Pennsylvania

What discontinued products do you miss?

Space food sticks were just ok, but I LOVED Grapefruit Tang. I have searched and unable to find it- anyone know if it's available?

Nov 12, 2011
EastPA in General Topics

Saloon - Jeffersonville - CLOSED

The Saloon in Jeffersonville has closed its doors again. Back in the mid-eighties it operated as the Saloon. Through the years it was reopened as The Moody Monkey and Ryan's, then "The Saloon" again a year or so back.

Food was good there and they ran some great specials during Phillies and Flyers games - also good entertainment - Chatter band, comedians..... Too bad....

Tough competition in the area with Chaps and Nippers nearby, Capone's, Steppy's, Vally Forge Beef and Ale and a few others a stone's throw away. Also rumored is another Chickie and Pete's at the old Pub 99 location just off Trooper road.

Chickie and Pete's
6055 Black Horse Pike, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

Aug 03, 2011
EastPA in Philadelphia

Feasts,Fairs, Carnivals -2011

Anyone have scheduled dates for these events. St Sophia begins next weekend I think


Repost from previous year.....

It is late in the season to start such a topic, but I thought about this today while visiting St Sophia's Fair today in Trooper PA on Rte 363. Wife an I visited the Big Tent at Sophia's Greek Orthodox church and had authentic Gyro sandwiches- maybe the best I ever had. Thin sliced lamb and beef, fresh onion and tomato and homemade thaziki sauce on a fresh warmed pita. Finished w some fried dough drizzled w/ honey and nuts.. Many other Greek specialites available.

My question is: What are some of the local fairs, feasts, etc famous for? (What are we missing?) I can start the list. (Maybe we can revive it next spring for the new season....)

Holy Saviour Church- Norristown - Roast Pork Sandwiches
Kimberton Fair, Kimberton - Fresh made donuts
St Sophia's Greek Orthodox Church - Trooper, PA Gyros, greek specialties

May 30, 2011
EastPA in Philadelphia

Feasts, Fairs, Fundraisers

Bumping to top for 2011

May 30, 2011
EastPA in Philadelphia

A and H Bagel Bensalem/langhorne

They closed their store in local strip mall. Did they relocate nearby?

Apr 20, 2011
EastPA in Philadelphia

Looking for a cooking class/dining experience for a present?

Sur la Table in KOP mall offers cooking classes. Anyone tried them yet?

Feb 12, 2011
EastPA in Philadelphia

Snapper soup

Chick's Tavern in Bridgeport used to serve snapper soup, with a cruet of sherry. it was pretty good... anyone know if it still on the menu?

Oct 09, 2010
EastPA in Philadelphia

Ava's Place in Fairview Village

Ava's is right up the street from us and we gave breakfast a try this morning. ENtered mid-morning on Saturday and found only three tables open (out of 15). I tried the basic breakfast - eggs tables , sausage, homefries, toast, side of scrapple and was pleased with it all. Mrs had creamed chipped beef with home fries and gave the thumbs up. Orange juice (1x) and 2 coffees brought the total to $16 + change. Lunch menu looks varied and we'll try that as well based on breakfast.

Service was abrupt as there was only two servers, but it was adequate as our server stopped by several times quickly to handle any issues. (kethcup, coffee refills, food checks)

Sounds like we need to try the Keystone....wil do..

Dec 12, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Holiday Lunch - Philadelphia Area

I need to select a restaurant for ~10 people for a holiday lunch. I want enough variety for different tastes, so a good menu selection is important. Acceptable price range is $20-40 per person. Past years selections have been : Fork, Capital Grille, and Fogo de Chao (2x last two years) , and we want to try a new spot. Some have suggested The Pub in NJ, but I don't think that is upscale enough for a special lunch (never been there).

I'd like to pick something different than our everyday "rest of the year" lunch outings (usually Italian- Criniti's, Mamma Maria's,etc) and provide a wider menu selection. Can't be anything like Mexican or taps (though I'm personally not opposed to that.)

We are in South Philly, so a trip to center city or jump across the bridge is ok. I need to make these reservations by the end of the week.



Dec 08, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

From the Boot in Ambler - happily reporting back!

Tried to go to the Lafayette Hill location Wed night at 7 PM and the wait was 1 ½ hours! Never have been there and I really want to try it - any suggestions on best time to get there so wait is shorter (<30 min)? Seating for 2 or 3.


Aug 07, 2009
EastPA in Philadelphia

Bagels - I am trying to locate the best bagels by region. Where can you get good bagels?

A&S Bagels- Authentic NY bagels in Langhorne/Bensalem.

2363 Neshaminy Blvd, Bensalem

Aug 01, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Best Cheesesteak (in Philly) from a Place That Is Off the Beaten Path?

Leo's in Folcroft. No interior seating, but picnic tables outside. Those and others: See

Aug 01, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Ribeye Steaks

I have purchased dry-aged Ribeye's from the Downingtown Wegman's out of the btcher counter case ($20/lb, I think). They cut the desired thickness from a ribroast that was in the case. They also have wet-aged and dry-aged in vacuum packed bags in the regular case (~17/lb) - for special occasions.

I have had a ribeye at the Palm restaurant in Atlantic City with a bone. I mentioned that was unusual and they said the bone imparts additioanl flavor. (I agree)

Aug 01, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

The Sands, Bethlehem, Hellertown Area

As a former native who returns to the area periodically, I can think of a few. I don't know that you'll find "gourmet" in the immedite vicinity, but some decent local restaurants. Search the "Bethlehem" post thread for perhaps some better $$$$ and finer dining. Springtown Inn is worth a try - mid-level price.

An local favorite of many in the area is the Crossroads Inn in Hellertown - small dining room features soup, sandwiches and pizza - there are many in the area who claim this as one of their favorite pizza's. Not very italian at all, but ingedients are fresh and prices are very reasonable (as with most items there)

Hellertown also has a Hungarian restaurant (chicken paprikash, goulash, fried cabbage, etc.) that is worth a try as well, if you like that cuisine. See

Farhter away toward East Allentown is Stahley's Cellarette, a bar with dining room - with Sandwiches, steamed clams, etc. Very good food, low prices. Never dissapointed.

Jul 18, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

best $10.....

Is there anyway to mail order smoked meat to the US? A coworker from upstate New York state (US) told me about smoked meat that he had from Canada and I'd like to order some. He also mentioned a small diameter rye bread with some other spices in it (seeds, but not caraway?).

I'd be willing to work out a trade of Philadelphia area foods if I can't order direct.


May 07, 2009
EastPA in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Cheesesteak near I-95 south of Philly

YoccosFan, where you from? I'm original Lehigh Valley guy (Dieruff '79), now in Norristown, work across the street from John's, 2 blocks from Tony Lukes.

Pete's (LU grad), Yocco, Brass Rail, Stahley's, Wert's. Crossroads...

Apr 16, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Cheesesteak near I-95 south of Philly

Johns will close even earlier if they run out of rolls...

Apr 16, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Friday-Seafood (Casual)

Anyone have suggestions on a good place for moderately priced fish/seafood sit-down restaurant/pub/bar? I'm looking for something < $10-15 per plate. Best Fish and chips or Breaded/Batter dipped fish sandwich, fried shrimp, etc. (Tried Rusty Schooner (Flourtown), but more a store than a restaurant.) Local to Noristown/West Norriton. Thanks!

Apr 10, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Mexican groceries?

The Shoprite in East Norriton (Norristown) has a mexican food section. Variety of fresh vegetables in the produce section and an aisle with various packaged goods and refrigerated and frozen goods. Many kinds of dried peppers in cello packs. I'm sure a mexican grocery would have more selection, but the SR is pretty good for a mainstream grocery store.

I will check for the Oax mole paste. I did see Oax cheese there today in the refrigerated section.

Mar 16, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Aman's in East Norriton.

We discovered the closure last night. The Whitpain Tavern was the backup, but it certainly wasn't that great Mexican stuff. Anyone have a substitute for El Cancun - good mexican food at reasonable prices in the Norristown area?.

Mar 11, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Any recent Snockey's reports?

We (4) went there today for lunch. Lunch sandwiches good: Deviled Crab, shrimp poboy, oyster poboy. Some nice size chunks of crab in my sandwich. One got Ocean Salad which had some shrimp and crab on iceberg and a few slices of tomat - not much else (pepper, onion,cheese, etc) We all got the same soup (Chesapeake Crab, which had some crab, more potatos and a smattering of other vegetables. Soup was very bland and needed major spicing w/ salt and pepper. Soup was free w/ order of a sandwich for lunch. $42 for lunch (soup, sandwich or salad, soda) for 4. I give it a B-.

Mar 06, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

I'll be in South Philly this weekend 2/27 28 & 3/1

Try Shank and Evelyn's at 10th and carpenter if you get a chance for an amazing roast beef sandwich. This is one block off the Italian market. Served w/ bowl of gravy in a transformed S philly rowhouse. Zagat rated. See

Feb 22, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Zerns Farmers Market

May I suggest:

Our Place Restaurant 2036 Swamp Pike Gilbertsville, PA 19525 610-326-4759

Located on Swamp Pike just past Rte 663. Local bar with some really good food. Daily specials, great soups. Sandwiches, platters, appetizers. Lacking sophisticated atmosphere, but food is worth it. You will not be dissapointed.

P.S. Try the cashews from the nut stand and buy some meats from the meats shops. For snacks, I'm partial to garlic ring bologna and smoked sausage/kielbasa.

Jan 13, 2009
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Tea Room?

Coventry Tearoom outside of Pottstown. On Rte 23 west of the intersection w/ Rte 100. BTW, the drive out Rte 23 west toward amish country is a great scenic trip.

Dec 30, 2008
EastPA in Pennsylvania


Try Our Place near Gilbertsville Golf Course. Samll facility, but great food, open bar atmosphere.

Sandwiches, platters, daily specials, good soup du jour
Never dissappointed there....

Nov 22, 2008
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Plymouth Meeting

PM Mall: Redstone grill, PF Changs, Cali Pizza kitchen. Close by - Macaroni Grill, Ruby Tues, Cracker Barrel, Outback (all less than 1 long mile)

Nov 16, 2008
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Holiday Lunch - Upscale- Recommendations?

Considering holiday lunch options for group of 15 in Philadelphia - unique to past selections (see below). I'm thinking of Palm, but see reviews rating as OK (I am an 837 member). I think I've eliminated Barlay Prime, but still considering Cap Griil, Palm, Mortons. Anything else anyone can suggest?

Cap Grille- 2005 - Excellent
Fork 2006 - Disappointed w/ menu, service. Wil not return
Fogo D Ch- 2007 - Very good, considering a return for 2008


Nov 16, 2008
EastPA in Pennsylvania

Plymouth Meeting

Farther West on Ridge Pike (Trooper/Jeffersonville) is Gino's Italian BYOB. Great sit down Italian meals. Take out pizza and sandwiches as well, but meals are excellent.

Nov 16, 2008
EastPA in Pennsylvania