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Yuzu.. fresh or bottled juice.

I have just received a bottle of 100% pure yuzu juice I ordered from the US from It is sold through amazon but is shipped from another company. The total cost with shipping and customs was about 65$ for a 320ml bottle.
I have purchsed it from Sanko, it's a very small bottle but it is NOT pure yuzu. The small green bottle they sell is yuzu and vinegar. I am a regular at Nobu and am completely addicted to Yuzu and have looked absolutely everywhere in Toronto for the real thing. T&T does not carry it. I can also tell you that even Nobu uses bottle Yuzu. I asked the waiter where they found the fresh Yuzu and he brought out a giant bottle of yuzu juice, shocking me that it is all out of a bottle. The one I ordered from Amazon is quite good, worth the $$$.

Nov 22, 2007
patm72 in Ontario (inc. Toronto)