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I went once and was thoroughly impressed but found it over priced and with a bland atmosphere.

I often frequent the Mad Dog cafe the next block east, for a little simpler, but always delicious brunch.

New Beer Store

there's a reason for this
(from wikipedia)
"Forty-nine percent of the company is owned by the Labatt arm of Anheuser-Busch InBev of Belgium; forty-nine percent is owned by Molson Coors Brewing Company which has headquarters in both the United States and Canada; and the remaining two percent is owned by Sleeman Breweries, an arm of Sapporo of Japan."

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

Went for dinner at 6:45 on a Wednesday - Sat down quickly. Sorry for the poor sentence structure.

If the run out of food, it just means they're new to this and don;t want to over-cook, and have to much waste, as they refuse to reheat yesterdays food for today

thumbs up from me on everything.

phil's bbq....

just wrote a review for Paul and Sandy's. One word for you - GO.

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

Went for dinner around 6:45. Sat down and were quickly informed that everything but the ribs were sold out. Being an optimist I thought this was a good sign. My friend, his gf, and I all had a half rack with 2 sides each (sampling all 5 sides - Fries, Coleslaw, Baked Beans, Potato Salad and I can't remember the last one...). We also split the last of the pulled pork for the day.

All three racks stuck together well if held, but fell apart nicely with just a slight amount of pull on the bone. No gristle, just the right amount of fat, and a decent amount of meat between the bones. The sauce was noticeable, but not overbearing and a very delicious (homemade) recipe without a doubt. Home run in my mind. If the sauce was only slightly thicker (better for side dipping) it would be a grand slam.

Side's all got great compliments, although for me personally (though I'm normally an exception) the fries could be (only slightly) more crispy. Not a big problem whatsoever.

The pulled pork was a good size, not like the heaping piles on a bun you get at Ribfests, but for a lunch it would be ideal without going overboard. Juicy, not overly sauced and just the right amount of kick for the average person with their house spicy BBQ sauce. Some purists will scoff at the fact that it's not on a wonder bread bun, but rather a hard(er) crusted bun. This is what makes Paul's perfect for lunch IMHO as the bun doesn't get soggy, nor fall apart in your hands, yet still fresh.

As great as the food was, the service was perfect, and I really mean it.. As one my companions mentioned leaving, Paul and Sandy "could be the nicest people I have ever met in my life". Sandy chatted with us throughout the meal to see how things were and talk about how things came to be for the non-restaurateurs that they are. Genuine, wonderful people who have an actual passion for making sure people are happy. Paul was behind the counter whipping up some of the last ribs of the day for another couple seated after us, but took the time to talk about his food, and quite evidently, his passion.

the half rack with side's were $14 and with a beer it came to about $22pp (splitting the sandwich) including tax and tip. I have the day off tomorrow so they will get my business again to have another pulled pork sandwich for lunch. My companions mentioned the same thing.

Overall it's been noted in my mind for repeat business, and on days where I don't feel like cooking and want something quick, Apache Burger will no longer be my go area food-fix. I'm happy central etobicoke now has a genuine BBQ joint in town, and even happier for Paul to be able to share his bliss with the public. I mentioned to the both of them that many people who shouldn't be in the restaurant industry are, and vice verca, those who should be, aren't. I can assure you, that in this case it is the latter.

Food - 9.5/10
Service - 10/10
Value - 9/10

Cheers, and best of luck in the future for this fine place.

New BBQ spot in Etobicoke

I'll go early next week and try it out.

Caplansky's: What the @#$%^&*?!!!

There is no "Ryan" behind the bar at Caplansky's. The man noted by Cynalan is named Peter.

Caplansky's: What the @#$%^&*?!!!

Ask the cashier when ordering to include a side of your choice (Honey, Dijon, Kozlics Market, Honey garlic, Horseradish, Triple C, Maple, Browns, wasabi, and a few others I know I'm forgetting)

full disclosure (and I forgot to put it in my earlier post in this thread, no dishonesty meant) - I work at Caplansky's

Caplansky's: What the @#$%^&*?!!!

for all the people complaining online, a line I remember reading in Zane's blog....

"If its not hot enough, not fatty enough or too fatty we will replace any sandwich. If you hated it and didn’t say anything so you could go home and write that it sucked and people shouldn’t go, what can I do?"

food for thought...

Looking for good pho and vietnamese food in Etobicoke

Exactly how I would describe it. If I need a pho fix in under 30 minutes I'll go there, but otherwise I'll travel out to pho mi asia or pho88

Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

Chicken schmaltz across the board.

Caplanskys on College St - impressions?

did you explain to the server/Zane your frustration or were you silent with your complaints?

Weber's Burgers

For 23 years I have been going to Webers and never have I stood in line for longer than 20 minutes. They have a system that even with a line 100 people deep they can fire you through quickly (especially when they have both grills fired up). Its not the best food, but they do a different variation of salt on the fries, and with a double cheese burger they get the patty to bun ratio correct. I enjoy it due to tradition, munchies from the car ride, the fact my dog can run to his hearts content while I fill up and when meeting people I dont have to be precise with directions..."Drive till you see the orange bridge and lots of people".

Perfect? No.
Good? Extremely.

that article posted has put a few questions in my head, most notably wondering if the family across the lake from me with the same name has purchased it....

New poutine spot - Poutini

it's $4.20 (ironic) for a BK Poutine (which overall is not the worst) so $7 is no problem for a decent authentic "dirty poot".

going this Thursday.

ISO: Sunny Patio for Dinner

a good friend and I are parting ways for the summer and we'll be looking to have a nice dinner with some sun shining over us while we have a bite to eat. Location really isn't that much of a concern, but it would be helpful to be near subway/University loop as we will be going out for a night of dancing later on. No holds barred in terms of food type, save for sushi (saltwater fish allergy) and the price can be flexible (but not outrageous please...). Atmosphere can be busy or quite, no real preference.

Bonus points for either a decent Beer selection, or some delicious specialty cocktails.

Thanks for any help provided.

Lou Dawgs - King & Portland

wandered in after the jays game Friday night. Sat down with a pint of Sleemens finest (a personal perennial favorite) and chatted with Daryl briefly and then a few of the fantastic waitresses. Complimentary wings for the grand Opening were delicious - perhaps a little OVER seasoned, but a side of delicious sauce seemed to fix that issue. I'll be going back for a sandwich sometime later this week.

My only negative I could think of was I missed the "out of order" sign on the bathroom door and found myself locked in with no handle on the inside of the door. Had to call a friend to rescue me...d'oh!! (Perhaps I had more than a pint of sleemen/shots of delicious JD...) :D

So I went to Caplansky's finally

great writeup in the blog.
Really shows he's here for us, and not ego driven reasoning.


where is big bowl?

I often go to Pho88 in the Chinese plaza on Dundas between Dixie and Cawthra.... the XL is huge for 7.71 including Tax.

traditional spice levels...

Good points by all. thanks.

Apr 08, 2009
craigger in General Topics

traditional spice levels...

"There are Caucasian people who can't tolerate spice, or simply don't want every dish to be super-spicy, or who require super fiery hot everything, or who boastfully ask for it but can't actually handle it"
If I were ever to find a dish too spicy after clearly making it known I want it to be extra spicy/the spiciest dish they have, I would have no one to blame but myself...

I think getting the same dish, at the same time as my ethnic friend, and finding (obvious) difference in spice levels shows some profiling....

Apr 08, 2009
craigger in General Topics

traditional spice levels...

I'm a young Scotsman who recently has developed a higher and higher tolerance for spice in a variety of foods. I love Srirasha on most things edible, and enjoy trying out new hot sauces wherever they're available. Sadly though, I have found when ordering out at Thai/Chinese places that even if I order something that states it as a spicy dish that the ""zing" just hasn't quite been there. Sometimes its corrected when I literally ask "What is the spiciest thing you have?" but even then I have found that the waitstaff have cut back on the spice (assuming) that since I'm Caucasian I can't handle REAL spice. This was recently proven when I went out with a friend who is full Thai, being born there and fluently speaks Thai. She ordered the EXACT same dish for both of us, and when they came to the table, hers was noticeably spicier (and thus more delicious) than mine.

What would be your suggestion on explaining to the staff that I don't want to be judged by my skin colour on how well they think I can tolerate spice levels? I asked my friend and she said some people might be offended if I only learned how to say "extra spicy" in Thai etc.


Apr 08, 2009
craigger in General Topics

Choose one of three for me...

I have the day off today, and have decided to make it a delicious one.

I have a craving for something warm and delicious (perhaps a bit spicy). I have narrowed it down to 3 choices I have never been to...
-Smokes Poutinerie

Location is all within 10 minutes difference for me so I would like to hear what you would suggest.

I'm most likely going to be alone so I will probably just bring a Magazine along with me.

Cheers, and thanks for your help

Looking for spice...

Im a student at George Brown and have a craving for a bit of heat in the current climate conditions we are facing....

What are my best bets along the subway between Kipling and St George?

Should I just head south to china town and grab some Pho and load on the hot sauce? Any other suggestions are very much appreciated.

New York Pizza

Cora's with extra sauce is the best I can recommend...not a carbon copy of NY style, but a damn good pizza if you ask me.

Good Italian take-out?

I would only suggest MM's for kid birthdays and team parties.


what is the address of Pho Hung? is that the one with the yellow sign on spadina?

what are their prices like?

dinner tonight? (spadina/bloor)

I went to make a reservation for Harbord Room, and found they are booked up. Now Im scrambling.... 4 people, less then $50/pp and pretty much anything but seafood.
where would you go?

A replacement for Apache Burgers...

I dont understand...

my cheeseburger, fries and an MGD cost less than that...

A replacement for Apache Burgers...

I agree that magoos is no better than apache.

both have gone down hill in past years and I have been to both at least once a month for the past 15+ years.

Apache is the better burger just because it has some sort of taste to it. Magoo's over cooks everything they touch even though they say they will cook to order.

when needing good food near kipling station, I have been as of late gone on a pho binge from the newly opened pho house. I cant says its great pho, but I enjoy spicy dishes these days.

as for a decent burger close by - I have been surprised a few times by Magic spot, although the past few times I have been there its mainly been because I was craving a beer with by burger primarily.

Cheers, and good hunting.

Looking for good take out in Etobicoke

+1 on the (frankly laughable) dismissal of Hurt'in Ernies.

I used to frequent Sergios pizza at rathburn and renforth, as well as - gasp - the pizzaville at Mill road plaza for some greasy deep fried panzerattis (sp?)