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CHOW Reviews: West Bend Back to Basics Peel Away Apple Peeler

This product IS defined as "apple peeler"--and from my experience? It's the best one around! I cannot comment on its performance regarding anything other than an apple, but I will say: this product is used commercially for everything apple by our bakery department--and rarely fails to perform. It's true that the peeling "blade" is a bit annoying to adjust, but if you intend simply to peel a boat load of apples? Adjusting the blade is a non-issue! Having the ability to peel, core, AND slice an apple in 8-12 rotations? Prepping a boat load of apples also becomes a non-issue!
Another great feature is: the coring/slicing arm swings down, allowing only peeling--which is wonderful if you need to peel then DICE a boat load of apples!
This product is well worth its inexpensive pricetag!

Sep 24, 2013
Kileen93 in Cookware