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Pho Shop Farmingdale (fka The Rolling Spring Roll) to open Wednesday

Budcar, thanks for the info on Mekong. I looked at the menu and it looks like a combo of Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. Yes it has a much more extensive menu, but it also doesn't have banh mi--which is what I most like at Rolling Spring Roll. The truck's menu--and now the restaurant's--is very comparable to Hanco's and Nicki's, banh-mi / pho places in the City.

There are so many Chinese-owned places on Long Island that serve up a multitude of Asian cuisines. I like that RSR concentrates just on Vietnamese.

Pho Shop Farmingdale (fka The Rolling Spring Roll) to open Wednesday

Where is Mekong, and are those Vietnamese soup dumplings or Shanghai style (i.e. is Mekong strictly Vietnamese or Vietnamese-Chinese)?

Dinner in the North Fork?

Luce & Hawkins in Jamesport is excellent and you can eat high (tasting menu) or low (great burger) there.
Also consider taking a ferry to Shelter Island for 18 Bay. Well worth the voyage.
Has anyone been to Jamesport Manor since Intonato left?

Butlers Flat in manorhaven

I may well have been there on an off night. There was certainly no owner on the premises. I'll give it another try. Thanks!

Butlers Flat in manorhaven

I so wanted to like this place. Agree that the fried clams were very good, but on my visit nothing else was. Lobster roll was barely OK, they had no raw clams or oysters, fries were frozen, hot dogs weirdly dry, the worst cole slaw I have ever had. Kitchen just gave out a we-don't-care vibe. I guess I should have had a steamed lobster...

recs requested for Woodbury, Long Island please

I second that!

Indian- Western LI/Eastern Queens?

I too love Southern Spice. What was meh about it? But moving forward, ditto on New Chilli and Curry. Also recommended in Hicksville, the new Curry Club and, my fave, House of Dosas.

Cinco de mayo --- WHERE???

Would help if you'd say which part of New York State you're in...

sufflok county clam hunt

Wow!! A poster who asks for advice, and then follows it!! RlinLI you are every chowhound's dream. Now I'm feeling guilty no one told you to grab dessert across the street at Snowflake, one of LI's best ice cream stands. It's standard post-Buoy 1-operating-procedure.

I'm thinking you should try Legal in Huntington Station. They're from New England like you and it's a short drive up 110 from Exit 49 on LIE.

I don't think there are any bargains in belly clams, though. They are just too expensive to buy.
Happy eating!

Best Mexican Cuisine in Nassau County?

Not to split hair--OK, to split hairs--but Tex-Mex Cactus Cafe is, well, Tex Mex, not Mexican. Nachos, burritos, chili, all very fine dishes but not truly Mexican.

sufflok county clam hunt

That's the Napeague Clam Bar. I've had the clams there; they're not too good. All of the above suggestions are better, and Buoy 1 in Westhampton isn't all that far. However, if you're really into Ipswich clams you should probably take a field trip to Nassau, to Bigelow's in Rockville Centre, probably the best venue for Ipswich clams.

Best Mexican Cuisine in Nassau County?

True Mexican food isn't terribly spicy, but you can find authentic fare at Little Mexico on Post Ave in Westbury. Besito in Roslyn is fancier and a bit more Americanized but still very good.

Southern Italian in Nassau County

You could just go outside and swing a cat... Honest, there are a lot of good red-sauce places. Name your town.

Laverne of Great Neck

Absolutely. The folks who own it also own a fish distributor that serves other sushi restaurants so they always have cool stuff. Last time I was there had sweet shrimp and also baby yellowtail chef called it (amberjack said the bill) that was topped with a little dab of some yummy sauce made from yuzu and black pepper and then sprinkled with sea salt.

Laverne of Great Neck

If you live in Great Neck you really should try Miraku for sushi. I'm not saying it will make you abandon Sushi Sen-Nin, but it's one of the best sushi bars on LI.

Lobster Wok Riverhead is A-OK

What does Noah have to say about this I wonder? Can anyone provide a link to this article?

Yao's wows in Centereach

Not Chinese soups. The broth may be long-simmered but soup is often assembled a la minute.

Long Island Dessert?

If I lived in Valley Stream and I wanted a dessert venue with chocolate options I'd make a beeline for Itgen's! I realize that for a Valley Stream resident it may not be that exciting, but I don't think there's a better chocolate dessert on Long Island than Itgen's hot fudge sundae. There's also Chat Noir in RVC.

Il Mulino in Roslyn for Valentines Day?

I've never been for V Day, but in general it's overpriced, overdone, food not that great. Better idea and more romantic: Trattoria Diane, also in Roslyn.

Yao's wows in Centereach

This is great news, but are you saying that they gave you worse chopsticks than the Asian patrons? That's not a great way to appeal to non-Asians. OK, off to Centereach!

Cotillion of Jericho

I got an off-line question for you, Native. Would you mind giving me your email?

Cotillion of Jericho

Native, this place has been covered favorably on Newsday's food blog:

Review here:

Restaurant with wild game on Jericho Turnpike (Long Island)?

No, the second Monday of every month they have a wild game dinner. Next one is on Dec. 5--pheasant soup, boar rotelle, venison.

Restaurant with wild game on Jericho Turnpike (Long Island)?

It's Carlino's, at 204 Jericho in Mineola.

Need good food (ethnic preferrably)but kid friendly in Long island

Aha! I thought I sensed a Turkish food fan. It's been a while since I've been to Angora, but I think these compare favorably. A kebab at every exit!

Need good food (ethnic preferrably)but kid friendly in Long island

There's a very good Turkish restaurant called Pita House in Patchogue:

Another good Turkish, Ephesus, at 514 Park Blvd. Massapequa Park, 516-543-4258

These are both striking distance from Southern State, but if you get off Southern State at Route 231 (Deerk Park Ave.), on your way north to the LIE you'll pass yet another good Turkish restaurant, Nazar, at 1474 Deer Park Ave. North Babylon, 631-586-2246.

I know you said ethnic and not Turkish, but LI is not a hotbed of great ethnic restaurants...

Good luck.

Pita House
680 Medford Ave Ste D, Patchogue, NY 11772

Need good food (ethnic preferrably)but kid friendly in Long island

South Shore of Long Island is about 100 miles long. If you tell us what town you're in, you'll get much better responses.

Jumbo Clam Fritters

It seems like your best bet would be to call the restaurant and ask them...

ALLURE in Southold review in NYTimes

If only good simple lobster dinners were what the Seafood Barge was serving towards the end. Every time I went there I was subjected to over-thought, under-executed "fancy" food. Is there anyone on the North Fork where you can get simple lobster, raw bar, fried local fish, belly clams, etc?

Seafood Barge
150 Old Main Rd, Southold, NY 11971

Having breakfast on Long Island

Place seems to have opened late 2010: