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Dinner near Boston Park Plaza....

Thanks to everyone.

Dinner near Boston Park Plaza....

We're staying next 2 nights at Boston Park Plaza hotel. Monday dinner is Island Creek Oyster Bar. Are there any good seafood places open Sunday night (tomorrow) that are convenient to where we're staying? We don't mind a cab ride...thanks in advance!!!

Top Chef Seattle - Ep. #12 - 01/23/13 (Spoilers)


Going back as many seasons as I can remember, there have been numerous challenges where tabletop butane burners have been used. Along with 12" skillets, this would have been better as well as cheaper than the tabletop deep fryers that were provided.

Jan 24, 2013
Evil Ronnie in Food Media & News

Inagural luncheon menu


According to that Fox News story, the meal contained 9752 mg of sodium and (7445 mg just for the bison) as well as 312.5 carbs, which would be the equivalent of 20 and a half slices of bread.

Who did the math here? It doesn't make sense.

Jan 22, 2013
Evil Ronnie in Food Media & News

The Taste - coming 1/22/2013 on ABC

It was painful, and like a car wreck, I had to slow down and look. I won't be watching next week. Hope Guy Fieri's on The Food Network.

Jan 22, 2013
Evil Ronnie in Food Media & News

Inagural luncheon menu

3000 calories. I don't see it. Lunch was prepared by a highly skilled professional banquet kitchen and menu designed a year or two in advance more than likely.
1) One lobster tail, probably from a 1&1/4 lb lobster, maybe 3.5 oz with 2 oz sauce and garnish.
2) Bison is very lean, and the accompaniments sound elegant. Do you think they piled the food high like Grandma's Thanksgiving plate? More than likely a very tailored presentation with 5-6 oz of protein.
3) Apple pie, sour cream ice cream, honeycomb, garnish.
A rich, festive menu for sure, but even with breadbasket, I don't see 3000 calories.

Jan 22, 2013
Evil Ronnie in Food Media & News

Smoked Sturgeon?

Interesting. I wonder how the health department would react to this video...where Saul eats from one side to another ...and on and on...and the transferring of bacteria from his mouth to numerous sides of sable and salmon?

Dec 28, 2011
Evil Ronnie in Manhattan

Need kosher binding ingredient for divine tomato terrine

I have done veg terrines using lightly whipped goat cheese as "glue" between layers of blanched asparagus. I piped the cheese in and smoothed/filled in the blanks with a small offset spatula. After chilling and unmolding, it held together and sliced very well.

Jul 16, 2011
Evil Ronnie in Kosher

Where can I fid the best and largest live blue crabs in Tidewater...??


Great! I will try to drop by and say hi. A few comments and questions...I've enjoyed fried seafood at Chick's Oyster Bar and also at one of the Surf Rider branches by the boats on Shore Drive (can't say that I think much of Surf Rider acclaimed crabcake. Pretty poor actually! I also very much enjoy Jade Villa on Independence for dim sum and late night Chinese,,,especially the fried garlic spareribs, as well as Tony's Hot Dogs on Newtown (I recently discovered that this one is superior to his brother's place on 26th near George's Seafood.

Capt. Georges Seafood buffet in Va. Beach is a waste of calories and money. Better to go to Long John Silvers.

Any other places that I should be looking for other than Donut Dinette for a scrapple and egg sandwich? (I attended Blair Jr. High across the street back in the early 60's.)

How about that tiny BBQ place on Little Creek Rd or any other suggestions? Is there a good menudo? I ask because I see a few scattered taquerias here and there.


Evil Ronnie

Chick's Oyster Bar
2143 Vista Cir, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Jade Villa
353 Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Surf Rider
550 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Tony's Hot Dogs
412 Newtown Rd Ste D, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Jul 29, 2010
Evil Ronnie in Mid-Atlantic

Where can I fid the best and largest live blue crabs in Tidewater...??

Steve, I appreciate the quick reply. I actually checked out George's when I visited back in March. Pretty impressive...line caught striped bass, shad and it's roe, fresh crabmeat...etc...and the usual spot, croaker and all. I'm a private club chef in Chicago, and fresh blue crab does not exist here. Where are you a chef at?


Jul 28, 2010
Evil Ronnie in Mid-Atlantic

Where can I fid the best and largest live blue crabs in Tidewater...??

Tidewater hounds,

This is Evil Ronnie from the Chicagoland board. We're coming home next week and I need my crab fix! I heard from my brother in law that D & M Marina off of Independence Rd. in Va. Beach has been closed for some time. They always had the really huge ones, and always of very good quality (as well as being very expensive, of course).

I'm guessing that the place in Norfolk on Chesapeake Blvd. near 26th St. might be able to get some, but D & M always had the monster size. I realize that for the largest, I'm looking at upwards of $200 a bushel.

Thanks, and I look forward you your suggestions,


Jul 27, 2010
Evil Ronnie in Mid-Atlantic

Sauteed salmon filets for 40 - cook onsite or keep warm for 3 hrs?


There's no way to achieve the quality you're looking for cooking the fish ahead and holding for 3 hours.

Have you consideder modifying the menu and grilling skinless salmon on site?

Evil Ronnie

Jun 24, 2010
Evil Ronnie in Home Cooking

Peapod and other grocery home delivery services

Ditto to what everyone has said about quality of product. I've lived in downtown Chicago for ten years after having lived a life in suburbia, and Peapod has especially been a blessing in the wintertime! My orders tend to be 50-60% paper, cleaning, pet and other household supplies and anything else we don't feel like schlepping up 14 floors.

Eggs are an issue, and frequently arrive with one or more cracked. I've noticed an upswing in late deliveries in the past year. (Leaner driver scheduling due to decline in business?) Almost never a missing or shorted item. Produce is very good quality over all.

Only one rude driver in ten years is a pretty good average.

We only buy meat and such from them in a dire emergency as we love shopping in the wonderful ethnic stores located all over Chicagoland.

Overall, they get a B++

Evil Ronnie

Jun 14, 2010
Evil Ronnie in General Topics

The French Room, Abacus or The Mansion at Turtle Creek? Which one should i miss?

Dean Fearing built The Mansion's reputation for twenty one years and left to open Fearing's in The Ritz Carlton. I remember when Kent Rathbun of Abacus was one of Dean's sous chefs at the Mansion. I'm sure you can guess where I'm headed with this.

Let us know where you decide to dine. Enjoy.

Evil Ronnie

The French Room, Abacus or The Mansion at Turtle Creek? Which one should i miss?


The Mansion is located at 2821 Turtle Creek Blvd. Your link is to an entirely different operation. Just letting you know.

Evil Ronnie

Turtle Creek Cafe
3811 Turtle Creek Blvd Ste B100, Dallas, TX 75219

Tony Jr's Hot Dogs in Norfolk, VA

Tidewater Hounds,

i was recently back home in Norfolk, and this was during that cold spell about a month ago. The first few days, I went to Tony Jr's on Lafayette blvd. for my fix. (The Original tony's, right across the street never seems to have any customers from what I've seen.)

So my brother in law suggests that we go to the Tony's on Newtown Rd. in Va. Beach rather than Lafayette Blvd. because of inside seating and light drizzle outside. I have to say that I was sceptical. It is run by another son (Tony Jr's brother) and serves the exact same dog. No, it's actually a little better. Inside seating with beer available.

When I walked in the restaurant, I thought I saw the ghost of Tony Sr! The son/brother looks just like his dad, bent over the griddle making chili dogs, never cracking even a hint of a smile!

I hear that Tony Jr. is trying to sell his land. The City of Norfolk wants to build a new fire station there, but low balled him.

Just wanted to let my fellow Tony's fans know about this option. His chili dogs are the best.

Evil Ronnie (formerly Ron rosenbaum)

Apr 04, 2010
Evil Ronnie in Mid-Atlantic

Funny food references on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Lunch at Canter's Deli with the mentally challenged carwash guys and Haboos.

The Larry David sandwich episode.

The Korean bookie's bulgogi at the oceanfront wedding.

Cherryl's seder dinner episode with potato latkes provided by the registered sex offender.

Larry's restaurant's opening with the French chef with Tourette syndrome who would not cook anything with capers or salmon.

The broken tooth from a chicken salad sandwich.

Sunday dinner at the arizona home of Larry's "real parents"

The ski lift episode with Larry and Ben Heinneman at the kosher deli. Edible underwear same episode.

"Trick or treat" episode with the argument with Cliff over the Cobb salad.

Oct 25, 2009
Evil Ronnie in Food Media & News

Plugra Butter is gone!


Does Seattle have any Whole Foods stores? Chicago locations sell 1 lb. plugra butter for $3.99. I usually get 5-6 lbs. at a time, triple wrap in plastic, and store in the freezer. I'm amazed that the price hasn't changed in years.

Apr 05, 2009
Evil Ronnie in General Topics

Where to find veal bones


Agreed, demi glace is an expensive undertaking. My advice is to purchase a high quality commercial product.

As a professional chef, I've made my own demi every week for the past thirty years and this stuff is as good as it gets.

No, I'm not affiliated with Culinarte.

Evil Ronnie

Dec 09, 2008
Evil Ronnie in Chicago Area

10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

I can't believe that no one has mentioned Tony Jr's Hot Dogs in Norfolk, Va. Greek style coney type dog, natural casing, mustard, onions. To me this hot dog is perfection.

I just arrived in Norfolk, and I plan on eating at least eight per day while I'm here.

Tony's dad worked for Bacalis Hot Dogs, which was in downtown norfolk back in the 40's and 50's. Then his father opened Tony's on Lafayette Blvd. which for a great many years was a favorite of all of Norfolk.

Tony Sr. passed away and left the business to the step mother and the product went downhill, fast.

Tony Jr. bought the lot directly across the street from the original restaurant, and put up a semi-permanent trailer type kitchen, from which he has been replicating his father's wonderful hot dogs for quite a while.

Teriffic coney/Greek style hot dog. Can't wait.

Evil Ronnie

(Located on Lafayette Blvd. between Chesapeake Blvd. and Tidewater Drive.)

Jul 13, 2008
Evil Ronnie in Southeast

I received a copy of Last Desserts at Gramercy Tavern!!!

Miss Needle,

I ordered this book from Amazon last year along with one of Sherry Yard's excellent books . I recieved Yard's book, but not this one.They sent me an email, saying that it was on back order, and never responded further to me. Frustrating.

After you posted the other day, I logged on to Random House and ordered a copy. Two days later, it arrived. Thanks for the tip.

Evil Ronnie

May 03, 2008
Evil Ronnie in Food Media & News

Saturday lunch before SFSO concert

Greetings S.F. Chowhounds,

I'm writing on behalf of a non chowist friend (not food crazy like most of us but he nevertheless appreciates a good meal) who is coming in to town for one day only to hear the SFSO on a Saturday night.

I'm asking for recommendations, preferably near or reasonably near Davies Hall, and open for lunch on Saturday.

Many thanks,

Evil Ronnie (from the Chicago board)

Anything good in the vicinity of the Galleria?

Hello Chowhounds,

It's been a very long time since I've been to Houston. Can't say that I ever new it very well in the year and a half that I lived there.

I'm going to be staying at the Intercontinental and won't have a car. What are my options? Chinese? Vietnamese? Anything decent?

Thanks in advance,

Evil Ronnie

Jan 12, 2008
Evil Ronnie in Texas

White Lily Flour

Fox and Obel carries White Lily. Costs more than normal, but when you factor in the shipping costs to buy mail order, it works out to be about the same.

Evil Ronnie

Dec 18, 2007
Evil Ronnie in Chicago Area

Dean Fearing's new place...?


Any word on when Dean Fearing's new place in the Ritz Carlton will be opening up?


Evil Ronnie

May 17, 2007
Evil Ronnie in Texas

Food prank -- pulled on you or by you

Working in a hot, resort kitchen in Tucson, Arizona, we found ourselves constantly drinking large quantities of liquids. One of the guys, Rocky, from New Jersey, was often the target of our kitchen pranks. Two that still make me chuckle were: 1) rubbing habanero chilies all over the rim of Rocky's glass when he wasn't looking, and 2) dropping raw oysters into his glass of coke.

Evil Ronnie

Jan 17, 2007
Evil Ronnie in Not About Food

HELP! Scrambled eggs for a crowd?

Sugar Jones,

The lemon juice trick works really well. I've used it for many years in hotel and private club kitchens. I add it along with a touch of heavy cream and some bits of whole butter to temper the eggs and maintain a creamy consistency.The curds will stay soft and creamy for a good while using this technique.

Evil Ronnie

Dec 23, 2006
Evil Ronnie in Home Cooking

"Goopy" Bulgur and Lentil Pilaf - help for a party


I believe it is called mugrabia or something close to that. My version is an adaptation of a recipe that I believe I found in Joan Nathan's "The Food of Israel".

Kelli, in the kitchen, we all borrow/steal/learn from each other, so enjoy.

Evil Ronnie

Dec 22, 2006
Evil Ronnie in Home Cooking

"Goopy" Bulgur and Lentil Pilaf - help for a party

Think about it for a second. When you make tabouli, the cracked wheat is soaked and not cooked at all. I'm not surprised that the original recipe which called for cooking the bulghur, turned to mush.

Dec 22, 2006
Evil Ronnie in Home Cooking

"Goopy" Bulgur and Lentil Pilaf - help for a party


At the private club where I am the chef, we often do a lentil-bulghur pilaf as an alternative to potato, rice and so on. I don't remember where I found the recipe, but here's our method and it comes out perfect.

1. Soak medium bulghur in a large quantity of cold water for several hours. When fully hydrated, squeeze dry and set aside.

2. Simmer the lentils (we use the French) in chicken stock or salted water with aromatic vegetables until just done, still with a bite and not mushy or disintegrating. Strain the lentils and cool on a cookie sheet

(Steps 1 and 2 may be done as far as a day or two in advance)

3. Shortly before we're ready to serve, we saute a brunoise of aromatic vegetables, usually celery, leek, carrot, and onion in a large brazier or saute pan until softened. Use any fat you like.

4. When mirepoix is softened, add both the lentils and the bulghur and moisten with a little chicken stock over low to medium heat, stirring frequently, until hot. Season as you wish. We add lots of chopped fresh parsley.

Hope this helps.

Evil Ronnie

Dec 22, 2006
Evil Ronnie in Home Cooking