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NY style egg-rolls

Good news, I found them after searching Los Angeles for years! And, wouldn't you know it, they were within a mile or two of my house!

The name of the place is Emperor Express, a little hole in the wall takeout joint on Burbank Boulevard in Van Nuys (Yelp it). They advertised "NY style egg rolls" and while I'm always skeptical I must always try them. So I got them tonight and they were spot on: Crispy, thick skin and stuffed with cabbage and pork and shrimp etc. The duck sauce they serve it with is a little "Panda Express-y" so I used some nice store-bought duck sauce but bottom line is I can say goodbye to having my NY friends fly egg rolls in dry ice for me across the country like they're transporting a kidney.

Anyone who tries them, let me know what you think...

Sep 13, 2013
TedBaxter in Los Angeles Area