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Sicillian Pizza


I am being dragged out by my wife to go shopping and she wants Siciallian Pizza for lunch today. She had an amazing dream about it last night...Any recs in Baltimore County? We used to go to or liked Mikes Pizza 10 years ago on Reisterstown Road but the place i think exploded or burnt down



Truffles Catering at the Belvedere

went to a wedding in Janaury at Belvedere..O'douevers were nothing special. I remember them having some kind potato pancake that was being passed around the room by the poor English speaking help and it was ice cold..never though potato pancakes were to be served cold!


Oh Ok, I checked the web Site. "Bill and Nancy Devine can also package the award winning jumbo lump crab cake "to go".

I suspect Crosby does not have a table and chair at home then..


Can't you get the crabcakes at Faidley's to go?? And sit down at eat at home??

Baltimore Burger--Alfonso's?

Size isn't everything in terms of Alonsons anyways...Mt. Washington Tavern hasa good burger

Iggies Pizza and other B-More disappointments

Cheesesteak can be portable..Granted if you do not have multiple items on it like onions and peppers etchup etc. (ex:Just steak and Cheese works for me). Never thought Real Thing had bad subs either, at least didn't taste like the kind u get in the Grocery Store from the freezer (like Steak-Umms). I believe Ledos hass a good steak and cheese sub, as well as Salvinos in Pikesville...

Five Guys vs. In-N-Out

5 Guys does not have Cheddar Cheese for their burgers??? :(

Jan 16, 2008
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Simple Cheese Enchilada - Baltimore

Austin Grill is pretty good..agreed though they are expensive (for example; I had steak fajitas there which where like $20 for maybe 6 small pieces of fajita-style sliced meat and a gezunta portion of onions/pepers underneath with a very puny side of good mashed potatoes) but it was tasty nonethless. sometimes has Gift Certificates though..

Hyatt - Baltimore

Anyone ever eaten here, like maybe the brunch on Sunday or otherwise maybe dinner??

Went here for a wedding dinner tonight and it was awful..Was seated and served chicken which was extremely dry (you could choke on it) and tough as old shoe leather, and some uniform scoop of mush (Coucous, Pilaf, rice??..I am not even sure but it was very mushy/soft in texture).
Supposed to have brunch here as well for the wedding on Sunday..I take it, that it is a public brunch though so I was just wondering if anyone has ever eaten here or could say more about this place dinner brunch or otherwise??

Homemade Meatsauce in Baltimore

Where is place I can get good homemmade MeatSauce in Baltimore to go?? Preferrably in the Northwest Baltimore County area, but open to other suggestions thanks.

Excellent Chinese in BALT. Does it exist?

Jumbo Seafood Pikesville MD

BLT Steak -- B Forewarned

I would of sent the steak should never have to "saw" your way through a steak..And a filet of all of them

Williams Sonoma Return Policy on Food [moved from General Topics]

On the topic of Open Food...does anyone know off-hand about Walmarts policy on returning open-food items???
We bought a thing of Edy's and a Freschetta Pizza there the other day. The ice cream tasted strange and the pizza was freezerburnt or just didn't taste fresh for some reason (Whether it was the Walmart Freezer or maybe it sat out in the store, I don't know)
But there was maybe 3 bites taken from the ice cream and 2 slices from the pizza between me and my partner (about half of it)

Dec 28, 2007
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Baltimore Cooking Class Recommendations

Baltimore International College has classes for Culinary Arts

Hampton Roads, VA Happy Hour/Pizza

Yea I been to Cogan's, and Shorebreak has something Sundays not during football season I believe. You have to sit down and ask for a box though at Cogans at least I know. No calling to pick-up :(

Meyerhoff in Baltimore

Owl Bar is right there on Chase...Usually where we symphony ticket holders go. Or I think it is around the corner. But for an 8PM Show, they are quick. I think the pizza is good.

Hampton Roads, VA Happy Hour/Pizza

Anyone know of places in the Newport News, VA or Hampton VA area, that offer Happy Hour with free food or half price specials? Also, place or places that have 1/2 Price Pizza Specials on a certain day??

looking for great pie

Haussner's in Baltimore always had really good Strawberry Pies..

Where to go in the Reisterstown area?

Miller's was good before it moved to Smith Ave. It was very good when it was next to Pariser's Bakery on Reisterstown Rd. Jumbo Seafood has my vote for Pikesville/Reisterstown grub. Wonderful Chinese, has been written up well many times

Christmas Dinner Take Out?

Hmm...Where exactly are you looking for X-Mas Take-out?? There is always Chinese

Quarry Lake - Pikesville, MD

Went up to the new Asian place at Quarry Lake in Pikesville...Food was good, had beef with string beans which was tasty, dumplings were good too. Wonton soup too. But no crispy noodles!! (you know the kind you stick in your soup) Shrimp Fried Rice and Honey Chicken. Shrimp was kind of puny, and had the nasty veins still in it tho. Portions nice, adequate. Prices OK for entrees ($8-$15 mostly). Lots of options for Sushi too. but not a Sushi fan here.
charge ya $2 for a stinkin pot of tea though. Actually it was $4, since there was 4 of us. But tea was ok (Not really worth $4 tho; not sure when they started charging for tea either). Asked waitress if it came with the meal like 3x times, and she said yea. I guess not though. No fortune cookies either :( Just was brought some cheap generic mints with the bill
Anyhoo, anyone know what all else restaurant-wise is going to be up there (Other than the California Tortilla which is not open yet)???
Feel free to comment on the Jasmine-Asian Restaurant place too...

"Buffalo Wings & Beer" - Parkville

I just came from the White Marsh Mall tonight over yonder in Perry Hall and they have a BW3s there by the Sports Authority. Used to love going to that place in college, had like .25 Cent Wings tuesday and Boneless .45 Cent on Thursday. It is family-friendly I think..I take it your kids and your family like to drink beer and watch sporrts?

8200 Perry Hall Blvd is where it is at...Not sure of the place in Parkville. But Perry Hall is close.

Pepperoni Rolls

Well I used to find the ones stuffed with just pepperoni, and then some provolone cheese in it. I loved the ones with cheese. Here is one of the places I used to get the from

Pepperoni Rolls

Anyone know of where I can get Pepperoni Rolls in Baltimore??

I lived in West Virginia for 5 years and recently moved back to the Baltimore area.
Can't seem to find them here..Used to buy them at Dairy Mart's in West Virginia or other late-night drunken munchies type stores/restaurants.