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Five Guys in Southfield,MI.

If you are looking for the best burgers in Michigan, Washtenaw county has 2 of the best. Sidetrack bar and grill in depot town (Ypsilanti) and Blimpy Burger in Ann Arbor (which has been featured on Drive in's, Diners and Dives). Give them a try....don't know how you could be disappointed!

Blue Tractor BBQ - Ann Arbor

We went to Blue Tractor a couple of nights ago. We started with the homemade potato chips with blue chees fondue. The chips were excellent, but the blue cheese dip was too mild (and not enough of it. I had the chicken & corn chowder and it was excellent (although it was a tiny cup for $3). For my meal I had the pulled pork sandwich, which was excellent and huge. Nice tangy sauce, tender meat and creamy coleslaw on a soft roll. It was served with fries, which were good. My husband had a burger and gave it a thumbs up. Our son had the chicken tenders and fries.
We rolled out of there since we were so full......but we definately would like to try the bourbon milk shake, which sounds yummy.

Best Donuts in SE Michigan.

A small bakery named Roperta's (or Roberta's) in the Dearborn/Allen Park area has THE BEST cream filled donuts. My mouth is watering just thinking of them!

Blue Tractor BBQ - Ann Arbor

I love the Roadhouse, but try not to go there often due to the high prices (almost $20 for mac n' cheese!). I was excited when I viewed the Blue Tractor's menu as it seemed like some similar items. Can't wait to try it!

Michigan Frozen Yogurt

Yogobliss, I LOVE you! Ann Arbor is the PERFECT location.....lots of students (with money), high asian population that loves froyo and close to me :-) Woo Hoo!
I just got back from Florida where I tried Ce Fiore.....loved their acai berry flavor and their raspberry/pom flavor.
PLEASE try Amer's frozen yogurt and make sure that it is nothing like that ;-)
I am a professional photographer ( and would love to help out with any promo photos that you might need (will work for frozen yogurt).

Frozen Yogurt in SW Florida

Anyone know of anyplace in SW Florida that serves the tart and tangy frozen yogurt (pinkberry style)?

Nov 06, 2008
SuperSam30 in Florida

Michigan Frozen Yogurt

I actually just had Macy's frozen yogurt today......but it was the sweet, creamy vanilla kind. More like dairy queen (creamy and sweet rather than tart and tangy).

Michigan Frozen Yogurt

I was so excited while walking into Amer's Deli in Ann Arbor to see a huge banner across the front of the store that said now serving tart n' tangy frozen yogurt. I literally skipped inside (ok, maybe a brisk run is more like it ;-) I was even more excited when I saw that they had fresh fruit and the must-have fruity pebbles for toppings....and then I tasted it. One word - AWFUL! It did not taste anything like Pinkberry, Red Mango, Yogen Fruz or Berry Chill. It was a creamy mess that tasted like rotten cheesecake.
I hear from a reliable source (the owner) that a Berry Chill is coming to Ann Arbor. Berry Chill is in Chicago and is amazing......I can't wait!

Lunch in Grand Rapids, MI

I am from the other side of the state, but will be in Grand Rapids next weekend for a short time and want to have lunch in the area. It will be my husband and I and our very well behaved 4 year old. Any suggestions for a can't miss spot?

Detroit's Roma Cafe overrated?

Wow, gastromomical.....I never thought about it quite like that. I had been wanting to try Roma's buffet, but now I think I will pass.
As for Italian in A2, Paesano's is superb......but NOTHING beats Giovanni's on the edge of Detroit and Dearborn (Best I have had ANYWHERE!)

Michigan Frozen Yogurt

Unfortunately, Olga's got rid of their frozen yogurt a couple of years ago.....I remember having it, but it wasn't the tart kind. Thanks for the reply though.....I am still on my mission to find fro-yo in Michigan

Michigan Frozen Yogurt

Thanks, John....where is that?

ISO Good Food in Traverse City,MI area

Oh my gosh, Traverse City has wonderful restaurants!
For trendy small plates try 310...during their happy hour, all menu items are really really cheap. It is downtown.
Also, Amical has great breakfast, lunch and dinners....french bistro style (amazing desserts).
I have heard great things about Apache Trout....located on the bay just outside of the downtown area.
On Mission Point Penninsula is The Bowery, which is supposed to be top notch.
Make sure you hit Chateau Chantal Winery (Mission Point Penninsula).....the most breathtaking views imaginable. Also in the Lealenau Penninsula stop at Black Star Farms....wonderful wines and they have a creamery on premises and I believe the cheese mongers that make the racelette that won the national title is sold there.

Detroit restaurant scene

Giovanni's in Detroit (awful neighborhood, across from Marathon refinery, just outside of Dearborn on Oakwood.
By far the best Italian (authentic....real Italian), that I have ever had.
A little pricey, but sooooo worth it!
Try the Chicken Trentino (tender, sauteed chicken with mushrroms, spinach and a boursin cheese sauce) for your meal and either the calamari or shrimp and risotto for app....simply amazing!

Michigan Frozen Yogurt

I posted last year looking for tart frozen yogurt anywhere in Michigan. I am looking for something similar to Pinkberry (more tart and real yogurt)
Any one have any suggestions?

Michigan Frozen Yogurt

Hi Kate,

Thanks for the great info. As soon as Pinkberry (or Red Mango) opens in Chicago, I totally plan on making the drive. I called Rod's diner in A2 today, but the serve Columbo frozen yogurt (kinda weird that a korean restaurant serves fro-yo, but not the korean type...go figure!). The search continues...

Michigan Frozen Yogurt

Does anyone know of anywhere in Michigan (I am desperate here and willing to drive ;-) that sells anything close to Pinkberry (tangy frozen yogurt?)
I fell in love with it on a trip to NYC this summer and had it every single day that I was there. I NEED some ;-)

What's the real Zingerman's (in Ann Arbor) like?

I have been going to Zingerman's for years and each and every time I get sticker-shocked. BUT, you get what you pay for. This is not your every day deli (unless you are rich), but for a treat every once in a while, it is totally worth it.
Like others have mentioned, their customer service is top notch. They will let you try anything before you buy is an experience.
The bake house by the airport is the best place to get their chocolate bread. It is sourdough with chunks of semi-sweet chocolate that is still melted when you hit the shop at the right time. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Nov 20, 2007
SuperSam30 in Great Lakes

Paesano's in Ann Arbor, MI

I regularly get the lasagna (dine in as well as carry-out). I know it is not the most sofisticated choice, but it is by far the best i have ever had. They also have a really good pear/gorgonzola/walnut salad....and their bread is pretty good, too.
I have noticed that the rest of their menu is pretty pricey.

Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse - Northville, MI

I have eaten at Texas de Brazil in Chicago (area) and it is AMAZING!!! Yummy salad bar that seriously puts any other salad bar to shame....really great lobster bisque. The meats are seasoned perfectly and they are very generous with their cuts (besides it is an all-u-can-eat, so you can really go to town).
I stopped in the Northville Gaucho and looked around when they first opened. Their salad bar isn't nearly as big and no lobster bisque. They are quite pricey for dinner, but they do offer a "cheaper" lunch. Will definately try for lunch.

Pinkberry-type fro-yo in Florida?

I am going to Florida next week and will be in the Naples/Fort Myers area and then in and around Orlando. I fell in love with Pinkberry on a trip to NYC this summer and was hoping there was something close to it in Florida. Surely a state that is warm year-round has to have jumped on the tangy fro-yogurt craze....
Any suggestions?

Nov 20, 2007
SuperSam30 in Florida