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Need a little help for in Asheville, NC on Memorial Day

Thanks for the tips! I've eaten at Another Broken Egg elsewhere (we used to have one in Tally, but the owners left the chain and it's now called The Egg Cafe). That might be a good idea for us.

Is there another place you might recommend over Rhubarb? We want someplace with tasty food and drinks, more casual than fancy. Outdoor dining would be a plus. Lunch ideas also welcome!

May 22, 2015
onrushpam in Southeast

How do you clean stone ground grits?

Thanks, all! I love the idea of winnowing, but only have a smidge of these grits left. I think I'll just go back to my tried-and-true local grits, that don't usually give me this problem. As I said, these were a gift from a friend who bought them at a mill in North Georgia. I'd just never experienced quite this issue before. I did cook this last batch longer than usual (way more than an hour) and used more liquid. They were better.

Need a little help for in Asheville, NC on Memorial Day

My sis and I will be visiting Biltmore on Memorial Day. We have tickets for house entry at noon. We have a 2 hours drive over from N. Georgia on I-40. I think we need to grab a bite before going to Biltmore, but maybe not go into Asheville proper.

Is there anyplace we could find a nice brunch or a late breakfast or an early lunch along our route? Or, should we plan to leave early enough to go into Asheville proper? Or, try to grab something on the Biltmore grounds before entering the house?

We have reservations at Rhubarb for that evening. Not sure what we're doing for lunch the next day. Suggestions for that would be welcome, as well.

May 19, 2015
onrushpam in Southeast

How do you clean stone ground grits?

Yeah, these have a LOT more chaff stuff than the grits I usually buy. They were a gift. I didn't buy them. They taste great! But, they're just too "dirty" to be really good. I thought maybe there was some old timey trick I didn't know about.

May 17, 2015
onrushpam in Home Cooking

How do you clean stone ground grits?

I made cheese grits today, using some stone ground grits from a mill in North Georgia. They had a LOT of chaf. I put the grits in a bowl, filled with water, let them sit, skimmed the chaff, stirred, waited, skimmed more, repeat, repeat, repeat. I finally drained, covered with new water and did it a couple more times. They taste great, but still have those crunchy or clingy chaf pieces in there. Argh! How do I get them clean?

May 17, 2015
onrushpam in Home Cooking

Discontinued at Trader Joe's: January 2015 - June 2015

A worker at the Plano, TX store told my sister they've been discontinued.

May 03, 2015
onrushpam in Chains

Discontinued at Trader Joe's: January 2015 - June 2015

They've discontinued the canned Hatch chiles! WAWWWW! I loved those things and just used up my last can.

Apr 28, 2015
onrushpam in Chains

Self cleaning oven: racks in or out?

Even better! DH put the racks on a towel in the bathtub and covered with very hot water, a glug of dishwashing liquid and a scoop of OxiClean. A few hours later, he rinsed them off and they sparkle!

Apr 01, 2015
onrushpam in Cookware

What's for Dinner #355 - The SPRING Edition! [Through March 24, 2015 ]

OMG! The shrimp and grits were SO good and SO easy! This is definitely a keeper. It will be great for nights when I need easy-peasy good food for guests. I didn't do the grits in the slow-cooker today, but certainly could have. Or, could use quick grits (though I can't bring myself to use anything other than real-deal stone ground local grits).

The spinach salad was the perfect go-with for it. I got a bunch of baby spring Vidalia's this morning and they were SO yummy in the salad.

What's for Dinner #355 - The SPRING Edition! [Through March 24, 2015 ]

DH is away, helping with a dog event this weekend. I planned to go, but changed my mind and stayed home. It was wonderful to not set the alarm and wake up when I wanted this morning. I've been a total sloth, watching the 2nd season of Mind of a Chef and other foodish TV and snacking. I watched The Kitchen (only food network show I like) and decided tomorrow I'll try their version of shrimp and grits... sounds like a brilliant way to do it, cooking the shrimp in foil packets in the oven with a compound butter. So, we'll have that, spinach salad and the last loaf of the no-knead bread I did several days ago.
WFD tonight will likely be left-over stirfry and Costco potstickers.
Tomorrow, I hope to be less slothful with a Tai Chi session, maybe brunch with a friend.

What's for Dinner #351: the Wishing & Hoping Edition [through Mar 2, 2015]

I can't find it on Amazon. Send a link, please?

Mar 03, 2015
onrushpam in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #351: the Wishing & Hoping Edition [through Mar 2, 2015]

Okay, those Foodlab pizza knots were awesome! So easy and everybody loved them. I did Kenji's quick pizza sauce to go with. I'll definitely be keeping that on the list for when I need easy snacky food!

What's for Dinner #351: the Wishing & Hoping Edition [through Mar 2, 2015]

Spring is trying to show herself here in the Deep South... thunderstorms, fog, cold one day, warm the next...
WFD tonight was a TJ's tarte de champignon and snacking on all the stuff I was doing for tomorrow night, when company is coming.
Steamed some shrimp
Made a tray of little stuffed taters and a casserole of artichoke cheese spread to bake tomorrow.
Tried out Kenji's pepperoni garlic knots... I hope they'll taste as good as they look when I bake them.
When I get home tomorrow, I'll do some wings and crudites, etc.
We'll have what may be the last fire of the season and munch while we watch a movie.
The rest of the weekend will be fast dogs, good friends, Publix subs and such. There will be wine and fun! Rain, rain, stay away!

What's for Dinner? #346 - The Deep Freeze Edition! [through Feb 3, 2015]

1.5 hours of Tai Chi this morning was followed by stops at TJ's and Publix, then home to play in the kitchen.

I started a bread recipe last night. I've tried this one before and I'm still not thrilled with the results. I may give it one more go before giving up on it. http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recip...

I did some steamed shrimp and Kenji's clam chowder. The chowder seems a bit fiddly, but it sure is good! We're about to sit down to bowls of it. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/20...

Oh, and because I've been craving beets, I tried an Edna Lewis recipe for beets with vinaigrette and I've had to stop myself from eating them all while doing the rest of the food!

Not a bad day, considering we're still waiting on propane delivery, so I have no cooktop! :-)

What's for Dinner - #345 - the Winter Doldrums Already? Edition [through January 28, 2015]

Last night, when our fireplace went Pfffft, I knew we'd run out of propane. It only fuels our fireplace and cooktop, so it's not an emergency. But, it did make for some improvisation today as I continued with my quest to use up what's in my freezer, fridge and pantry:
- Slow cooker of applesauce (I somehow accumulated 14 apples of various varieties)
- 2 dozen cranberry muffins (cranberries and pecans from freezer)
- Electric multipot of chili (beef from freezer, beans, tomatoes and seasoning from pantry)
- Rice cooker of rice to go with chili

Depending on how long it takes the propane folks to get to us, I may be pulling out the 40 year old electric skillet. :-)

What's for Dinner - #345 - the Winter Doldrums Already? Edition [through January 28, 2015]

That sounds really good! I have to remember it for the next time I do pork tenderloin. We're doing the old standby Varkenshaas, baked sweet potatoes, roasted sprouts. (I'm in use-it-up mode.) Had sworn I wouldn't buy much when I shop tomorrow. But, then I watched Sara M. make this shellfish/couscous dish that looked delicious. So, there may be a fish market stop on the agenda tomorrow.

What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]

I bought Lyle's for my first "go" at STP and have since come to depend on Lyle's for many things. My workmates adore the caramel corn I bring them in December, made with Lyle's. They always ask, "Why is your different?"

Jan 17, 2015
onrushpam in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]

I'll see your WF collards and hope to raise with some local ones from the FM tomorrow. :-)

Jan 16, 2015
onrushpam in Home Cooking

What's for Dinner #344 - Happy MLK Day Edition! [through Jan. 21, 2015]

Agree! I added necessary ingredients to tomorrow's shopping list! I also want red beans and rice.

Jan 16, 2015
onrushpam in Home Cooking

Best Recipes For Pork Tenderloin?

This is my all-time favorite. But, I do the meat in a CI skillet and make the sauce in a separate skillet.

Jan 15, 2015
onrushpam in Home Cooking

Self cleaning oven: racks in or out?

I don't know why I never thought of this before, but it worked brilliantly, so I'm passing it along... Last weekend, when I cleaned my oven, I soaked the racks in the sink filled with hat water and a couple glugs of Greased Lightening. I started to scrub them with an SOS (my usually MO) and discovered it wasn't needed. The brown scum/crust wiped off! I only had to scrub a few nasty spots. The racks look better than they have since the oven was new!

Jan 13, 2015
onrushpam in Cookware

Bbq in/around Dallas in the evening

I'll second Mi Dia, or if you don't mind more of a drive, Woodshed in FW. We had great ribs and lamb brisket there a couple of weeks ago.

Jan 12, 2015
onrushpam in Dallas - Fort Worth

What's for Dinner #342- The Return of the Polar Vortex Edition! [through Jan. 10, 2015]

Last night was just wings, crudite and store-bought spinach dip. Not very exciting, but I wanted to share this with y'all because I've hit on a super easy wing method that we really love.

I just toss the wings in a little olive oil and then season liberally with a mixture of about half Fiesta chicken rub and half Striplings' Feather-N-Fowl Poultry seasoning (links below). Bake on a rack at 400 degrees for 45 min. or a little more. They turn out very crispy and flavorful. We don't add any sauce at all. The Striplings' seasoning is a mix of fine dehydrated onion/garlic/parsley/bell pepper wit salt and other seasonings. There's some sage for sure and a fair amount of hot pepper. It's too spicy for me to use straight. But, if you like spicy, go for it!

Another favorite easy-peasy dinner is Striplings' sausage browned in a CI skillet, with some of TJ's Healthy 8 salad (homemade buttermilk/mayo/vinegar dressing) and baked sweet potatoes.

We drive by Striplings' at least once a month when we transport greyhounds to adoption groups. But, they do mail-order. I don't work for them. Just a fan. :-


Not gourmet dinners, but sometimes you just need new ideas for the super quick, easy stuff. Right?

Help with a Southern Style Supper

Hmmm... slow cooker turkey doesn't scream Southern, but I think you can work with it...

I'd do traditional turkey/mashed taters/gravy with some Southern flavored sides...
greens (collards if you can get them) for sure...use turkey bacon or smoked turkey for flavoring in place of pork
succotash as a cold salad, instead of the traditional
maybe scalloped tomatoes

I'd do cornmeal yeast rolls instead of cornbread, but that's just because I love yeast bread more than cornbread

If you aren't stuck on turkey, I'd probably go for shrimp and grits, collards and a cold cucumber/tomato salad.

Jan 05, 2015
onrushpam in Home Cooking

HELP - Gluten Free Breakfast Casserole for Christmas Brunch

Do a Farmer's Casserole, something like this one. It uses potatoes instead of bread. I usually use the refrigerated hash browns, instead of frozen. Sometimes I brown them first. I like it better that way. But, if I don't have time, it's good without doing that. I like LOTS of green onions and ham in mine.


Dec 20, 2014
onrushpam in Special Diets

thanksgiving stuffed turkey breast

We've used this recipe the past two years and will again this year. I make a cornbread dressing, instead of Kenji's sausage dressing. It turns out great every time.

Nov 23, 2014
onrushpam in Home Cooking

The Crockpot Holiday Dinner? First Timer Needs Help!

If your family wants beef, the ATK eye-of-round recipe is easy and very good, though it does cook in the oven. Here's a Chowhound thread about it. You can find the recipe several places, if you don't have access to the ATK recipes. I've made this several times with great success and the left overs make wonderful sandwiches.

Rice-cooker mashed potatoes sound great, or there are tons of good slow cooker potato recipes out there.

Slow cooker bread pudding sounds great and I've also seen several good looking pumpkin desserts for slow cookers.

Just do whatever you are comfortable with and enjoy your family!

Nov 16, 2014
onrushpam in Home Cooking

Logistical help needed for bring a meal to friend

Put some towels in the bottom of a cooler and set the foil-wrapped pan on top of them. This keeps the pan from scooting around and contains the liquid, should there be any spillage.

The Crockpot Holiday Dinner? First Timer Needs Help!

You might want to take a look at my recent thread about a dinner I just did almost totally make-ahead and transported 4 hours to be served a couple of days later. I did all the prep/cooking on Thursday night after work, we made the drive on Friday and didn't actually serve the meal until Sunday. It was a big hit. I don't think anybody thought they were eating a microwave meal (I could've reheated almost all of it in crockpots, but didn't need to do that). The evening we served the meal, I just reheated everything except the ham and the rolls. A couple of people commented they felt like they'd been served a holiday feast. (made me smile!)

Critique my menu -- make ahead dinner for 8-10

Coming back to report...

Dinner was a success all around, though I was a little bit sorry to have not made shrimp or grits. The chef offered neither for our Sat. night dinner, though what he did have was very good.

Did the spiral ham (Kirkland) in an oven bag with just a little orange juice poured over.
Mustard sauce
Succotash of lady peas and creamed corn
Collard greens
Roasted root veg (sweet potatoes, turnips, Yukon golds and beets, with shallots and a bit of garlic)
Caramel apple topping for Blue Bell ice cream with ginger snap crumbs on top

We ran very late on the field, so grabbed some Sister Shuberts, which we used with dinner. But, my frozen roll experiment worked great (they just weren't ready in time for dinner). We made sandwiches with them for lunch the next day. I'll definitely do that again when I want to bring make rolls ahead of time. Once thawed and brought to room temp, they behaved just as if I'd made them a few hours earlier!

Thanks to all of you for your input. It helped a lot!

Edited to add... All of this was done Thurs. night after work, except the ham and finishing off the rolls. We transported it 4 hours North on Friday, then finished it all on Sunday evening when we returned from the field.
And, I didn't mention the snacks, but everybody loved the pimento cheese/tomato jam combo and the pickles were a big hit. Our British friend had never eaten field peas and wondered what might be similar in the UK. I couldn't come up with anything.