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Poke @ OC Costco (Tustin, The District)

When in Hawaii, I always stop Costco as they have several variety's of Poke and sashimi. There are probably just testing it out. The pricing is average, I pay about the same at Bristol Farms in Manhattan Beach. They have several variety's, I am a fan of the spicy.

Nov 11, 2014
mover44 in Los Angeles Area

Recs for a Redondo Beach gastropub for girl's night out?

The one in MB is small so its is crowded and loud, but great location. Food is good, but limited menu due to space limitations. Their Burger built their empire and its really good. Breakfast is sort of bland so I pass. Beer list is above average (Beer and wine only). Sister restaurant, Tin Roof is a grown up Simmzy's with a more robust menu and full liquor license. Its a local favorite, with reservations helpful, even at lunch.

Nov 06, 2014
mover44 in Los Angeles Area

Recs for a Redondo Beach gastropub for girl's night out?

Couple of notes from a North Redondo Resident. The scene is more mature in MB. You might check out Rockefeller (MB/HB), the Strandhouse, Simmzzy's (Small but fun) or MB Brew. MB Post is good, but crowded, resos are essential. Tin Roof and Hudson House aren't surrounded by much but Tin Roof is the clear choice there.

Nov 06, 2014
mover44 in Los Angeles Area

Best Take Out Options in LA?

Here is a South Bay listing:

Rice Things (Redondo) - Japanese Combinations

Costco (Hawthorne) - Chicken, Pizza and Frozen Yogurt

Bristol Farms (Manhattan Beach)- Carved to order Turkey sandwiches at lunch.

Seafood Port (Torrance) - Cantonese style Chinese

Chicken Maison - Med. Chicken, try the spice style, good and unique

Rod's (Redondo Beach) - Breakfast, Burritos, Greek Salad and Chili Chees Fries.

Blue Salt Grill - Casual Seafood

Bakers Dozen (Redondo) - Donuts

Apr 09, 2014
mover44 in Los Angeles Area

Montebello, California good eats

First, Montebello is safe. I go there abt once a month and Mom works there. Plus its next to East LA!

Here are the places that I frequent:

Chronis (Hot dogs that "Pop", been going here for over 40 years

Ordonez (24 Hours, Menudo every day and good salsa)

Miki Chan's (Good, fresh, filling Chinese fast food, a cut above Panda)

Arry's Super Burger (Hamburger Stand - Pastrami Sand, puts the Hat to shame

Sandra & Lolita's (Great Tamales)

Mar 27, 2014
mover44 in Los Angeles Area


Just got back from Mammoth on this Sun. My friends always stop at the Thai place at the Bishop airport and on this trip stopped at the Alabama Hills Café in Lone Pine which they liked. I stopped at Schot's in Bishop for a Sandwich, but its sort of a zoo on Sunday. Mahogany Meats makes sandwiches as good as Schot's but w/out the wait.

We ate at Angele's in Mammoth. Avoid. Bad meatloaf and watery French onion soup. I ate at Campo last summer and it was not bad. Reasonable corkage fee as I brought a bottle.

They need snow, spring like conditions with the lower mountain looking like Sochi.

Feb 25, 2014
mover44 in California

Bean and cheese burritos.

Mario's in Pico Rivera. Family owned and hasn't changed a bit in over 35 years. The fries and red and green burritos are also very good. Always a must stop for me.

Jan 29, 2014
mover44 in Los Angeles Area

Grimaldi's in El Segun, it looks like it's open now ? Customers sitting outside, waiting carrying pizzas out, looks pretty open to me, when I drove by earlier.

Yes, they are open. Checked out the place yesterday as it's my office is near. No take out for now as they get through the opening process. Sort of reminds me of the Old Town Scottsdale location. Beer and Wine Only.

Jan 28, 2014
mover44 in Los Angeles Area

Where does one go for authentic Americanized Chinese food?

Try Al's Palace in Costa Mesa. Belly busting lunch specials with all of the old favorites.

Oct 22, 2013
mover44 in Los Angeles Area

If can't get into French Laundry for 50th bday where should we eat in Los Angeles?

I was at TFL about 2 months ago, walked in to see if they had any cancellations (Ha Ha). The manager said they were full, but he did say that there is a private room upstairs that can be reserved up to a year in advance. I believe it seats approx. 8-10.

Sep 09, 2013
mover44 in Los Angeles Area