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COLD beer (arlington/DC)

It's been frustrating me to no end that nobody serves beer cold up here...Ragtime, Four Courts, Summers, EatBar, Brickskeller...I keep going to places serving lukewarm beer. Any suggestions for a COLD one and decent bar food?

Takeout Lunch in Arlington

Call me old fashioned but indian, persian and asian fusion are ethnic to me...

Have done listrani's pizza a few times. Is there parking anywhere near Earl's?

Takeout Lunch in Arlington

I've had a hard time since I moved to Courthouse from Richmond finding any place to grab a quick bite...nothing fancy and definitely not ethnic, just sandwiches and stuff. Parking is impossible and it seems like everything is either sit-down or run-down. Any suggestions?

Help with Charlottesville, VA!

Because I've never once had one sober.

I did have three in one night once, though. I don't recommend that.

Help with Charlottesville, VA!

While not authentic italian/french/mediterranean, here are the places I liked very much when I was in college/law school there:

Nice Places:
C&O Restaurant
Hamilton's (especially late night)
Michael's Bistro (a little casual but nice)
Aberdeen Barn (old school Southern steakhouse, not for everyone)
Downtown Grille (more modern steak)

Continental Divide (mexican)
Christian's Pizza
The Shebeen (South African pub)
The Tavern (breakfast)
Bodo's Bagels

Can't in arlington/DC Saturday

Looking for a place for dinner on Saturday, will be based out of Courthouse but willing to travel a short distance. Somewhere fun with good drinks/beer for 4, but not pretentious at all. No steak, or I would have suggested Ray's (despite the liquor/beer situation)...basically we are simple people, no fine dining, but want something a little more than bar food at Ragtime.

Thanks for your help!

Vidalia Lunch Menu Recs

I like shrimp but am a little freaked out by the head-on i being a baby?

Vidalia Lunch Menu Recs

I'm not exactly a foodie or gourmet, but I'm going to Vidalia next week for a business lunch. Any recommendations for an appetizer and entree? Not really a fish guy, but like most other stuff. Not too fancy though (I realize this isn't a good place for me but it wasn't my call)...thanks

Low-brow dinner and drinks tomorrow

I like Eat Bar, but Eleventh is a little too hipster for this occasion. Anywhere with a DJ is out. Thanks for the help though!

Low-brow dinner and drinks tomorrow

Hi all,

I've recently had a birthday (27) and will be going out to dinner with the girlfriend tomorrow night to celebrate, and then will be joined by 10-15 friends for drinks. We are not foodies, but do enjoy good food. Does anyone have any suggestions for Arlington, Dupont Circle or Chinatown? (no Adams Morgan please)...

Food: We're simple people. No haute cuisine, no foie gras, nothing fancy. Places we like include Matchbox, Bebo, Ray's the Steaks, Clyde's, Old Ebbitt, Zengo (about as far as we go on the fancy-meter).

Drinks: Laid back, bar not club, no cover, no pretension. We like Fado, Buffalo Billiards, Rocket Bar, Ragtime.

Thanks all...I know this is an unusual request in a sea of French bistros and wine bars, but we are simple folk.


Ray's the Steaks Menu Recs


Will be dining at Ray's on Saturday for the first time (of course, assuming I get there at 4:30 to reserve a table...), does anyone have any recommendations on what to order? I know the menu changes but I'm sure there are a few things they always have. Thanks!

Listrani's pizza in Arlington - any good?

We really like Listrani's delivery. Try the four cheese--that's the best we've had so far. The meatball is also good. We usually get the special where you pick up a large cheese for $5 (if you buy a specialty) and then eat cold pizza for breakfast/lunch for a day or two.

A 'real' salad place?

What's good there? Can anyone explain the "Rocket Fuel" dressings? What does that mean?

Lobster Roll

I know it isn't lobster season, but I've been craving a lobster roll lately...what are the good ones in DC? I've only had Kinkead's and have no idea who else offers one...thanks

A 'real' salad place?

Haven't gotten to go yet, but they're opening one 3 blocks from my office soon. How good is it? Any reviews on Chop't?

Chop't Salad (Dupont)

1300 Connecticut

Chop't Salad (Dupont)

To reply to my own post, the guy from Chop't wrote me back and said they are aiming to be open in Dupont in the first week of February.

Chop't Salad (Dupont)

Anyone know when it opens? Sometime this month, I know, but I need to be able to order some delivery food that isn't deep fried...

Sam & Harry's Lunch?

Weird, huh? And I'm pretty sure Ruth's Chris' two DC locations don't serve lunch, but it's Arlington location does. Makes no sense. Palm and Smith are both reasonably crowded for lunch on an average day...

Sam & Harry's Lunch?

to reply to my own post, S&H just got back to me via email, and they do not serve lunch. They had a few private parties in there in December.

Sam & Harry's Lunch?

I know S&H was closed for lunch all last summer. Summer 05 I went there quite a few times for lunch only to find that they were dinner-only in Summer 06. It did seem odd to me, but that's what it was.

Sam & Harry's Lunch?

Hello, I know that Sam & Harry's on 19th between M and N used to have lunch but then stopped. I thought I saw some people in there the other day, anyone know anything about this?

I know Ray's is the preferred steak around here, but too far for a business lunch. What is everyone's thoughts on The Palm vs. Sam & Harry's vs. Ruth's Chris vs. Smth & Wollensky vs. The Prime Rib vs. BLT Steak vs. Charlie Palmer? (7-way battle royale?)

Arlington/Georgetown/Foggy Bottom Carryout

I work late (8-9 often) and frequently need to pick up something for dinner (for 2) on my way home. I recently moved back to the DC area from a much smaller town, where there were tons of quick options for takeout that had easy parking attached. Obviously, in a major city (with urban-style suburb) this will be more difficult, but I'd love to hear any recommendations for a place where I can drive, pick up food, and take it home.

So far we've been doing a lot of Baja Fresh, Dr. Delivery, Booeymonger and *gasp* even Wendy's from time to time. This needs to change!

Thanks in advance