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Old ebbitt grill

So if you had to recommend only one restaurant in do, where would it be??

Old ebbitt grill

What are your thoughts on this restaurant?

Best Fried Chicken

Is this the "Central" restaurant you speak of:

Anniversary Dinner

Looking for a nice restaurant - not too fancy (somewhere we can wear jeans and a nice shirt to) to celebrate our anniversary when we visit DC in October. My Husband does not eat seafood, but I love it. He like BBQ or Mexican the best. Steaks are always a home run. I don't mind paying for excellent food, but it better be worth it, and none of the "tasting plates" - we want MEALS on our plates.


Waterfalls INSIDE a restuarant????

Ok - I am not talking about the Rain Forest café, so let's get that our of the way...

A friend of mine said she went to a restaurant in DC which a lot of locals go to. She said they had really good food, decent prices, and she remembers waterfalls inside the restaurant.....BUT she could not remember the name. Anyway have any ideas of what this restaurant might be calls??