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MSP - fresh masa?

i'm not sure if la perla sells their own tortillas, but i have bought fresh (still warm and steaming in the bag) la perla tortillas at the cub on lake street (at hiawatha.)

MSP - fresh masa?

thanks for the info - i will check them out this week

MSP - fresh masa?

does anyone know where to buy fresh masa (for making tortillas, sopes, etc.)? el burrito mercado? anywhere on lake street?

great dinner last night - Midori's

i wanted to give a shout out to Midori's, a place i hadn't been in about a year. had a delicious and wholly satisfying meal there last night. tokyo ramen: a spot on rendition with pork, fish cake, seaweed, spinach and chewy noodles in an earthy broth. also had a starter of white kimchi and octopus salad. both were fantastic, and not something normally seen on japanese menus in town. also had some great sushi - spicy salmon roll with asparagus. fantastic meal overall, perfect for the chilly evenings.

Midori's Floating World Cafe
2629 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

Blackbird is Open.

did anyone else catch the interview on city pages' hot dish blog? it sounds like they do source locally/organically.

Blackbird is Open.

When in doubt - ask. The staff there is very nice and accommodating, and I'm sure they'd be happy to get you this info. (I suspect they do source locally/organically, but want to keep the menu as streamlined as possible, ie, devoid of lots of adjectives.)

town talk diner

well, it's still a good place to go for a fun cocktail, atmosphere, and snacks. it's great for the neighborhood, and a solid weekday option. i wish the menu was more doesn't have to be for me to like and patronize the place, but it'd be nice.

town talk diner

i agree, and i hope a more inventive menu will result...when they first opened, it was a more interesting place to eat. it's hard to tell what will happen.

town talk diner

anyone been over the past few weeks, since the big shake-up in the kitchen?

Where to buy duck fat and truffle salt in MSP?

heartland's market area definitely has duck fat (as well as duck stock, i believe.) penzey's on grand ave probably has truffle salt.

Heartland's New Webiste Up

i went there for the first time friday night. dinner was delicious. half of our party (of 6) got the fixed menus, the other half ordered a la carte, and the staff was very accommodating. the dining room (and wine bar area) are both really well designed, as noted above. i'll definitely be adding the bar area to the list of places to get happy hour downtown.

i'm also xcited about the direct market...where else in the twin cities can you buy rendered duck fat, duck stock, and fish fume? it's a great addition to st. paul.

Heartland - New Location


Heartland - New Location

Anyone been? How is the food, the atmosphere?

MSP - Rustica - Anyone been recently?

How is the new space, expanded menu?

Best boulangeries & patisseries in Paris?

thank you! this is a great resource, and could very well Make our trip. merci.

Mar 25, 2010
petergray in France

Meritage this weekend

i agree that you really can't go wrong with their menu. some of my favorite dishes of the past month or so: cassoulet, coq au vin, the pork belly with lentils and brussel sprouts. i'm also a huge fan of the bloody mary shooter and [protein] strudel, from the amuses.

Best boulangeries & patisseries in Paris?

could you repost that link? it seems to not work at the moment.

i too am heading to paris in a few weeks (haven't been for a decade) and am searching out the best patisseries. thanks.

Mar 24, 2010
petergray in France

Restaurants You Love - And Nobody Talks About

jasmine 26 on eat street. delicious vietnamese food, excellent cocktails, astoundingly affordable. it is my go-to place for a later-night happy hour.

Pubs without TVs

thank you for starting this topic. i think it's a great idea. tvs in bars are incredibly lame, IMO, and they are, unfortunately, difficult to avoid in MN.

i second that merlin's rest (and the craftsman, just down the street) has no tv in it.

sadly, as much as i love their food, the last time i was at 112 there was a small tv above the bar corner in the first level room. it's pretty small, though, and not too distracting.

Edina / Minnetonka/ south Minneapolis dinner...good food and atmosphere???

i second the recommendations for heidi's and grand cafe, and add blackbird. it's right next door to heidi's, and does excellent comfort food with inventive flourishes.

Jfood returns to Craftsman (MSP) - Another great meal

thanks for the report. i live in the neighborhood and go to the craftsman often for their fantastic cocktails and excellent snacks (Love the charcuterie plate, it's a must-order,) but i rarely get an entree. something tells me it's time to dig deeper into the menu.

Jfood returns to Meritage (St Paul) - Fantastic

great report, thanks for posting. i myself go to meritage a few times a month for lunch and have never been disappointed. the coq au vin currently on the menu is textbook perfect. it will move you to tears of joy.

MSP - 112 Eatery: been there this week?

interesting. well, i went there last week, and the food was as good as ever. each dish was fantastic, the service was very solid. no complaints, it was a wonderful night out. (i was relieved - 112 is still amazing.)

MSP - 112 Eatery: been there this week?

can anyone report on 112 from the last week or so? with bar la grassa ramping up, i want to hear if 112 is still going strong, quality-wise. i'm hoping to go there this weekend for a very special occasion. thanks.

Heidi's has a new menu [MSP]

the latest menu debuted a few nights ago. anyone tried it? looking forward to getting a report.

MSP - Heidi's - recommendations?

i'm bumping up this post because it looks like heidi's has changed to their new summer menu. can't wait to check it out - sounds deelicious.

(MSP) Heartland - Anniversary Dinner

great to read this report. i haven't been to heartland in about a year, and i should remedy this situation soon. i think heartland is an amazing place all around, and what really completes the experience is their fantastic, thoughtful service. it's the best in the twin cities.

MSP - Cue at the Guthrie: anyone been recently?

i know Cue is becoming Sea Change soon, but has anyone been there these past few weeks? i'm curious 'bout it.

MSP: Somali or Hmong Food?

in terms of somali food, Rick Nelson of the Star Tribune wrote a review of three places a few years ago. worth a read.

MSP- Taco Truck Sighting on Univesity, Reports?

i had tacos from the Border Tacos truck a few weeks ago. they were solid, not amazing, but tasty. i forget the exact price - $2 dollars each? $2.50? i had a chicken one and an al pastor. two corn tortillas each, cradled in tin foil. both came with onions and cilantro, and (upon request) a tiny solo container of red and green salsa, and limes. there were also tamales on the menu, but i didn't have any. all in all, it was a great snack, and i was very excited to see a taco truck out and about in st. paul. (the truck was parked on university near the super target.)