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Comments about Al Forno in Providence?

Tiny place,between Gracie's and Bravo. Haven't heard an opening date.

Providence Restaurant Week

Anyone have any recommendations from last year? It's two weeks this year and would like to hit a few spots. I want to shy away from those who serve half portions, because by the time you find out you're pretty much committed.

Baked Haddock @ RiRa Providence

If you write to Gail Ciampa, the food editor at the Providence Journal, she will contact the restaurant and put the recipe in the Food section. Her E mail is

Comments about Al Forno in Providence?

Have always had great food there, especially the pizzas. I am always put off by all of the things they won't do for you, which is probably why I don't go more often. If you are the type who likes to make substitutions, don't even bother.

Any recent Blue Grotto experiences (PVD)?

Did you end up going to The Blue Grotto? If so, how was it?

Going to Providence for the weekend

Don't overlook The Blue Grotto for Italian. Good traditional italian along with some creative twists as well. It seems to be rebounding nicely. Camille's also does a great job with traditional and contemporary, but at a higher cost. Non Italian, I would agree with Chez Pascal, Gracies, Nick's.

Is There Very Good Mexican Food with a Mariachi Band?

There's a place on Atwood Ave in Cranston RI, don't remember the name, but they have a mariachi band regularly and the food was great.

Providence 50th Wedding Anniversary Dinner

The Blue Grotto has several private rooms as well

Remember Adesso?

His brother does still own Tyler Point Grille.

Dec 27, 2007
irishguy in Southern New England

Remember Adesso?

OK, let me set the record straight about Adesso. There were two original owners. One was the owner of Anthony's downtown, and currently runs Basta. The de facto owner, it's actually a management contract. His father owns Antoinio's in Cranston, which he is taking over and re doing. The original two partners got into trouble with Anthony's Park Place in Cranston, which filed for bankruptcy, but they tried taking stuff out after they filed. A big no no, but since it had nothing to do with Adesso, the judge assigned the sentencing one at a time. One of the original owners got into some "trouble" and was moved out in favor of the more notorious one. He went on to manage Cafe Nuovo when it first opened for a very short time, and on to Basta etc.

The story about the cops/kidnapping thing is mostly true. When an actual police officer noticed a car of men that looked suspicious, he went over to find they had police uniforms in the car. They were arrested and confessed to having planned to kidnap the owner. One of those men was shot dead in front of The Arch a couple of years later to no ones surprise. The remaining original owner gave up his majority stake and it was down hill from there. The owner that was left didn't realize that "Adesso" is italian for happening, and never changed anything to stay happening. They always made the desserts in house, but never changed them. They filed for bankruptcy a couple of years ago, prior to his jail time. Saw him recently, he plans to re open on Federal Hill where Bobo's was across from Casserta's, he owns that building and plans to level it and rebuild.

Dec 20, 2007
irishguy in Southern New England

Italian in Providence

Went to The Blue Grotto, and it was excellent. Prices weren't as high as I expected, $29 for a Veal Rib Chop stuffed with Prosciutto and Fontina, my wife had the Sweet Potato Gnocchi (made there) and those were out of this world. Great wine selection (Barolo, Amarone, Brunello offered by the glass). It was relaxing sitting by the fireplace without someone on top of you like too many restaurants are nowadays. I love Siena, but if your going for an experience that doesn't require you to "be seen", I'll take The Blue Grotto.

MuMu's Federal Hill Providence

Eat there for lunch at least twice a month, always great. A little more than your typical take out place, but worth it. They also deliver now as well. I understand that the owners of Al Forno are regulars.

Italian in Providence

Looking for good italian in Providence. Casual upscale, nothing too loud.

Tina's Jamaican Caribbean Restaurant

Tina does a great job there and I hope she does well. I heard The Blue Grotto was under new ownership and is much better than it was.

Italian in Providence

Any recomendations for italian dining in Providence? Looking for casual upscale and not too loud.