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The perfect microwave brown rice

I can never get brown rice right...

White rice in the microwave is a piece of cake... It only takes around 8 minutes and you can leave it covered the whole time.

I tried your method - 8 minutes covered, 20 uncovered. When I took it out it was very watery. I covered and left it out for another 20 minutes. It looked like it absorbed it but the rice was still very wet, albeit cooked.

I did 1 cup rice, 4 parts water in a Pyrex cup.

I microwaved it again uncovered for 8 minutes and took it out. It was all mushy...

Covered it for another 5 minutes but didn't help much.

Put it back in the microwave for another 5 and then left it out covered for another 5. A little better but it was pretty much ruined.

Any suggestions? Maybe only 3 cups water?

I used 7 grain brown rice.

Oct 03, 2013
noodlez in Home Cooking

How to get burger smell out of house?

As mentioned in my other topic I have acquired a George Foreman Grill and have being making burgers on it every other day.

The problem is that is makes my whole suite smell - I live in a bachelor suite so the smell is everywhere...

I have 2 windows open while cooking but that does not make a difference. I leave the windows open daily but that smell still remains.

Once I get home from work and open the front door I am hit by the stench.

I left a big bowl of coffee grounds out in the kitchen, then in the main room for 2 weeks and it did nothing. I can only see that being useful in a closed environment like a fridge or a closet.

Any suggestions? I am not a fan of stuff that just covers up the smell like Febreze.

Sep 01, 2013
noodlez in Not About Food

Fat goes moldy?

Thanks for the responses.

I kind of forgot how much salt is in bacon so that makes total sense.

The mold sure appeared fast, probably due to the heat. Like I said the container isn't even a quarter full.

I don't mind leaving the stuff out as long as this mold isn't going to cause any health problems?

Aug 31, 2013
noodlez in General Topics

Fat goes moldy?

I was given a George Foreman grill a while back and I have to say it's awesome. I thought these were a gimmick but it works very well. I do one burger at a time for 5 minutes and they come out quite nice. I don't have to flip them and all the grease drains into the little catcher.

I cut off any fat and dump it, a long with the grease into a container.

At first I was using a big cup from Wendy's to dump the grease in. I noticed when it was halfway full and I lifted it up there was some mold on the bottom. It looked like white stringy cobwebs with black dots.

I thought fat did not go moldy? I thought only after long periods of non refrigeration it would go rancid?

I chucked out the cup and started using a plastic container and covered it. Not even a quarter full and this mold is back again growing near the roof of the container.

So should I be putting it in the fridge? I know bacon fat doesn't go moldy being left out...

I am not saving this fat for anything, I just need to store it before I can toss it. You can't dump it down the drain.


Aug 31, 2013
noodlez in General Topics