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Seeking a Recipe

Sadly no. I asked my grandmother (running the ingredients and instructions past her) and she said the cake didn't have any cream cheese in it. I really appreciate your help (and everyone else's too)!

Sep 01, 2013
blizzardfox in Home Cooking

Seeking a Recipe

I have searched non-stop and now I find myself here, seeking help.

My grandmother's birthday is coming up and from time to time she reminisces over a cake she once made from a recipe. With some sleuthing, I found it was the Alice Waters cake recipe from the June 1982 Bon Appetit article titled "Create a Masterpiece: Step by Step to a Spectacular Celebration Cake". The problem I have found is that I can't find the actual recipe anywhere!

Does anyone happen to have a copy of this recipe laying around their archives that would take pity on a 20-something man trying to make his grandmother's birthday special?

Thank you so much!

Aug 31, 2013
blizzardfox in Home Cooking