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Chowish on the Norwood-Natick axis?

I love Cafe Paprika.

Chowish on the Norwood-Natick axis?

Thai Thani downtown is SO much better than Siam Lotus, in my opinion. I was very much not impressed with S.L.

your favorite Diners Drive-ins and Dives locations in MA?

Agawam Diner. And I haven't been to Red Wing in Norwood/Walpole yet but have heard good things.

Dinner in Norwood

The Raven's Nest in Walpole is a great pub with really good food. My sweetie and I are regulars there.

What do people eat in Norwood, MA?

I know this is a while after your question, but this is one of the first topics that came up when I searched for Norwood. I would add that Cafe Paprika on Washington Street, downtown, is excellent. The owner a very friendly man and an excellent host.

They are friendly towards gluten sensitive people because he shares that affliction. Try the decadent flourless chocolate torte and any of the tagines.

What do people eat in Norwood, MA?

Coriander has the same name, same place but is now an Indian and Tibetan restaurant - good food. They have a buffet at lunchtime.

NORWOOD, MA - Best spot to meet family members for a early (11am) lunch on Friday?

Can't say enough about Cafe Paprika downtown, on Washington Street. Amazing Mediterranean/Morrocan restaurant. The food is amazing, everything I've had is good - and the owner is such a personable, friendly guy.

He remembered from the first time I went that I have to do gluten free (as does he). There are a number of gluten free options on the menu including a decadent flourless chocolate torte. You can have any of the pasta dishes over rice instead.

Thai Thani, also on Washington Street, is also very good - they do mostly takeout, but have a small seating area. A couple doors down from there is a great soul food restaurant.