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Berlin Currywurst

I am German, grew up in Germany, lived there for 24 years and my stomach has seen many Currywuerste. A large group of us went and sampled most of their sausages. As OZHEAD pointed out, there are different versions of a Currywurst, but most of the ones I had came with a Broetchen, a warm, white, crispy and delicious bun that is eaten together with the sausage and/or used like a sponge to ensure that the entire ketchup/curry mixture is gone at the end. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed when I saw regular Schwarzbrot (rye bread), which, however, was delicious.

The three folks running the place are German, super friendly and go out of their way to make you feel at home. Both the bread and all sausages are made by a local butcher based on the owners' recipe. The menu is definitely Americanized with items such as hot sauces, for instance. In Germany, a Currywurst simply consists of a cut up pork sausage, ketchup with lots of curry and a hot bun.... THAT'S IT! I thought their sausages were fairly authentic, although not perfect. Most of us liked the paprika sausage the best (although not authentic for a Currywurst) but I would highly recommend trying it with a Bockwurst (half veal and pork), a version more common in the South of Germany.

The question whether or not the sauce is authentic is rather tricky, as there are so many different ways it can be prepared. In the most basic form, it only consists of ketchup and curry powder. However, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and possibly preservatives might give the sauce the taste people experience from the stands throughout Germany. I thought that their sauce very good and tasty.

As stated earlier by Ciao Bob, I think spice level 2 or 3 at the most are the way to eat the sausage, even though an authentic Currywurst is not spicy at all. However, do not order level 4 because the added level of Cayenne pepper simply overwhelms the flavor of the sausage, curry powder and ketchup.

Overall, I think the place is definitely worth a trip but I don't think it can compete with what one might experience in Germany when ordering a Currywurst.

Oh, and one more thing... if you order fries, eat them "rot-weiss" :) Ask the staff for an explanation, you won't regret it.

Guten Appetit!

Mar 31, 2011
soriold in Los Angeles Area

Where to buy veal in Los Angeles?

Thank you very much, will check it out!

Oct 11, 2010
soriold in Los Angeles Area

Where to buy veal in Los Angeles?

Hi there,

I need some veal shoulder to make sausages and was wondering what some of the best places are to get that. Thanks in advance!


Oct 09, 2010
soriold in Los Angeles Area

Recurring theme - heading to SF this weekend.....quick bite Fri night, brunch and pub suggestions please.

Absinthe comes highly recommended by several - and the name is awfully appealing :) Thanks.

Recurring theme - heading to SF this weekend.....quick bite Fri night, brunch and pub suggestions please.

Oooh, sounds fab.....thanks!

Recurring theme - heading to SF this weekend.....quick bite Fri night, brunch and pub suggestions please.

My husband and I are heading to SF (from LA) this weekend (common theme I know). Going to Bar Tartine Saturday night, Suppenk├╝che Sunday night (my husband is German) I feel we have the evening meals taken care of. So this is what we need:-

a) a quick bite Friday night after we arrive...was thinking Delfina for pizza...other suggestions?
b) some good brunch places (we are staying near the Civic Center BART station)
c) alternative/ cool pubs to have a few beers (the emphasis here is on beer) and shoot some pool later in the evening

Izakaya Honda Ya - Little Tokyo

We finally made it to Honda Ya last night, which we have been looking forward to try. To start at the end, most of us were rather disappointed with the food and didn't feel that it was anything special, especially considering the price tag for the relatively small portions....

Maybe we went to Honda Ya with expectations that were simply too high after reading all the other mouthwatering reviews of fellow Chowhounders. Upon our arrival we had to wait more than 1 hour to be seated, which is no big deal considering the place is fairly new and hot. The staff was very friendly and the place itself has a rather nice ambiance. We went there with 5 people and must have eaten for 10... even the staff was laughing when we kept reordering time after time, which we felt was crucial in order to get a good idea of the food.

They start you out with pickled cucumbers which are terrific. Asparagus Maki (Yakitori) was good, spinach w/pork as well as the crab shumai were great. We found both of their eggplant dishes (one w/daikon radish and the other one grilled (supposedly) w/benito flakes) rather bland and nothing special at all. The pork belly Yakitori was terrific and very tasty. A must try in my opinion was the wasabi octopus... what a nice combination of flavors and texture. The pork with potato and other vegetables was joke... we are taking about a 1" x .5" pork strip. Chicken meatballs were average compared to other Yakitory places. We also got the ginger pork and another pork dish with pickled mushrooms/cabbage (sorry, can't remember exactly) which were good but far too greasy (and we don't usually mind greasy)... any of the deep fried stuff (oysters, jalape├▒os, cheddar cheese) was nothing special as well... just your average deep fried Japanese equivalent of American Sports bar food. The scallion pancake was definitely not the best we have ever had. The grilled garlic was nice, but nothing you couldn't do at home to be honest. A few of the dishes I inquired about, the waitress told me to stay away from because she didn't think that it was very good. I very much appreciate that kind of honesty but it made me wonder even more about Honda Ya.

We had several more dishes that I cannot remember at the moment, but none of us was especially impressed by what Honda Ya had to offer. We all agreed that Musha (especially the one in Torrance) blows Honda Ya away any given day, and even Westside Yakitori places, such as Sakkura House offer much better Yakitori than Honda Ya.

All in all I think that our expectations might just have been to high. If you have never experienced that kind of Japanese food you will probably be satisfied with the place, but if you have had the privilege of tasting similar food before, then I just don't think that this is the best place to go to.....

Sep 08, 2007
soriold in Los Angeles Area

ZIHUATANEJO "chowing" suggestions needed :)

Hi there:

My wife and I will go to Zihuatanejo and would love to get some suggestions as to where to eat. We LOVE food and live for it :)

We are especially interested in AUTHENTIC, non-touristy, family-style food that will not break your bank. On the other hand, if there is some incredible dish/place that has to be tried then spending more money is not an issue as well. We just want to avoid being served tourist food rather than delicious authentic Mexican food.

I would greatly appreciate any help!



Jul 17, 2007
soriold in Mexico

Authentic Spanish food in Los Angeles?

A group of us would love to go to an authentic Spanish (NOT Mexican!!!!) restaurant and were hoping for some good suggestions. I read about "Spain Restaurant" on Glendale Blvd., but a friend of ours and her husband, who is from Spain, went there and said the food was horrible.

If anybody can think of a delicious restaurant with some laid back atmosphere for a group and does not cost an arm and a leg please post a reply.

Thanks in advance!


Mar 24, 2007
soriold in Los Angeles Area

Beef Negimaki.... anywhere in LA?

I have been trying to find beef negimaki in Los Angeles without any luck.... does anybody know of a place that has this delicious dish on its menu?

Thank you!


Mar 11, 2007
soriold in Los Angeles Area

Does anyone know if you can get Staropramen in Southern California?

Try Beverages and More (BevMo)(323)882.6971 in West Hollywood or Beverage Warehouse(310) 306-2822 in Culver City.
I have bought it at one if not both of these stores in the past.

Jul 27, 2006
soriold in Beer

Authentic good food in Saint Petersburg

Hi there:

Just booked a trip to Saint Petersburg for December this year and already read the previous postings (like the suggestion to eat in big hotels... yaik :( ).

I will definitely hit the "Art of Russia" place run by Eka

However, I was wondering if somebody else might have any suggestions as to where I can find AUTHENTIC and DELICIOUS Russian food that is not extremely expensive and in rather "normal/laid back" locations.

Thanks a lot in advance...

Chow, chow :



Jul 21, 2006
soriold in Europe