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Heading to Rome (Collesium area) & Venice (St. Marco Sq)

Family of four going to be in Rome for two days then Venice for two days. Our kids are restaurant friendly and we love hole in the wall, mom and pops. Would some not expensive, not cheap suggestions.

Mar 20, 2011
ianandcarrie in Italy

D Magazine's Top 10 Restaurants in Dallas???

Thanks for taking the time LewisvilleHounder, that is an eclectic list to say the least. I don't make it out side Dallas prop. that much but when I do I'll be well armed.

Anyone else have a top ten list?

Have been to Lola, had a great 14 course tasting menu and a reasonably priced late model Barolo that was tremendous.

D Magazine's Top 10 Restaurants in Dallas???

Well...Gavlist had it right, I didn't pay much attention to the article’s subject of showing an out-of-towner a representation of Dallas' culinary scene. Although, "The 10 BEST Restaurants in Dallas" list should be a separate from "The 10 BEST places to take an out-of towner" list. My original post was intended to get some chowhounders thoughts on their own top 10 list (which no one provided).
As for the Mi Cocina out cry, it's not a bad place, just not the place I would bring an out-of towner to show them Dallas' best Tex-Mex / Mexican food. I would show them the smallest, out of the way, hole in the wall that has the best food, not a 15 location chain. But that's just me, I'm no food editor.
The way I can omit steak houses is because in Dallas they should be a separate category (and I did add the "if possible")
Really this whole post was very innocent, just wanted some input from everyday Dallasites on their favs. NN & TG I'd love to hear your personal list. If you weren't showing an out-of-towner around and if it was just you going out for dinner, would it change?

D Magazine's Top 10 Restaurants in Dallas???

D Magazine recently put out its top 10 list for Dallas. Suspiciously many of the restaurants listed also have large advertisements in the magazine. I'm wondering how legit people think this list is and what your top 10 are. (For this exercise let's omit steak houses, if possible.)

Thanks for the input.

Butcher and Falafel [DAL]

I know it's a strange combo but I'm about to move back to Dallas and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good mom and pop butcher (one that actually does the butchering in-house).

On a slightly different note I've also developed a nasty falafel habit, which I didn't have the last time I was in Dallas and I wouldn't even know where to start looking for good falafel.

Any thoughts...

3 Stars with bars?

Le Meurice was first on my list, that's exactly what I had in mind.
Thanks everyone, has anyone been to the bar at Hotel Costes, I've heard good things but their website is lacking.

May 01, 2008
ianandcarrie in France

3 Stars with bars?

Friends coming in from the States who are in the restaurant business and we want to go to some really nice restaurants for drinks. I know Le Meurice has a bar, I've heard rumors that you can go up to Jules Verne for a drink, any thoughts/suggestions? I'm looking to add to our list.

Apr 29, 2008
ianandcarrie in France

Roma for two days

We are ex-pats who live in Paris and we'll be in Rome for two days. We are traveling with our 2 1/2 year old son who is pretty good in restaurants. We'd love some low-mid budget lunch and dinner suggestions. Gelati and pizza will be a big part of our trip I'm sure.
Thanks for any help.

Apr 24, 2008
ianandcarrie in Italy


Been in Paris for four months and haven't been able to bring myself to go out for sushi in France. As it was a main stay back in the States I am starting to miss it. Is there any good sushi in the city? We are in the 7th, but don't mind traveling for the right fish.

Jan 10, 2008
ianandcarrie in France

Looking for suggestions near the 7th

Not a starred restaurant but nicer than a cafe. 30-40euro (food) per head. Any thoughts?

Dec 28, 2007
ianandcarrie in France

Contemporary French near Place de Concorde?

I'm looking for a restaurant near Place de Concorde that is contemporary. Something like Barlotti, but with French food. We are taking my teenage sister-in-law and don't think she would be impressed with a Robert et Louise type place. We'd like to keep it to the 30-40euro pre fixe range. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Nov 20, 2007
ianandcarrie in France