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What's Your Favorite Potato Dish?

Great fries in 2000!

Dining Recs for Brooklyn

Oh yeah. If you're staying in Dumbo, you can just walk around and get into some great stuff.

Dining Recs for Brooklyn

Park Slope's full of great places with food and craft beer.

Pork Slope:

There's also Alma/b61 in Red Hook:
I usually just go there for the bar, but Alma's food's good too.

Those are a few. Brooklyn's big, so if you're around a specific neighborhood, I could narrow it down for you.

TV in restaurants?

I'm definitely not a fan of this. Tacky and yeah, distracting. Yes, of course, you're in charge of what distracts you, but when you throw something that is bright, has moving colors, and the bottom of the ninth with the winning run on-deck you just gotta...ahhmm...oh man, hold on. LET'S GO YANKS!

Do you use coupons at restaurants?

I agree with this way. I'm a fan of using apps, primarily Scoutmob. It's a nice and fun way to get people in the door.

I don't see it as desperate, especially with the app route. When you go with a more tech savvy/early adopter medium, you tend to weed out the dumpy places that often go with the antiquated mediums like paper coupons in free weeklies and newspapers. On the other side of things, having worked for and with the newer types, the companies that provide the mediums tend to go to places that their staff and desired clientele would go, so you likely won't find the dumps on there. In smaller towns, this probably isn't much of an option though.

I should also admit, if it's a great place, I sometimes feel guilty using them, though they're only one-time use things.