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Romantic upscale dining around Dearborn and Ohio

Have reservations at Everest for Saturday night....but am thinking that we would rather stay dine and wine in the area around the apartment we are renting for the weekend. We will be staying on Dearborn, near Ohio. Was thinking Blue Water Grill....but not interested in lots of noise....and Pops afterwards?

Any suggestions would be helpful!
Mary T

Dec 02, 2007
tmt in Chicago Area

Pumpkin Pie in London

I have a friend in London who has never had American pumpkin pie. I would love to have one delivered to him if there is a bakery in London that does, or can,make such a thing. Any suggestions?

Many Thanks,

Mary T.

Nov 24, 2007
tmt in U.K./Ireland

Victor Hotel...Good sushi?

Considering having an evening out at Victor Hotel. Is the sushi there actually good...and is the music low enough to have a semi conversation? Or should we eat elsewhere and go to Victor for drinks and if so, any dining suggestions for restaurants nearby?

Mary T

Nov 22, 2007
tmt in Chicago Area

Dressing to dine in Chicago...

My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary in Chicago and were thinking of either Tru or Everest...based on the skills of the chefs, the atmosphere and quality of presentation. My question is about about our (well, really My) presentation. I would like to wear a relatively dressy black cocktail dress that shows (to be quite frank) a lot of cleavage (plunging neckline and thin straps across shoulder). My husband loves this dress...but I am thinking it might be a bit over the top for a dinner out in Chicago and really over the top for dinner out in Chicago in early December.

Any other suggestions for places where black-tie/cocktail attire would be suitable would be greatly appreciated.

Also suggestions for place for an after diner drink would be very helpful.


Mary T

Nov 19, 2007
tmt in Chicago Area