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ISO - (pink) curing salt

Thanks biggreenmatt, I'll try Highland Farms...I'm not out at Ontario BBQ that often (they don't like wiping my drool off the Lynx grills...)

ISO - (pink) curing salt

Which Longos? I checked a couple and they scratched their heads when I asked for Readycure


Can't find skate in Toronto restaurants!

Pangea has had skate on their menu (and it was delicious), haven't been there in a few months though

Recommended pressure cooker?

With regard to sizing - remember that you can only fill a pressure cooker to about 2/3rds full, so that 6 qt can never have more than 4 qt of liquid in it. The 4 qt can never have more than about 2.5 quarts of liquid.

As for why the recipe recommends putting your beans in bowl, it is mostly because you can't stir your beans in a pressure cooker while it's under pressure - so, if a piece of food is right against the bottom there is a chance it can stick or burn - that's why you'll see recipes that recommend putting your beans in a bowl, it'll make sure that no beans are on bottom so you'll be less likely to break a lot of skins, scorch them, etc.

This is also a good reason to get a sufficiently large pressure cooker - you'll likely be putting bowls or pans INSIDE it, so size accordingly.

As for needing to wait 20 minutes to release pressure, the new pressure cookers can quick-release, so you don't need to wait if you don't want to. Note that there are some foods that get a strange texture or will break apart under a quick-release, for such items you should do a natural release (most recipes will tell you which way to go).

Nov 25, 2007
smiley1437 in Cookware