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Kao Soy--new Thai in Red Hook

This is great news! Thanks for this. Just made a dinner plan for tomorrow night with my Chiang Mai "specialist"

Jared Cohee

Kao Soy--new Thai in Red Hook

Unfortunately a few weeks ago (maybe a month now?) the restaurant was shaken up from the personal issues of the owner couple. My companion when I went who is from Chiang Mai and loved this place recommended someone to work here and this information was given to us at this time. It was also said that the woman owner who left will open a new spot (I have no info on this yet) and much of the staff left with her. Hopefully she finds a place soon, lovely lady!

Jared Cohee

Jun 30, 2015
EattheWorldNYC in Outer Boroughs

What's the Place for Khinkali These Days?

The version at Lagidze are decent but I find the interior soup much too salty. My favorite would be the beauties at Mtskheta, which upon thinking now, I need to return.

Oct 14, 2014
EattheWorldNYC in Outer Boroughs

Myanmar/Burma cuisine in Cliffside Park

I didn't take any photos, but the menu is available in the photos section of their Facebook page.

Aug 29, 2014
EattheWorldNYC in New Jersey

Myanmar/Burma cuisine in Cliffside Park

A new restaurant called Inle Lake Asian Fusion Food (633 Anderson Avenue) has opened and is worth tracking down since nothing within hundreds of miles is near as good. Thankfully the restaurant is not "Asian fusion," and this seems to be more of a reference to Burmese food in general, and the mashup nature of the chef who has roots in many places. Among them is Shan State in Myanmar, where the menu takes a particular focus. I have visited this state and found the food here to be amongst the best in the country, and the food at this restaurant is very good.

Below are photos of the laphet thoke (fermented tea leaf salad) and shan noodle. I have written and full review and have more dishes on my site for those interested. I would love for this place to stick around, as New York and NJ and the entire northeast are devoid of good Burmese food.

Jared Cohee

Gakyizompe Restaurant

Gakyizompe is a Tibetan place which serves three variations of the one Bhutanese dish, which is their national dish ema datse (although they spell it differently). Their menu has a few Nepalese thali plates and otherwise is mainly Tibetan. The name means "happy gathering." It's good though, will write it up soon.

Jared Cohee

Jun 09, 2014
EattheWorldNYC in Outer Boroughs

New Bangladeshi restaurant in Norwood (Bronx) - Sadesh

I love a shop that is full of patrons gossiping and discussing politics from back home, which I have no way of verifying, but am 100% sure was happening with multiple groups of men when we walked into this tiny restaurant in Norwood. This newcomer seems to be an instant hub for the Bangladeshi community in the area. The sign in Bengali on the shop's window translates to something like "from one's own country," and is also the name of the restaurant. (The awning reads "Sodesh" but the pronunciation would be more like Shodesh or Swadesh depending on where the person was speaking Bengali).

The biryani here was said to be in the "Tommy" style rather than Haji, but I would love to know more about that if anyone knows?

Jared Cohee

May 18, 2014
EattheWorldNYC in Outer Boroughs

Kokum (on Lex)

I dined here a few weeks back and this was not like my experience at all. One of our group had been to Kerala and we mentioned this to the manager when he asked how we had found this place, etc., and he immediately used this as reason to have the chef come out and talk to us. The chef was Keralan, very nice, and knew his stuff.

We formulated a plan with him, ordered many items, and were satisfied to very happy with every dish. Obviously, bad experiences can happen on various nights, I just wanted to counterpoint with a very good one. Two other writers I know have also had very good experiences here. I admire the boldness of a restaurant trying to introduce Keralan food to Manhattan, and hope it can stick around and please a lot more people!

Jared Cohee

Nov 03, 2013
EattheWorldNYC in Manhattan

Coastal Colombian Food

I am a fan of El Fogon CosteƱo on Northern Boulevard in Corona/East Elmhurst. They also do a tidy pan-Colombian menu, but have a lot of seafood specials and definitely the arroz de coco.


Oct 30, 2013
EattheWorldNYC in Outer Boroughs

Turkish and Lebanese in Sunnyside

I have not been to Grill 43 since it changed from Habibi, but Souk El Shater is the real deal and probably why he lasted longer than his brother. I disagree with Max though, it is fun to eat on that slim counter and watch people come in for their groceries and gossip with the owners.

I would say Mangal Kebab is about an average place.

Sep 27, 2013
EattheWorldNYC in Outer Boroughs

Lagidze: new Georgian restaurant in Midwood

Went last night and had a solid meal, tried eight items with a group. Had highlights and lowlights, and we found many of the dishes saltier than necessary. The kitchen might still be working out the kinks?

Like some other people, I really liked the eggplant stuffed with nuts dish. I had not had anything similar before. An assortment of nuts might help take the bitterness of the walnuts away, but maybe that is the point to begin with. Only had on kebab, but it was excellent. The xinkali were almost great, just too salty. The chkmeruli and salianka were strong, just not game changers.

Milder cheese than usually found in katchapuri, I really liked our acharuli version. My table mates were so so on it.

Bought a couple bottles of Georgian mineral water (can't eat Georgian food without it), and also opted not to take the only option for wine they offer and brought in our own from the liquor store down the street. I've had almost 100% bad experiences with Georgian wine under $20, so paying $25 per bottle was worth it and we were happy with its dryness. The cheap ones tend to be too sweet for me.

Full report coming soon on my site. Will go back in six months or so to see if it improves. Definitely better than Tamada though, which it replaced.

Sep 05, 2013
EattheWorldNYC in Outer Boroughs

Indonesian Bazaar in Astoria

The next one will be September 15th. 10am-4pm.

Sep 04, 2013
EattheWorldNYC in Outer Boroughs

guantemala, where is it? La Chapincita is a tienda guatemalteca

This place is fantastic, wholeheartedly recommended by us! They have two other locations (Bath Beach and Jamaica, Queens).

More info for anyone interested:

Aug 31, 2013
EattheWorldNYC in Outer Boroughs

Northern Boulevard Flushing Koreatown

Someone has already mentioned Geo Si Gi, and that is also one of my favorites in the area.

Just off Northern Boulevard at the Broadway LIRR station is Tong Sam Gyup Goo Yi, which is kind of amazing.

In the Murray Hill LIRR area is Geum Sung, and right on the boulevard are Picnic Garden BBQ and My Mom's Take Out, both of which are always fun even if not the ultra-best food.

Will be trying Soc Chon soon.

Aug 22, 2013
EattheWorldNYC in Outer Boroughs