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Best Breakfast in Providence (or close by) RI

I am not crazy about those other places mentioned, especially Seaplane. Sketchy part of town, and the food is fair at best. I recommend a short drive to East Greenwich and Jigger's Diner. It's an authentic diner car, with a good menu, some creative specials, and quality food all around. Bonus points for the best Johnny Cakes in any diner anywhere. Can be a bit of a line though, so get there on the early side.

Where to buy Taj Mahal beer in Mass., NH or Maine?

Ask at your local packy. Most places will be happy to special order a case or two of something they don't stock - the distributors carry tons of stuff that a particular store doesn't stock. Call around to a couple places, I'm sure one will help you out.

Loie Fuller... FAIL (long)

Hey Jenn! It's good to see you on here - I miss your coffee and amazing baked treats. Hint*gallery*

Your Order Is Politically Incorrect

Man, lot's of vitriol on this topic. As for me, I'd probably eat kittens and puppies if it tasted good and was available...But I'd have an "organic", locally grown salad with it, and I'd ride my bicycle to the solar-powered restaurant to keep my carbon-footprint low.

Oct 15, 2009
Rhody Dave in Features

The Basics: How to Make a Philly Cheesesteak

I hate you all - here in Rhode Island there is no such thing as a good cheesesteak. I was fortunate enough to go to school in Philly for a year, but have never been able to find anything close to those wonderful cheesesteaks. Sigh...

Oct 15, 2009
Rhody Dave in Features

NORWICH CONN - PLaces to eat?

This is kinda sad - I also lived and went to high school in Norwich (class of 82) and there was not much growing up there, and apparently it hasn't gotten any better.

I think the best suggestion was the one about going to the casinos. Such a shame, because the harbor area of Norwich is really beautiful.

Do you like melons

Depends on who's we're talking about ;)

Sep 21, 2009
Rhody Dave in Food Media & News

Help this New Haven area transplant find good pizza here in RI

It's more like a squishy focaccia, than a true Naples/New Haven style pizza. I know it has its fans, but I don't consider it real pizza.

Help this New Haven area transplant find good pizza here in RI

Caserta's is NOT remotely like NH pizza. I wouldn't even call it pizza, but that's just my opinion.

Sura Korean BBQ - Johnston, RI REVIEW

Wow - that seems very expensive for what you had.
2 sodas - $5?
1 app - $6?
2 mains - $12-14? each = $28?

Rough estimate about $40. How much were the dishes?

Flo's Hot Dogs - huge dissapointment!

Ach, none of you have had a real taste experience till you've had a RI "gagger", otherwise known as a NY System wiener. Get 'em "all the way"!

New England top split hot dog buns

I never knew my hot dog buns were so coveted in other places outside New England. And I just take them for granted. Next time I have one, I will think of you all. Cheers!

Sep 09, 2009
Rhody Dave in General Topics

Best ice cream in CT

Their ice cream was decent - not great, but not bad either - but holy moly, they charge an arm and a leg for it! We were there recently over the summer, and a small cup, one little scoop, was $4 and change. I don't think that's a fair price for decent ice cream.

Chicken Wings in the Oven - Best Method?

I do this all the time with no drama. Bake the wings at 425 for 30 minutes - flip and bake another 30 minutes. You will end up with delicious crispy wings. Mix equal parts melted butter and Frank's Red Hot sauce, or any other hot Louisiana style sauce you like. Toss with the wings in a giant bowl. Enjoy.

Aug 30, 2009
Rhody Dave in Home Cooking

Taqueria at AS220 in Providence closing

Hate? Why do you hate AS220? Isn't that an artist collaborative or something?

Rhode Island - San Vivaldo or AlForno

Frank, I think you will find San Vivaldo very much to your liking. Having been to Italy myself, it is truly like dining in a good trattoria over there. He is the real deal.

Rhode Island - San Vivaldo or AlForno

Go see Alfie - he will take care of you in a truly unique and delicious dining experience. Al Forno is not a place I care for. They are rude unless you are a regular, the wait is ridiculous, and you will not get the meal you'll get at San Vivaldo.

Trust me, you will have great stories and great memories of your meal. You can get the dining experience at Al Forno in many decent, overpriced, resting-on-their-laurels restaurants anywhere in the world. There's only one Alfie (Alfiero Bigazzi).

Best Pie in RI?

Schartner Farms - best in RI. The strawberry rhubarb is my favorite unless I'm having the apple pie which is then my favorite.

Houlihan's, Glastonbury Closed

You should be thankful. An old friend of mine used to call them "Houli-hideous", which I always that was an accurate statement.

Rudy's Bar & Grill - Laurel Lane CC

The online menu looks pretty tempting there. Anyone eaten here recently or reviewed this place?

Scialo Brothers Bakery, Providence

They have very nice pastries and pepper sticks, but their bread is so-so. For the best bread in the area, I recommend Buono's Bakery out near the Johnston line.

Meatball Grinder in Middletown, CT?

Perry, that isn't the place. I really thought you might have had it, but I checked it w/Google maps Street View, and it's definitely not the same place. The place I remember was much more rural than that, and older looking. Probably doesn't even exist anymore, and that's fine. But thanks!

Meatball Grinder in Middletown, CT?

Pane - maybe you can help me solve an old mystery, as you're from the area I had one of the greatest grinders ever. Back about 20-24 years ago I was driving from MA to Penn. and somehow got off 95 in the middle of CT. There was an old-fashioned looking gas station that had a deli case and made grinders to order. I got an Italian, on delicious real Italian bread, filled with incredible cold cuts. Easily the best Italian grinder I've ever had! Of course, I have no clue as to the name of this place, or even exactly where it was. Ring any bells?

Montreal 2nd weekend of July

Ferreira - that's the place! Thanks Shattered.

Montreal 2nd weekend of July

Smoked meat sandwichs!!! You must get some of those. Poutine is good too and there's some place that sells only varieties of it, according to Anthony Bourdain on "No Reservations".

From personal experience, there's a great Portugese restaurant - Ferrara's, I think? - in the midtown area. They have hundreds of ports by the glass, great food, and a really cool, chic atmosphere. No matter what, you're going to be in Montreal which has tons of great places to eat. Canada is fantastic and you really have to try hard to get a bad meal. Enjoy!

Seeking genuine Italian in Providence

570 Providence St
West Warwick, RI 02893

(401) 828-8100

Seeking genuine Italian in Providence

Go to West Warwick, to Trattoria San Vivaldo. Alfiero is the chef-owner and this guy is an Italian from Italy, knows how to cook, and has some great, authentic food. It's also an experience, as he frowns upon menus (they are available, but see if you can order something from what he is making that night) and won't compromise. A unique, rewarding and delicious meal awaits you. Just go with an open mind and allow yourself to be taken care of.

Providence's Red Fez: still going strong?

Red Fez is one of my favs. Always creative, delicious and fun food. Perfect tiny place that not many people seem to know but is very cool and artsy.

Mystic area lunch recs

Five Guys is great if you want burgers! I'd go there anytime.

Good bagel/biali in RI?

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm familiar with Bagelz, as they have a store a mile or two away from me on the URI campus. They make faux bagels - big fluffy round things more similar to regular bread than a true NY bagel. They taste ok, but it's the texture that's the problem.