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Food Tour for New Yorkers coming to SF

Thanks again to everyone who has replied. We've taken all advice into serious consideration.

At this point, we have reservations for Redd, Sons & Daughters and Nopa. We are looking forward to all three.

We may hit Slanted Door for an early meal before the baseball game. And may try ZuZu when we are in the area.

I'm still trying to get a spot at Chez Panisse, but so far none have opened. And I haven't won the Lazy Bear lotto, yet.

Thanks again for all the recommendations. We fly out in two days.

Food Tour for New Yorkers coming to SF

Thank you. I called Nopa and was able to get a spot.

Food Tour for New Yorkers coming to SF

Thanks again. We're cutting out Brix and Bouchon.

Not sure about Ad Hoc. It seems they can't do substitutions? And we have some dietary restrictions…..

Nopa has, so far, been difficult to find an open table.

I've entered into the Lazy Bear lottery - and hope to get a spot there.

I haven't heard any opinions on Sons & Daughters. Any good?


Food Tour for New Yorkers coming to SF

Thanks all. I've made some changes based on your suggestions.

Friday: Nopa or Rich Table
Saturday: Baseball Game
Sunday: Slanted Door
M: Brix or Ad Hoc
W: ZuZu
R: Ad hoc or Farmhouse
F: Redd
S: Sons and Daughters

Thoughts? Thanks again, much appreciated.

Food Tour for New Yorkers coming to SF

Thanks for the replies.

As for AT&T Park, we're definitely going to try the garlic fries. As per your advice, aside from the fries, we'll prob look for something outside the stadium - either before or after the game.

Another must-try is In & Out burger. We don't have them out east.

I'm looking into Zuzu and Nopa now.

More opinions are appreciated. Is Sons & Daughters worth the $100+ per person? Is Brix worth keeping? Is Ad Hoc worth going to, since we can only get 5pm reservations? What about Redd and Bouchon?

Thanks guys!

Food Tour for New Yorkers coming to SF

We're looking for a full locally sourced California dining experience. Our travel takes us to SF, NAPA, and back to SF. Here are our plans - please let me know of any thoughts, comments or advise. Thanks!

Night 1: Sons & Daughters
Night 2: Ballpark food at AT&T Park
Night 3: Slanted Door
Night 4: Brix
Night 5: ?
Night 6: Bachon
Night 7: Ad hoc
Night 8: Redd
Night 9: ?

I'm trying to get a spot at Chez Pannise for Night 9. And Farmhouse Inn for Night 5 (or 6 instead of Bachon). Otherwise, we're waiting on Lazy Bear to open spots.

We're disappointed that State Bird Provisions is closing for renovations. French Laundry seems too expensive.