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Dinner Suggestions near City Winery

I have to second Shorty’s .32 – a fantastic neighborhood place with truly outstanding food. Shorty (the owner/chef) is always in the house which guarantees you are getting a great dish. I agree that the short ribs and mac are awesome, try the scallop dish as well. Really all the dishes are great, enjoy!

Getting fed up with Chinese delivery options in Carroll Gardens

I also use Hunan Delight which is by no means life altering food, but I find all the dishes to be solid and reliable. They come to CH/CG from Park Slope by car - they have always been quick with the deliveries.

Hunan Delight
752 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Cafe on Clinton closed?

I m surprised they hung on this long, i went twice in the past six months and the food was truly bad each time. Never had food so over salted...ever, and I love salt. The service was just as bad as the food. I was rooting for this to be a solid neighboorhood place, but bad is the only to describe it.

Watty and Meg: A Report

Glad to see this was revised, I went with my wife Tuesday night and thought the place was really quite good. The staff was top notch, in fact a incredibly loud and annoying guy tried to bully his way into a table we had been waiting for and the staff handled it beautifully – in fact, instead of having to sit next to the loud guy, they actually suggested we wait one more minute and then we able to sit at a quieter table. That attention to detail is just what I like to see in a new place. Food was good, I had the grilled shrimp and my wife had the butter lettuce salad. She had the salmon which she liked and had a smooth flavor and I had the cod special, also very good. Overall, I will be back, looks like a good, solid neighborhood place…

The Grocery tonight

Grocery is an interesting place because it gets bashed fairly often on the Hound (probably not deserved). I’m glad people are having good experiences with the food, we went last month and the food was very good, not spectacular, but still very good. The service, on the other hand, was bad – and I’m not that picky. It seems like they have seven people working a tiny room, but we had too wait forever to order dessert and then forever for the check and, you guessed it, a full ten minutes to get my credit card back. Now everyone can have an “off” night, but I was really disappointed that with so many servers that we had to wait so long. The table next to us had the same experience, we were laughing with the other couple about whether or not they would “let us go”. The chef did come out and greet the tables which was nice, I would return and hope for better service in the future…

ditch plains for dinner?

I thought Ed's was good, I would even say in league with POB. Good roll and similar quality portion to POB. While it is true POB gets crowded, I've never been rushed out and always found the service friendly. Also, Ed's is not exactly a big place; the back room is pretty boxy and tight. I do agree about Ditch Plains...pretty bad...

ditch plains for dinner?

The food is really avarage at best, I hear people talking Lobster Roll which was so-so...go to Pearl Oyster Bar and then drop into Ditch Plains for drinks...good luck.

Waverly Inn

Went a few months back when someone called in for me and got us a table. The food was okay, not bad, but nothing spectacular. The service, on the other hand, was terrible. They tried on THREE separate occasions to clear dishes when people were clearly not done. The third time I politely drew the captain's attention to this (He seemed uninterested and mumbled an apology). One time, honest mistake, two times, getting annoying, three times is just blatantly bad service. The capper was when we ordered drinks instead of desserts they asked us to have them at the bar (they did buy the round) but that is hardly the point, we had occupied the table less than two hours and they were rushing us through the entire meal. I would never, ever, go back there. That type of treatment is just inexcusable.

Lunetta - What Happened?

Interesting exchange, I think Steve quantified the problem better than I could; Lunetta is just slipping in quality. I can't give place a pass because they get busy, good service and good food are part of the experience whether or not the place is busy (better if it is - servers make more money). The meatballs, for example, used to be great, now they are bland (Katherine, have you compared the meatballs they previously served and the ones they serve now?). I have to agree with Steve on the sprouts as well, just mushy, lost their flavor. Lunetta used to get all the details right, but now it has slipped into mediocrity. My post wasn't intended to bash Lunetta, just more of commiserate over the loss of a once really good place which now seems content with just being okay...

PEASANT - good food, RUDE CREW!

Can't really agree, what if your boss told you to show up for work ten minutes early, but you wouldn't get any additional money? You probably wouldn't like that. Plus, if you were told they opened at six, why return's not like that neighborhood is boring. The service staff has to gear up for a long night of work, why should it start early? I agree with a previous was the service after they "opened"?

comfort food in carroll gardens / cobble hill

Fragole on Court Street in Carroll Gardens in inexpensive and comfort Italian...good home cooking, friendly place.

small plate / tapas

It's not Spanish, but I love sharing at Perbacco, very tasty dishes! Tia Pol is outstanding, you should definitely consider that...

West Village recommendations?

It all depends on your expectations...
El Faro -- Old school Spanish (love it)
Crispo -- 14th St., but worth a little extra walk
Malatesta -- neighborhood, affordable Italian
Paris Commune -- Great French, also affordable
Wallse -- A little nicer, but well worth the price, this is a must...

Hope that provides some variety, good eating...

Ben & Jack's Vs. Wolfgang's

I have been to both and I liked Ben and Jack's better...I mean not by a lot, but I thought it was more "Lugaresque" from top to bottom. I've been to Wolfgang's a few times, but am always kind of annoyed by the acoustics. I would absolutely give Ben & Jack's a try.

Belcourt, Back Forty of Shorty's 32?

Gotta go with Shorty's 32...I've been a few times and it is consistently good. The burger is great, but so are a lot of other items on the menu, I would try the pork belly and crabsticks for apps and the short ribs for main. Enjoy!

Lunetta - What Happened?

I was such a fan of Lunetta, I mean one of my favorites in the neighborhood, but my past two visits the place has been downright bad. Someone told me the chef is focused on the flatiron restaurant, but when did the quality take a plunge. On Saturday night, we waited 15 minutes before we had to beg someone to take a drink order. Our main courses were way late coming out, one of the servers (who was very nice) brought us a round of drinks on the house, but another server stomped around with a frown asking one table "if they had a problem". Worst of all the food was uneven at best. The new lemon chicken dish that was awful, the risotto ball was pretty good, but the pork was dry. Has anyone else noticed this place is going downhill quickly or is it just me? Such a shame…

BLT Prime or BLT Steak?

Not that you can really go wrong, but I prefer Prime...great room and vibe, the cheese popover is unreal. Go with Prime!

Marlow and Sons Inquiry

If you have a group large enough they will likely set side a table for you in the front room. I did it once with a large group, nice picnic benches, a littel tight, but it was pretty nice. They will work with you if you do a 7:00 seating…

best breakfast in brooklyn?

Someone on this board recommended the Boerum hill Food Comapny which was a great call. Fresh, solid great breakfast place

First Date -- Wine Bar/Good Food -- Need help

Hungry Mike is reaching out to Boston for help. A friend has the dreaded first date and actually wants to make a good impression. Any neighborhood in the city, just wants a chill wine bar...nothing too fancy. Any ideas are welcome and thanks for your help!

Terrible hot dog at Chicory (Degraw St.)

I must agree with the majority of the posts, Chicory sounds like a great idea, looks the part, but almost never delivers. It’s just a really average, at best, fast food joint.

Saul -- What to Order?

I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful replies, very helpful. We went, with my wife's parents and had a great time. I had the seafood chowder which was great and the procuitto wrapped rabbit with rabbit tortellini. Loved my meal, my wife's mother had the aforementioned scallops which were tasty and I thought a good serving, threee scallops, but they were large and the plate was nicely dressed. I thought the food was memorable and the service spot on. As far as the debate about portion sizes, they may be a touch on the small side, but certianly not insulting. I was pleased with the amount of food served, I would have eaten more, but that's becasue it wsa damn good. My only quibble was the prices, I get expensive, but I'm not sure Smith Street is the home of the $17 appitizer. The prices, particularly the appitizers, are on the high side. Overall, I'll be back, for special occasions, but I 'll be back. Thanks everyone, Merry Eating...

Saul -- What to Order?

Have reservations at Saul on Saturday night, have never been before...does anyone have recommendations for me? Love to hear some thoughts...


Considering you are on a budget, I would receommend Les Halles, which is a solid steak at a very reasonable price...of course if you haven't been to PL, you should pay the extra $$...worth it!

Oyster Bar in Grand Central--whadd'ya think?

Was there last week for lunch for the first time and it was laughably bad...avoid at all costs!

Veritas -- Thoughts?

Thinking of going to Veritas, but I heard the chef left and I was worried about the quality suffering. Has anyone been recently. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

Jubilee -- New Chef??

For a long time Jubilee in the east 50's has been a favorite of mine, but recently the quality has changed for the worse. The food seems over salted or too buttery...the quality has really suffered. Does anyone know if they have a new chef or why the place has taken a dive recently? Would love to know what happened to a neighborhood favorite...

Union Square Area Dinner

Cool, very helpful, Bocca looks great, I'll try it. Thansk for the heads up...

Union Square Area Dinner

Will be in the area tonight and looking for a medium range restaurant, no Union Square there anything new worth trying, any old standbys I've forgotten about? Not married to one type of food, anything good anf friendly will do. Thanks!

Can't get reservation for Sat. night w/ parents - please help!

I would give Rauol's or Shorty's .32 a look. Both excellent food without being unbelieveably expensive...good luck.