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Seven Corners/Eden Center rec?

Hey everyone!

I promised a review of HKP after I went, but things got busy. We (2 of us) LOVED IT. Ordered the dan dan noodles with extra beef, curried lamb and chengdu zhong's dumplings. Just the right amount of food for 2 people. We especially loved the noodles, so that will be a definite re-order if we ever get to go again (no car = suburban trips are seldom)...but we'd love to try out the rest of everyone's recs.

Thank you SO MUCH for the tips!

Hong Kong Palace
6387 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22044

Seven Corners/Eden Center rec?

Thank you, everyone! I think you've all convinced us to head to HKP instead of somewhere in Eden Center. I'll let you know tomorrow...

Eden Center
Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

Seven Corners/Eden Center rec?

Hi, folks:

I'll be running errands tonight in Seven Corners and wanted to grab some grub in one of the Vietnamese places in Eden Center. Never been there before and I can't find much about a "go-to" place. So, what's yours?

As a back up, I was also considering Pistoni's, the Italian place. Yay/nay?

Many thanks!

Eden Center
Falls Church, VA, USA, Falls Church, VA

What else should I get at Churchkey?

I went to churchkey a few weeks ago with a group, so together we ordered a good slice of the menu: arrancini (pear, prosciutto & fontina risotto balls), mac & cheese sticks, poutine (cheese & gravy fries), grilled cheese, adobo brisket (sandwich), and the fig & prosciutto flatbread.

the favorites were the house fries, grilled cheese, and the flatbread --- especially the flatbread, and it's quite large, to boot. everything else was underwhelming. we were surprised that the arrancini didn't wow us, but i guess some things just sound better on paper.

Ethiopian delivery in DC

Just came across this website ( and remembered this post!

Kinda sketchy that they don't mention a delivery fee. I doubt it, but maybe they don't have one...

DC Italian for Sat. night, 25 year old's bithday.

I'm in my mid-20s and I love both Dino and Tosca. I think Dino would be a better fit for this occasion. I'll never dispute Tosca's incredible menu but I don't see it as the kind of place to have a 25th birthday celebration --- lots of business dinners there, so suits and ties are prevalent and the atmosphere is stiff. Dino is colorful and lively, but that doesn't mean it lacks sophistication. The menu is creative, the food and wine is delicious, and they have great specials that will fit well within the $75 price range. It's also in a cute neighborhood, whereas Tosca is in the business district, so if you feel like taking a stroll around after dinner, Dino is also the better choice.

What restaurant are you excited about for DC's restaurant week?

Agreed with Elyssa about Vidalia. I and five friends went for Summer '09 RW and we were universally disappointed. And now that Vidalia no longer offers its full menu for RW, I don't see any reason to put it high on any list.

What restaurant are you excited about for DC's restaurant week?

Dress code for the prime rib:
Business Casual before 5:00pm. Jacket is required for gentlemen at dinner. Ties optional.

Don't assume that the Prime Rib is lax for restaurant week. You can call and check, but in the past they have not broken their rules. Why don't you go for a late lunch during the week, if it works with your class schedule? (they don't offer lunch on weekends). It's pretty much the same menu, just a $4 upcharge for the prime rib, but you'll still end up spending $10 less than you would at dinner and you won't have to go through the hassle of finding a jacket.

What restaurant are you excited about for DC's restaurant week?

For all those who haven't seen this yet, DCFoodies yesterday put up their annual RW menu & extensions list:

I was hoping that 701 would offer its full menu, like it did last year. I called Sonoma to see if they're offering their full menu again, but was told that they will make a decision on what to offer this Sunday.

Best Ethiopian or Eritrean or related in D.C.?

Maybe formal is the wrong word to use. For me, the ideal Ethiopian food environment is at Queen Makeda or Little Ethiopia, where there are really comfortable places to sit and very a cute atmosphere. Gives you the impression that you can linger for a while (and I have!) See photos of Little Ethiopia here for an example:

Etete is just a standard table layout, so no lounge vibe. Just what you said --- good food with straight forward servers. But for me, lacking in atmosphere.

Steve, I've been waiting to try Zenebech! Last I checked, it was closed for (I hope) renovations. That and Axum are next on my list.

Himalayan Heritage tonight for the first time

Ok, then I know I'm not crazy. That's how I felt. But their description says, "Steamed momo with very spicy spices served with spicy chutney," so I figured it was going to be a spice explosion. I could definitely deal with more heat in those things.

Help me find this restaurant in DC

Hey Elyssa --- so do I take it from your post that you got the lobster at DC Coast?! If so, what'd you think???

LV, you are definitely talking about DC Coast. That's exactly how they serve their soup and I don't know any other restaurants that do so. Ten Penh might, but Elyssa is right in that it doesn't have that half floor upstairs.

Best Ethiopian or Eritrean or related in D.C.?

Steve is right on with Queen Makeda (he's the one that convinced me to go there!)

I'm on a mission to eat at every Ethiopian place in DC and am about halfway through. Right now, Queen Makeda and Dukem are still at the top of my list. I like Etete, but I'm not crazy about it because the vibe is a little too formal for me, especially for getting Ethiopian food. I don't think the food is leaps and bounds better than my other favorites, either.

So, I say: if you want a cute, relaxing atmosphere, hit up Queen Makeda. If you want noisy and fun (dancers on the weekends!), hit up Dukem. And if you want to go to the popular place, and don't mind a more formal atmosphere, go to Etete. In this case, popular doesn't mean it's overhyped --- it's popular because the food is damn good. Just prepared for a crowd and a wait.

Himalayan Heritage tonight for the first time

We went to Himalayn Heritage last night and absolutely loved it! We ordered the spicy chicken momos, goat curry and kukhura ko masu (nepali chicken in ginger, garlic and tomatoes) and a garlic naan. The garlic naan was to die for...wonderfully fragrant. The meats were delicious. My only regret is that we didn't order a vegetable dish, esp. after hearing such good things about the cauliflower.

One thing I didn't get --- the spicy chicken momos were not that spicy! I know they didn't bring out the non-spicy by accident, too. It could just be me; I have a high heat tolerance, but I thought the entrees were definitely spicier even though the momos come with a big warning on the spiciness. Regardless, the momos were delicious and totally worth the chatter.

Aside from that, our waitress was fantastic, the vibe was delightful, and we left fat and happy. Jyoti used to be my neighborhood favorite as far as South Asian cuisine goes, but HH definitely is the new winner. Also, right now they've got a coupon on their website for 1 entree, 2nd half price, or $7 off a meal of $50 or more. We used the first one and after the momos, two entrees, and naan, spent $22 each w/ tax and tip. Pretty unbeatable!

Good Indian buffet in DC??

That's unfortunate! What happened?

DC Restaurant Week Winter 2010

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I *think* RW is traditionally the second week in January. It was changed last year to February due to the inauguration.

That said, don't book your trip around my shoddy intel unless a few others can back me up on this... ;)

Good Indian buffet in DC??

I second Nirvana. Their lunch buffet is GREAT. I am not a vegetarian, but have thoroughly enjoyed this place the several times I've been --- and have never had the same thing twice, since the menu rotates. I usually go with a few of my friends who are from India and agree that Nirvana is the real deal.

Annandale Korean tonight with two toddlers

Definitely try what my Korean-American roommate affectionately calls "The Korean Diner" --- Yechon Restaurant --- and order the squid pancakes. We've tried the pancakes at several other places and Yechon's is by far the best! Yechon has many tables for large groups, so that's a plus too. And the kimchi is delish.

We also like Il Me Buffet, but I would recommend going for lunch on a weekend. You'll spend a few hours there and will eat so much that you'll need the whole day to recover! (Plus, I believe the lunch buffet is cheaper by a few bucks.)

Honey Pig is ok, but I really don't like it's vibe. It's very modern, metallic and Asian pop-influenced. Doesn't really feel like a place you can linger at. But they play Korean dramas and teen tv shows, so it might be fun for the kids. It's too much sensory overload for me.

Cafe Asia

Ditto about the happy hour ($2 beers and $1 nigiri). I could have sworn they raised the nigiri to $1.50, but the website still lists the same prices. That's a great deal if it still exists!

Venison on the menu

Wow. That sounds incredible, but sadly out of my price range. Looks like venison is on the regular menu for $39. Unfortunately, I don't drive so I don't have a way of getting to Inox (or Serbian Crown).

But thanks, kneelconqueso, for the heads up on American Indian museum. I've been hearing great things about their cafeteria and have been meaning to check it out.

Thanks for the tips, all!

Help Me Choose!

Ooooh I love DC Coast. I would highly recommend the chinese style lobster. My thought is that if you're ordering lobster in a restaurant, it better not be plain with butter because you can just get that at a lobster stand. DC Coast's is definitely not ordinary --- that fried spinach really makes the dish. It's such a creative compliment. Yeah, it's going to be expensive, but it's soooo worth it.

Also, I believe I had a wonderful crab soup that isn't on the menu anymore. But the parsnip and yukon potato soup looks similar.

Have fun!

DC Coast Restaurant
1401 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

Venison on the menu

Woops, forgot to post about Equinox --- they haven't had it yet and it's not on this week's menu. Does anybody know if they've historically had it?

Venison on the menu

Hey folks,

Has anybody seen venison on the menu anywhere? Now that's we're deep into fall, I'm craving my old favorite. I searched the board and found some posts that suggested Blue Duck Tavern, Corduroy or Cashion's might feature it. I also thought 1789 would be a sure bet. Sadly, none of the above have it. Are we still too early in the season for this area?


Blue Duck Tavern
1201 24th Street NW, Washington, DC 20037

Dupont Circle and beyond

I was going to say...hit two birds with one stone! Ditto for the Bistro. BDC does tasty steak & frites at a moderate price. Get a reservation in advance if you can, otherwise be prepared to wait at least 30 mins. (Be forewarned that if you have a reservation, you still might wait a bit, anyway.)

Don't go to Pizza Paradisso unless you only want good beer and don't care if your pizza tastes like a sock. You're New Yorkers, you know good pizza, and this just aint it.

I'd recommend Dukem over Etete for Ethiopian, because there's a better vibe at Dukem (and I don't think there's a difference in food quality). They have fun music & Ethiopian dancers on the weekends.

Live lobsters in D.C. - where to buy?

Worth noting that the Giant in Columbia Heights also sells lobsters. So if you can't make it to Salt River, and you don't have a car to get an H-Mart, and you're closer to the Giant than to Great Wall, and you're not expecting to eat the freshest lobster you've ever had, go there. We made their lobsters at the end of August and they were tasty. About the same price as Great Wall, too.

Specialty food & grocery stores in District?

The Florida Ave Market has a TON of specialty foods stores, although most sell food in bulk for local restaurants. There are several asian markets, meat lockers, a restaurant supply store, a decent Italian market, etc. It's metro accessible, but I wouldn't recommend walking there (at least alone), considering a) it's not in the best neighborhood, and b) you'll probably come out with more food than you'd ever want to carry on the metro.

Ditto to hamster on Ethiopian Markets. I like Dukem's on U Street. And, although you probably knew this already, Yes! Organic sells rice, lentils and spices by the ounce (at least at the Adams Morgan location). Once you realize you're paying a 700% markup for spices at the grocery store, there's really no reason not to buy at Yes.

Here are links to a really nifty market directory and other info on the market:

Queen Makeda or other Ethiopian?

Steve -- sorry for the delayed review. I am SO glad I went to Queen Makeda. Environment was absolutely perfect. I have a hectic job and all I wanted on Friday was a quiet place, a cold beer and good food. Got it all at QM. We ordered the lamb tibs (I wanted the beef, but my boyfriend really was in the mood for lamb) and the veggie combo. The tibs was pretty standard, but my goodness, those veggies were outstanding. I'm STILL thinking about the red lentils. I was disappointed, though, when we ordered some kitfo later in the meal and our waitress told us a few minutes later that the kitchen was out. Other than that, total perfection. Above anything else, you just couldn't beat the atmosphere. Thanks for the rec!

Queen Makeda or other Ethiopian?

Thanks, Steve :) I read your prior posts and was hoping you'd respond with recs! I will be sure to report back. The inside looks so cozy...

Queen Makeda or other Ethiopian?

Hey folks,

I'm seriously craving some Ethiopian tonight but want to try something other than Etete and Dukem, both of which I love. Thinking Queen Makeda. Thoughts?


Queen Makeda
1917 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Sheperdstown and/or Harpers Ferry WV?

If you don't mind driving a bit (10 miles), there's a bunch of cute places just north in Boonsboro, MD. I've heard that Old South Mountain Inn is a "hidden gem" kinda place, rightin that price range, and there's another nicer Italian place across the street from Vesta pizza on its Main Street, but the name is lost on me and I can't find a listing.

Old South Mountain Inn
6132 Old National Pike, Boonsboro, MD