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Best Babka?

"<gasp>...Another babka??"

Best Doughnuts in Toronto: 2013

Can call them first, but usually by 12:30 or 1pm is when they have the full complement.

Best Doughnuts in Toronto: 2013

I said they'll make them until Sunday.

Sobeys - Why so expensive?

what's unjustified is buying margarine for any rational reason.

Best Doughnuts in Toronto: 2013

Embrace 2013, do it up:

Best Doughnuts in Toronto: 2013

Only during the season.

Ideally go during the day when they're putting out countless trays of them, as they're fresher and have all the varieties in stock. They don't close till 10pm though, so there's that.

Best Doughnuts in Toronto: 2013

If you guys are talking about the sufganiyot, you'd be remiss not to mention Amadeus in Thornhill, as it has always been the go-to place for everyone in the area to stock up. As far as fillings go, they've always had dark chocolate (best), dulce de leche, strawberry, and plain, but this year they've upped the ante with some premium (and higher $) versions: tiramisu, lemon curd, pistachio cream, baby m&m's (as topping), plus one more I'm forgetting now.
The only thing though that tomorrow may be the last day for the special fillings, though they did say it's possible you might see some of them on the weekend (last day is Sunday).

Remember JK Winebar's Chicken Liver Pate?? - Yummy Market's almost as good but only at a fraction of the price!!

They have it at both locations. It is indeed very good (and cheap). Note, this is different from the goose meat or chicken with parsley commercial pates they have in their deli section.

Kawartha Dairy ice cream is made with disgusting ingredients now

It's only the French Vanilla that isn't chock full of those ingredients.

36% to 40% cream

Liberte has a 40% creme fraiche.

Disappearance of Greek Style 10% Yogurt From Grocery Stores

That's good, as I didn't see it in Markham. But I mentioned this cuz when I asked Skotidakis they said they were no longer shipping to Costco, so perhaps whatever's left is all there is. We'll see soon enough.

Disappearance of Greek Style 10% Yogurt From Grocery Stores

As far as I know, Costco has stopped carrying the Skotidakis 9%. Meanwhile, people keep buying up the much inferior 0% like mad, esp. the fruit pack ones. What can you do.

I've seen the 9% at Yummy, Whole Foods, and Highland Farms.

ISO amaranth greens

I *think* I saw the amaranth greens at Al Premium, which is somewhat close to you. Can try calling first though.

Early Bird Dim Sum

Hey Chuck, I went a couple of times and the quality is still pretty good like before. Didn't get the lobster, and the prices do sound excessive considering how much lobster costs have dropped. But, they've always had higher-end prices.

New weekly Food Truck event on Adelaide E beside Starfish

They said it was just green gables, clams, and fish & chips today, no rolls. Supposed to close at 2 though.

Early Bird Dim Sum

Well, it's a new ownership. The old group/chefs are over at Skyview Fusion at the plaza just south of Costco at Woodbine & 407.

Chowfind: Maxim's Cafe Patisserie -Finch and Bayview

Always been known mostly for their strawberry meringue.

chinese restaurant recos for mom's birthday?

I would've given the same reply here, pretty much. NDK is one of my favourite places around, but not a good fit for a birthday/large group. Great for casual dinners though.

Golden Shanghai is my pick too as the dishes I've tried have been pretty great. The room has the size/look of Sun Star just more spacious and pleasant. I'll also note the dandan noodles, stir fried pea shoots, and those butter fried prawns as must-orders. Haven't tried the head cheese here but 369's version was memorable in the past (along with their beef tendon cubes in chilis, etc). Just keep in mind that the parking lot here can be an absolute pain, since there's that other large resto (Fancy Chinese Cuisine) in the plaza that can get crazy packed.

New weekly Food Truck event on Adelaide E beside Starfish

Last pop-up of the season today.

New weekly Food Truck event on Adelaide E beside Starfish

Went to this a couple weeks ago. We'd already eaten at Banh Mi Boys so didn't order much, but I would definitely recommend heading over. Green Gables (reg $2.75) were large and briny like goodgravy mentioned, clams had a pleasant chew and even more flavour, shucked by Patrick himself. Fish'n'chips: haddock portion is small but some of the best around with a particularly light panko crust, ample fries studded with flaky salt and thyme. Go for the lobster roll too if it's available. Anyway, oysters should be a key food group imo and this is one of the best places to get your fix. Having fresh oysters and seafood while out in the warm sun was pretty awesome, not gonna lie.

Ready made (fresh or frozen) burgers?

I strenuously object. The Keg is way better than either of those.

Disappearance of Greek Style 10% Yogurt From Grocery Stores

Adonis also has the 750ml in the new packaging. Reesor's (thornhill) and Herbs & Nutrition (bloor & bathurst) still have it in the old. Would hope that it's not an issue of only the larger size being available here, as other stores still haven't gotten it in yet. The new lime flavour does look good though.

Some new-ish restaurants that deserve a nod

Just a quick update, ended up at QC as we were right there after eating at Does and Thunder, plus the menu there for the day sounded more varied and interesting, and the meal itself turned out really well, especially at the price. But I wanted to mention as well that I had my best meal of the year tonight at 400 Coups. That place is great on all counts.

Some new-ish restaurants that deserve a nod

Ya we're staying at a great spot in the Mile End and taking the metro all over so most locations are fine, and Evoo is a short walk from Lionel Groux. Wish we made it in time to hit the QC lunch yesterday but I'll let you know where we end up. Anyway, thanks for the original post, Rhubarbe is one of our favorites too.

Some new-ish restaurants that deserve a nod

Recommend the evoo lunch over Quartier General then? Thinking of trying one or the other tomorrow (or is CCP much better) Thx.

Coming home after 4 years away from Toronto

Ah BokChoi...been a long time.

Bar Isabel: An interesting 'Hit and Miss' experience!

Same for us. I thought the ceviche was awesome and we destroyed the entire thing. I think most people are missing out cuz all the remaining fried meat between the bones, the cheeks, behind the head, all of that, was amazing too along with the raw parts. I seriously wanted a whole fish all fried to go along with it.

Yup deviled eggs/blood sausage very good. I will be somewhat of a dissenter on the boquerones (even though I love small fish in general), I think there should be some heat to the peppers. Although it's also because we had eaten the pickles right before, so there was too much sour going on at the time.

Celery dessert and mostarda aren't on the menu anymore, apparently due to problems getting in certain ingredients.

I preferred this to Carmen (which I still enjoyed), can't wait to come back.

Gina Mallet passes away

RIP. I did enjoy her writing.

Fresh Ontario corn

Charles, get some from Mike at the Waldorf Market. Yes of course there is GMO corn grown by local farmers, ask around.

Personally I would avoid all corn and derivatives, apart from maybe a little organic blue corn stuff, ie Tortilleria blue corn tortillas, Neal Bros. plain blue chips.

Summerliscious dinner at Earth Restaurant Rosedale

Hah Dean we pretty much posted these at the same time, nice.