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Best Chinese in LA???

Thanks all! Feedback and links provided are helpful.

Yes, from Wisconsin, and it is true there is a serious need for quality Chinese food around here. We have enjoyed authentic chinese in San Francisco's Chinatown and in Toronto before..

SGV sounds like that could be our destination.

Thanks again. And if anyone has any suggestions - of any type of food - in Huntington/Newport/Laguna/Long Beach - it would be appreciated.

Best Chinese in LA???

Just looking for great Chinese in LA, no specific type of Chinese, just authentic.

Staying in Huntington Beach and willing to travel. It will be just two of us, no mouseland visits here...

Best Chinese in LA???

Going to OC for vacation. Looking for authentic Chinese. Good easy lunch stop. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!!

Birthday Dinner near Huntington Beach?

Coming in town for wife's 30th Bday. Any recommendations for cool dinner spot w/in 30 -40 mins of HB? Looking for a one-of-a-kind type of dining experience local to area.